The Mini Faces

Card Rock – Sculpting the Awesome

To celebrate the 50th year of the release of The Faces first album, Peak District based artist Jaine Wright has just designed a Faces themed greeting card that joins her awesome collection of inspired by rock stars cards that already includes Rod, The Small Faces and a Rolling Stone version of Ronnie Wood.

Jaine says her cards start life as a quick sketch,

“Usually on the back of an envelope, and from such humble beginnings a hand-sculptured figure is brought to life – we love this bit because it means we can experiment and have a lot of fun.

Then comes the photo shoot, making sure the lighting is just right – you know how precious these rock-gods can be, even when they’re made of clay and only 5 inches tall.

The photograph of our beloved heroes is then surrounded by their songs we know and love, a fiddly process that takes a lot of tweaking to get just right to make a cracking design befitting their rock-god status.

Next up is printing this beauty on to high quality card stock, and as each finished card measures 5 x 7 inches, this makes them an ideal size for mounting in standard shop-bought frames and clip-frames, as shown in the photo gallery on my site – a marvellous tribute to your idols.

So that’s how we make these unique cards featuring a photograph of our hand-sculptured portrayals”

We asked Jaine what happens to all the awesome sculptures after the photo shoot is done,

“The Small Faces sculptures were commissioned for the ‘All or Nothing’ musical about the life of the band .. But I have all my original sculptures – hundreds of them staring at me every day – a bit weird, but at least I have peeps to chat to..”

The new Faces cards features two brand new sculptures of Rod and Ronnie surrounded by a host of classic Faces tracks, “While sculpting Rod and Ronnie I added ‘Pool Hall Richard’ to my playlist -I listen to it every day” Jaine added.

For more information and to buy Jaine’s cards go to or

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