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Smiler#66ISSUE # 66, WINTER 2000
  • ALL IN THE NAME OF ROCK'N' ROLL. Gray Grainger, part two. Gary talks about his time with Rod.
  • HIS MASTERS' VOICE. Exclusive review of Rod's new album 'Human' by Frankie Mercorelli.
  • SHOCK HORROR! NO SELF PENNED TRACKS ON ROD's NEW ALBUM. A statistical look at the original songs on Rod's 21 albums.
  • COVER ME. John Gray reviews the new collection 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' which features the original versions of many of the most famous songs Rod has covered.
  • THE ROD STEWART COMPANION. Rita Belcher takes a look at the new book by Edward Wincentsen.

Smiler#65ISSUE # 65, AUTUMN 2000
  • WILL ROD RUN BACK INTO THE CHARTS? An exclusive preview of Rod's next single "Run Back Into Your Arms".
  • RIAA AWARDS. John Gray takes you through Rod's collection of American Gold an Platinum record awards.
  • I WRITE THE SONGS. Original Rod Stewart Band guitarist Gary Grainger talks about the classc songs he wrote with Rod.
  • HI HO, HI HO. The new Jeff Beck book.

Smiler#64ISSUE # 64, SUMMER 2000
  • I WANT MY RTV. The complete SMILER guide to Rod's UK terrestrial television shows
  • YOU'VE GOT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Could Rod be a success at Glastonbury and match David Bowie's recent acclaimed performance at the festival?
  • BIG IN DENMARK. Mick Barrett looks at Rod's success on the Danish pop charts.

Smiler#63ISSUE # 63, SPRING 2000
  • ROD STEWART IN PRINT. The complete SMILER guide to books.
  • HOLY COW! Rod played at the world largest ever rodeo in front of an audience made up of hardcore country fans. Marilyn Kennedy was there and watched him go down a storm!
  • MAC ATTACK. Following a wait of nearly 25 years, ex-Faces keyboard man Ian McLagan finally makes his UK solo debut.

Smiler#62ISSUE # 62, WINTER 1999
  • A PASSION FOR THE SIXTIES. At last Rod's sixties material is available all in one place. Frankie Mercorelli takes a track by track look at the newly released box set.
  • SOUL MAN. Exclusive interview with Dee Harvey, acclaimed backing singer in Rod's band since the early nineties.
  • 20th CENTURY BOY. Part four - A spanner in the works. A nineties retrospective, including rarities discography and exclusive photographs.

Smiler#61ISSUE # 61, AUTUMN 1999
  • BOYS WILL BE BOYS. Al Mitchell takes a look at the recently released Faces retrospective and the new album by Ian McLagan. Plus the low down on the new Ronnie Wood biography.
  • THE MEAN FIDDLER. Exclusive interview with J'Anna Jacoby, the first ever female member of Rod's band.
  • 20th CENTURY BOY. Part three - Some guys have all the luck. An eighties retrospective, including rarities discography and exclusive photographs.

Smiler#60ISSUE # 60, SUMMER 1999
  • LIVE IN GLASGOW. Rod battles against the odds to give his Scottish fans a night to remember. Picture special and review by John Gray.
  • PAUL WARREN. Exclusive interview with Rod's latest recruit, guitar player Paul Warren.
  • 20th CENTURY BOY. Part two - Never a dull moment. A seventies retrospective, including rarities discography and exclusive photographs.

Smiler#59ISSUE # 59, SPRING 1999
  • ROD TALKS. A few days before the second leg of his US tour got underway, Rod broke his silence and spoke to the American press.
  • LIVE IN THE US. Review of Rod's recent Columbia show by Bobby Garcia.
  • DIXIE TOOT. Exclusive interview with jazzman Chris Barber.
  • 20th CENTURY BOY. Part one - First step. A sixties retrospective, including full discography and exclusive photographs.

Smiler#58ISSUE # 58, WINTER 1998
  • ROD IN THE UK. Four generations review Rod's recent UK shows.
  • DRUMMIN' UP A STORM! John Gray talks to David Palmer, Rod's drummer of more than eight years.
  • FACES DIRECT. Ian McLagan's long awaited new book.

