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Da Ya Think I’m Sexy

Message to SMILER Members From Katja

Hopefully everyone has heard the superb new version of ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’ by TMTQ and Katja Rieckermann Featuring Rod Stewart that was released on November 1st, Katja’s amazing Sax playing mixed with a great new set of vocals from Rod by TMTQ bringing the disco classic bang up to date… If not check this official video out.

Katja who is hoping all her friends at SMILER are enjoying the new version sent us a special message today…

‘I am so excited! It’s kind of a big deal to release a track with my
name on it that says “featuring Rod Stewart”! I hope that all of you hard core Rod fans will enjoy this version even though it’s musically not really what Rod is about.
Love and miss you all!’

You can get the new track from all the outlets listed below
Photo Yve Paige

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