Faces 50th Anniversary

Limited Edition SMILER Badge

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Faces first release ‘First Step’ and to mark this historic occasion we decided to release a special limited-edition SMILER badge.

While we have been stuck in lockdown Tommy Kevitt came up with this great design and to make sure it was in the spirit of the greatest ever rock ‘n’ roll band, we consulted Kenney Jones who signed the design off saying “It’s fun Yes go with it !”

The badges will be produced by Rocket badges of London who pride themselves on doing ‘custom badges done right’ they are top quality Iron stamped with soft enamel, Size: 45x25mm, 1.5mm thickness, with gilt plating, 1C enamel, and have Butterfly clutch fittings and are prices £5.99 each

They are strictly limited to only 150 and as usual we know they will quickly sell out, if you want to secure your badge and make sure you don’t miss out you can pre order your badges now.

Note: Final design may differ slightly due to badge makers specifications.

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