Smiler#57ISSUE # 57, AUTUMN 1998
  • RODSTEWARTLIVE.COM. We take a look at Rod's official Website.
  • TRANSCRIPTION DISCS. Part two of our look at these very rare and much sought after collectors items.
  • ROD PUMPS UP THE VOLUME. John Gray at Rod's recent New York shows.
  • THE CRITICS VERDICT. A brief snap-shot of how the press have reacted to Rod's recent American concerts.

Smiler#56ISSUE # 56, SUMMER 1998
  • TRANSCRIPTION DISCS. An introduction to these very rare and much sought after collectors items by Les Dear.
  • THE MATCH MAKER. Report and pictures of Rod's recent football game in Waltham Abbey.
  • ROD TAKES OVER THE STRIP. The 2nd of June was Rod Stewart day in Los Angeles abd Tracey Rasar was there.
  • WELL HUNG. News of a forthcoming exhibition featuring unpublished sixties photographs.

Smiler#55ISSUE # 55, SPRING 1998
  • BOYS KEEP SWINGING. Rod proves there is life after Carole Bayer Sager and Dan Hill! John Gray and Gary Millard on the new album "When we were the new boys".
  • WHEN YOU'RE SMILING... A look at the long-lost television documentary, Smiler.
  • EVERY STORY PAINTS A PICTURE. Rod's performances on VH-1's "Storytellers" and LWT's "An Audience With"
  • ROD THE HEAVY METAL MOD. Review of the tribute album "Forever Mod".

Smiler#54ISSUE # 54, WINTER 1997
  • PORTRAIT. Rod live 1971.
  • THE SINGERS SINGER. Exclusive interview with Fred White.
  • GET BACK. Do popularity polls mean anything?
  • FROM RITA WITH LOVE. Exclusive review and photographs of Rod's recent visit to Moscow.
  • ROD MINUS IMAGINATION. Rod's contribution to the Princess Diana album.
  • WHAT A WAY TO REFORM! Borstal Boys recent London show.

Smiler#53ISSUE # 53, AUTUMN 1997
  • APRIL FOOL. Memories of Ronnie Lane's days with the Faces
  • ROD 'N' RON - THE ODD COUPLE. Ronnie Lane's days with Rod in the Faces.
  • BLURRED VISION. John Gray on the recent 'Songs And Visions' concert at Wembley.
  • TRIBUTES. Includes a look at the new Ronnie Lane albums.

Smiler#52ISSUE # 52, SUMMER 1997
  • POETIC BRILLIANCE! Exclusive interview with Steve Harley.
  • A FEW WORDS FROM ROD.... An exclusive surprise interview with Rod.
  • HAPPY BOYS SAD. Al Mitchell finds the latest book on the Small Faces a good read.

Smiler#51 ISSUE # 51, SPRING 1997
  • THE SMILER READERS POLL. The long awaited results of readers poll.
  • MARY'S MEMORIES. Rod's sister shares yet more of her previously unpublished family photographs of Rod with SMILER!
  • ALMOST ILLEGAL. The albums that dare not speak their name - a guide to bootlegs.
  • ONE OF THE BEST. The recent SMILER party.

Smiler#50 ISSUE # 50, WINTER 1996
  • ROLL OUT THE BARRELL. John Gray has controversial views about the recent ballads album If We Fall In Love Tonight .
  • A TRIBUTE TO BOB & ELSIE. Mary Cady, Rod's sister, talks about her parents and family.
  • SMILER: THE STORY SO FAR. A brief history by Mike Walton.
  • STILL SMILING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Mike Walton talks to John Gray, editor of SMILER.

Smiler#49 ISSUE # 49, AUTUMN 1996
  • HAPPY FRED. The sixth exclusive SMILER interview with the man himself! Rod talks about many subjects including the recent tour, A Spanner In The Works , the prospects of a Faces re-union and his relationship with Warner Brothers.
  • TO THE SMALL FACES AND BEYOND. Al Mitchell reviews the "new" Faces album All Shapes And Sizes .

Smiler#48 ISSUE # 48, SUMMER 1996
  • THE DEVILS ADVOCATE. Rod's albums.
  • SINGLE TRACKS. Listing of non-album tracks.
  • ATLANTIC CROSSING. Two fans and their experience with Rod on the recent tour.
  • CHARTWISE. Spanish hit singles.
  • FALSE FACES TAKE THEIR FIRST STEP. Gary Millard reports from Shepherds Bush, London.

