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Introducing Katie Dix

SMILER meets the new member of Rod’s band

Katie Dix has just done her first gig as part of Rod’s band at Steve Tich’s 70th Birthday party at The Hollywood Palladium and is looking forward to going on tour and seeing all the fans in the UK and Europe. Mike Walton caught up with Katie a couple of days after the show to help introduce her to Rod’s loyal following and find out a little bit about her, here’s what she had to say…

1-Hi Katie thank you for speaking to us


2- How did your first show go?

It was amazing! The whole band is so talented and extremely welcoming. We had been rehearsing for several weeks and my transition into the band was seamless. Playing that first show with the team went excellent and was so fun and exhilarating.

3-Your music background is in country music with the country singer Buck Owens?

It is. I was a weekly guest with Buck and the Buckaroos at the famous Crystal Palace Museum and Restaurant (A “Must See” if you visit Bakersfield). Buck would give me a new song to learn every week and when the weekend came around, he would invite me up to the stage to perform. I learned so much about music and performance and Buck was an amazing mentor. For me, Buck turned music into something that I thought was just fun and into something I truly loved.

4-Was it country music you listened to growing up in California as a teenager?

Country music was just one the many genres of music I listened to growing up. I’ve always thought that every genre of music has something to say. Amazing songs can be found in type of music from country and pop to rock and soul, music is so universal!

5-Is it true you worked as a Carrie Underwood tribute artist?

Yes! It was one of my favorite shows I’ve ever performed in! Shows ran six nights a week at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas. I had a full band behind me, along with back-up dancers, fog machines, strobe lights, you name it the show had it. It was a wonderful experience.

6-Did they ever have a Rod in that show?

They did! We had several tribute artists in the show and we absolutely had a Rod Stewart performer minus the soccer balls! That was one one the first things I joked to Rod at my audition, that I already “kind-of” worked with him before.

7- I believe you went to see the Sisterhood in concert last week..what did you think?

They were SO good. You can tell that they had a really solid band. I loved the lyrics, the energy, and their harmonies were perfect. I was introduced to them from CMTs “Next Women of Country” series approximately a year ago. I have been following their success ever since. I was honored when they invited me to see them perform live.

8-So I have to ask did you get the job in Rod’s band?

I lived in Las Vegas for almost seven years. While there I fronted several bands on the Las Vegas Strip. Through the years I got to know many talented musicians some of who worked with Rod’s band. Then there was an opening for a vocalist and I was presented with an opportunity to audition. A few days later I flew up to Las Vegas to audition and meet with the band.

9-So, Rod saw your audition?

Yes he was there! Oh my gosh I thought I would be so nervous! But Rod was so nice and funny so it made it a fun audition. I sang a few songs, did some choreography, and then Rod said, “Welcome to the team”.

10-What’s your favourite Rod song that you sang from the set list at The Palladium?

Oooh, wow, that’s tough, but I absolutely love, “This Old Heart” and the new choreography is so fun. I also love, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” because the whole band is so energetic. I feel like when that song comes on everyone goes crazy!

11-Are there any songs you are hoping Rod adds to the set list during the European tour?

I don’t think we know all the songs he’s planning for the tour yet. He might be keeping that a surprise! But I do love every single song off his new album “Blood Red Roses” so I’d love to see all those songs added to the list!

12-Did you own any of Rod’s albums before you got the job in the band?

Oh yes! I also remember when I was young, my father playing his “Vagabond Heart” album on repeat while working in the garage. I know that album by heart.

13-Had you ever seen Rod live?

I was lucky enough to see his show last year at The Colosseum in Las Vegas!

14-What was the reaction from friends and family when you told them you were joining Rod’s band?

Everyone was so excited! My family kept saying what an amazing opportunity this is to work with such a LEGEND and a talented band. My family has always been 100% supportive of my singing career.

15-This is a super talented band being joined by another very talented member, how are your feeling about going out on tour with them?

Saying I’m excited would be an understatement. It’s a dream come true!

16-Thank you for talking to us and good luck with the tour, have you got a message for Rod’s UK and European fans.

Just that I cannot wait to be part of the band and put on a performance of a lifetime, something that all his fans will remember for years to come. I’ll be posting lots of fun photos and videos from the tour at

Photos Thanks to Katie
montage By Tommy Kevitt

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