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Pack Of Dogs

New art book features Rod and Ronnie

Swansea born artist Michael Gillette has just published a book of portraits with a difference, this fantastic book features some of the world’s most famous rock stars as dogs!

Michael who is now bases in San Francisco told SMILER today ‘ I love the Faces!..It would be wonderful to show Rod and Ronnie on SMILER’

Describing how it started Michael says, first, the dogs were became generic style tribes; hippies, rockers, mods, punks, goths, New Romantics… I grew up in Britain in the ’80s when these youth cults were tremendously important identifiers for kids. Soon, I noticed that some dogs were starting to look familiar.I attempted a Bowie chihuahua, and so began the celebrities.

In early 2020, Marta Roca, publisher of Four and Sons, asked if I’d be interested in making a book of the famous mutts.Yes, Yes and YES!

At this point, I had 23 drawings. During lock down I drew 27 more.It’s always a challenge. An hour in, I generally question my sanity.Then, like doing a puzzle, a piece is added and the new identity comes to the fore. It’s like a magic trick, that always surprises me.They are tremendously absorbing to make. My aim is for them to be entertaining and mind-bending. 
For each of the portraits I’ve written a short piece on how the artist intertwined with my life, from seeing Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street, to bumping into David Bowie at a legendary San Francisco bookstore.I hope the book is an uplifting, and joyful experience.Prints are available from the link below



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