Smiler#47 ISSUE # 47, SPRING 1996
  • AN OLD MAGPIE WILL ALWAYS LET YOU DOWN. Exclusive interview with Talk Radio's Tommy Boyd.
  • TEN CLASSICS FOR TOMMY'S CONSIDERATION. John Gray lists what he considers to be Rod's best recordings of the past 15 years.
  • LET THE BAND PLAY. Interview with Jimmy Robert's and Todd Sharp.
  • BACK IN THE USA. A round up of how the
    press have reacted to Rod's latest USA tour.

Smiler#46 ISSUE # 46, WINTER 1995
  • ANY OLD BOILER WILL DO. Exclusive interview with Pat (Boiler) Logue, the most famous member of Rod's road crew.
  • SHEFFIELD ARENA, SHEFFIELD. Review of Rod's December gig at Sheffield.
  • NEWCASTLE ARENA, NEWCASTLE. Review of Rod's December gig at Newcastle.
  • BLONDE ROD HAS MORE FUN... But do the fans? At Wembley, John Gray wasn't sure.
  • WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HAT? Exclusive interview with Rod's new guitar player Jimmy Crespo.

Smiler#45 ISSUE # 45, AUTUMN 1995
  • SO FARR SO GOOD. Exclusive interview with Rod's production designer Ricky FARR
  • MAINE ROAD, MANCHESTER. Review of Rod's July gig at Manchester.
  • VILLA PARK, BIRMINGHAM. Review of Rod's final UK tour stadium concert.
  • HANDBAGS & GLADRAGS. Geoff Garoghan reviews the new Mercury collection which features five previously unreleased tracks.
  • CAN YOU EAR ME .... The story of Rod's ear plugs!

Smiler#44 ISSUE # 44, SUMMER 1995
  • ROD HITS THE CRITICS WITH A SPANNER! Al Mitchell reviews Rod's long awaited new album.
  • IS IT ROD'S BEST? John Gray looks back on Rod's seventeen albums and rates them one by one.
  • STEWART'S STADIUM STUNNERS! Reviews and photographs of Rod's Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle and London concerts.
  • CHARTWISE. Rod's hit singles on Eurochart.
  • TAUNT TOMMY BOYD DAY. Tommy Boyd is Talk Radio UK's resident know-all and talks crap about Rod. We're out for revenge!

Smiler#43 ISSUE # 43, SPRING 1995
  • ROD & RON: THE WORKS. Geoff Garoghan looks at the classic songs of Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.
  • EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS OF ROD'S 50TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Exclusive photos taken by Rod's sister-in-law Pat!
  • TWO DREAMS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Ethel Burton reminds us what a great venue the Manchester G-Mex is.
  • ROLL AWAY THE STONE. Can Rod compete with the Stones this summer?

Smiler#42 ISSUE # 42, WINTER 1994
  • ONE FOR YOUR STOCKING. Al Mitchell reviews Ray Coleman's new book: Rod Stewart - The Biography.
  • ANNIE GET YOUR GUN. Part two of our exclusive interview with Rod.
  • FOOTBALL CRAZY! Rod invites SMILER down his place to watch a few games of football on his new home pitch!
  • UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Mick Barrett looks at the key reasons that have kept Rod popular over the years.

Smiler#41 ISSUE # 41, AUTUMN 1994
  • THIRTY YEARS LATER & HE'S STILL IN THE PUB! Rod Stewart speaks exclusively to SMILER about the Unplugged tour, his plans for the future and much more.
  • THE BIOGRAPHER. Interview with Ray Coleman, author of the latest biography on Rod.
  • CHARTWISE SPECIAL. Amazing worldwide chart success for All For Love .

Smiler#40 ISSUE # 40, SUMMER 1994
  • CARMINE ROJAS. Exclusive interview with Rod's bass player.
  • THE DREAM COMES TRUE. SMILER reader Dana Ursulescu meets Rod.
  • THE SMILER LIMITED EDITION GUIDE. A guide to Rod Stewart limited editions and other out of the ordinary releases.
  • TWISTIN' THE YEARS AWAY. New feature - what Rod was doing exactly thirty, twenty and ten years ago.

