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Bringing Sexy classic up to date.

Tomorrow [November 1st] sees the release of a brand new version of ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’ From TMTQ And Katja Rieckermann featuring Rod on vocals, We think you are all going to love this new version that brings the track bang up to date

SMILER’s Martin Heidt caught up with Katja who was on tour with Rod for 14 years for an exclusive chat about the new release for download and streaming the day before it’s release to find out how the track came about …

SMILER: The original version of ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’ is of course a song that is well known by all Smiler members You are going to release a brand new remix of this 70s tune on November 1st. How did the project get started?

KATJA RIECKERMANN: The original idea was to release another instrumental smooth jazz version of ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’. After it was done I had sent it to Rod for his approval and he replied something like this: “sounds great! how about I sing on it?” I thought ..What a generous offer! Of course I said “Yes, that would be amazing!”

So, after he recorded the vocals for me I thought to myself that I should do something a little more hip with this and I contacted Sandi Strmljan who produced my second solo album ‘Horn Star’ to do a remix. Him and TMTQ (Tim Brettschneider) did a great job to come up with this dance remix!

S: You were on tour with Rod for more than 14 years. Do you still think about that time often?

KR: Yes, of course I still think about that time and how blessed I was to be part of it for so long! The band had so much fun and we all got along great!

S: Are you still in touch with Rod and the band?

KR:Yes, I am still in touch with whoever is left from that time which is not that many though, Don, Julia, J’anna, Dave…. I just went to see everybody last month at the Hollywood Bowl when Jeff Beck did that one show with Rod. I am also in touch with all the other former band members, some more, some less. Rod and I have been in touch regarding the release of this track. He has been so amazingly supportive with this! I cannot thank him enough! It was great seeing him and also Penny at the Hollywood Bowl!

S: It’s been four years since you released your latest album ‘Never Stand Still’ Do you have any plans for another – your fifth – studio album?

KR: ‘Never Stand Still’ was a super fun project! I enjoyed it so much! I haven’t worked on a new album lately. I Wrote some music for a Big Fish Audio project that got released this year and also wrote a saxophone exercise book ‘101 Soulful Funk Licks’ that I recently released as an E-book on Amazon. I will focus on promoting that one in the next couple of months. Also, I have tons of of old tracks recorded that I might release soon. I an also talking to Streamlyne about some remixes of “Horn Star”… so some options there as well.

S: At the moment you’re playing gigs mostly in the USA. Are there any plans of touring Europe and other parts of the world as well?

KR: Yes! Definitely! I want to take my band to Europe and tour there! I am just looking for the right booking agent! Can’t wait to finally perform there with my band. Also would love to go to Australia and South America.

S: Thank you Katja for talking with us and good luck with the brilliant new version of ‘Sexy’.

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