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New single featuring Emerson Swinford and Dave Palmer

Emerson Loughman Palmer have released a new single from their recording ‘Be Empirical’ titled ‘You See Wonderful, You See Pretty’

Mark Loughman posted the news today saying ‘This isn’t intended to embarrass anyone, it is merely to illustrate how some people can’t accept that we’re being manipulated by a handful of people and that the people that are ‘awake’ to the govt propaganda are simply trying to inform them. Even if you’re not tagged, please let me know if you’re at home on the couch or behind the desk. Or just type ‘awake’. There’s no shame in being on the couch, it just means you haven’t received the pertinent info yet (which i’ll gladly provide). Oh, and i got the awesome David Palmer to play drums’.

To find out more about ‘Be Empirical’ go to

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