Smiler#39 ISSUE # 39, SPRING 1994
  • WE'LL MEET AGAIN? Part two of our exclusive interview with Ian McLagan.
  • PERSONAL ASST. TO MR. STEWART. Steve Holmes talks to Don Archell who has been Rod's personal assistant since 1983.
  • CHARTWISE. Rod's Australian hit singles and albums.

Smiler#38 ISSUE # 38, WINTER 1993
  • BIG MAC. Exclusive interview with ex-Faces keyboard man Ian (Mac) McLagan. Currently working with Rod for the first time in eighteen year, Mac talks about his early days, Ronnie Lane's departure from the Faces and much more.
  • BACK WITH THE BOYS! Exclusive interview with Jim Cregan who has returned to Rod's live band after a six year absence.
  • NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Review and pictures from Rod's recent Madison Square Garden concerts.

Smiler#37 ISSUE # 37, AUTUMN 1993
  • CHARTWISE. Rod's hit single positions from the UK NME charts.
  • A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER WITH DON. Report by Steve Holmes on two of the German festivals Rod performed at during September.
  • TOP OF THE POPS. John Gray takes an in-depth look at Rod's seventies appearances on the show.
  • REVIEW. Vagabond Heart by Geoffrey Giuliano is the latest book about our hero.

Smiler#36 ISSUE # 36, SUMMER 1993
  • ROD STEWART SONGS: ALPHABETICALLY BY TITLE. A complete listing of every song Rod has ever released.
  • UNPLUGGED ... AND BRILLIANT! John Gray reviews Unplugged And Seated .
  • A VISIT TO ROD'S FOLKS. Sharon Jones writes about a visit she made to Rod's parents in the late seventies.

Smiler#35 ISSUE # 35, SPRING 1993
  • LONG JOHN BALDRY. Exclusive interview by John Gray and Steve Holmes. Long John talks about his current activities and recalls the days with Rod.
  • CHARTWISE SPECIAL. Rod's all-time Top 30 best selling albums.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST! Full review and pictures of the recent London party.

Smiler#34 ISSUE # 34, WINTER 1992
  • THE INEVITABLE SPLIT. Part two of our exclusive interview with Faces drummer Kenny Jones.
  • CHARTWISE. Rod's all-time Top 75 best selling singles
  • WE ARE RAVING! After initial problems finding a suitable London venue for the ninth Rod Stewart party and convention, tickets are now on sales.

Smiler#33 ISSUE # 33, AUTUMN 1992
  • KENNY SAVES THE DAY. Exclusive interview with ex-Faces drummer Kenny Jones. Kenny talks about the Small Faces and his early days alongside Rod in the Faces.
  • CHARTWISE. Italian hit singles.
  • DO UK FANS GET A RAW DEAL? Geoff Garoghan asks why Rod's UK fans have been denied so many of Rod's US video releases.
  • SLIDE ON THIS. Gary Millard reviews Ron Wood's first solo album for over a decade.

Smiler#32 ISSUE # 32, SUMMER 1992
  • WEARING IT WELL. Exclusive interview with Martin Quittenton, the classical guitarist who CO-wrote Rod's monster seventies hits Maggie May , You Wear It Well and Farewell .
  • THE 30TH OF MAY 1992. Photos from the Rod Stewart party and convention recently held in Birmingham.
  • US DISCOGRAPHY. Complete listing of all Rod's American singles, albums and compilations.

Smiler#31 ISSUE # 31, SPRING 1992
  • THE THIRD CUT IS THE DEEPEST. Shanlee Johnson & Ralph Riley express their disappointment at Rod's failure to re-schedule his canceled concert at the Winnipeg Arena in Canada.
  • LET ME BE YOUR CAR. Colin Parker gives you the low down on Rod's latest pride and joy.
  • YOUR SONG. The No.1 that never was by John Gray.
  • CHARTWISE. Mick Barrett takes a look at Rod's USA hit singles and albums.
  • BETTER + BETTER. Geoff Garoghan makes the Atlantic crossing to catch Rod's recent Madison Square Garden concerts.

Smiler#30 ISSUE # 30, WINTER 1991
  • STONE COLD SOBER. Rod talks to SMILER about the never ending Vagabond Heart tour, the latest album, his plans for the future and much more in this exclusive interview.
  • ROD STEWART - A VISUAL DOCUMENTARY. John Gray gives you a preview of his soon to be published book.
  • TWISTIN' THE NIGHT AWAY. Review of the recent Rod Stewart party held in Manchester last November.

Smiler#29 ISSUE # 29, AUTUMN 1991
  • MIAMI VICE (AMATEUR IN THE AMERICAN AISLES). After discovering Rod for the first time on the recent UK tour, Colin Parker was surprised to find himself at the Miami Arena.
  • MAGGIE MAY - TWENTY YEARS AGO! A visual celebration of Rod's twenty years at the top. We take a year by year look at Rod's changing face and achievements. Features many previously unpublished rare and exclusive photos.

Smiler#28 ISSUE # 28, SUMMER 1991
  • CHARTWISE: Mick Barrett takes a look at Rod's Canadian hit singles.
  • READERS PORTRAIT GALLERY. Your drawings of Rod.
  • AMATEUR IN THE AISLES. Colin Parker writes about his first ever Rod Stewart concerts.
  • ROD STEWART- A BIOGRAPHY. John Gray reviews the first British book about Rod for nearly a decade.
  • COAST TO COAST. Collecting promo posters.

Smiler#27 ISSUE # 27, SPRING 1991
  • IS IT A MATTER OF OPINION? Review of the new album Vagabond Heart .
  • THE PARTY RETURNS! Al Mitchell reports on Rod's first London concerts since 1986.
  • MONEY MONEY MONEY? John Gray explains why Rod is unlikely to make a profit on his current tour.
  • A NIGHT ON THE TOWN WITH DIET-PEPSI. Diet-Pepsi are promoting Rod's tour and treated SMILER to a night on the town!
  • HE'S GOT THE MONEY, BUT I'VE GOT THE TALENT! Exclusive interview with
    Rod's brother, Don.

Smiler#26 ISSUE # 26, WINTER 1990
  • CHARTWISE. A look at Rod's chart success in Germany.
  • IT TAKES TWO. John Gray reviews the recent Rod Stewart / Tina Turner duet.
  • THE WEDDING OF ROD & RACHEL. Special report on the wedding that surprised everyone. Featuring exclusive photos in colour and b&w!
  • DANA'S DREAM. When Dana phoned the popular American phone-in show 'Rockline' he got more than he bargained for. Dana tells his story.

Smiler#25 ISSUE # 25, AUTUMN 1990
  • DEE TIME. Exclusive interview with Dee Harrington, the girl who was at Rod's side for four years in the early seventies.
  • AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES. On September 7th Rod appeared at a benefit in Los Angeles for AIDS. Together with a revamped band he played a short, but blistering, set and was only artist performing live.
  • COAST TO COAST. Ralph Riley takes a look at some rare promotional items.

Smiler#24 ISSUE # 24, SUMMER 1989
  • CHARTWISE. A look at Rod's Dutch hit singles.
  • STEWART THE SONGWRITER. The first in an occasional series of features that look at Rod's underrated talents.
  • THE BEST OF THE BEST? At last the full results of our SMILER poll!
  • THE VISIT. Rod makes injured fan Colin Jones' dream come true.
  • COAST TO COAST. Rod's Japanese singles.

Smiler#23 ISSUE # 23, SPRING 1989
  • THE 80's - A DECADE OF ROD. Part two of the Rod Stewart 80's chronology covering the years 1986-1989.
  • A RAMBLE WITH ROD. Exclusive Rod Stewart interview! Rod answers your questions and talks about his plans for the future.

Smiler#22 ISSUE # 22, WINTER 1988
  • THE 80'S - A DECADE OF ROD. Extensive chronology covering all major eighties events in Rod's public life.
  • STORYTELLER. Review by John Gray.
  • WE ARE FISHING. Find out what Rod does on his days off between concert dates. Exclusive colour pictures.

Smiler#21 ISSUE # 21, AUTUMN 1988
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY. Details of all the books published about Rod.
  • CHARTWISE. Mick Barrett takes a look at Rod's Irish hit singles.
  • REVIEW. Analysis of three recently released Compact Discs.
  • ROCK CIRCUS. Review of the highly acclaimed new London attraction that features a wax model of Rod.
  • YOUNG RODDY. A selection of previously unreleased childhood photos.

Smiler#20 ISSUE # 20, SUMMER 1988
  • SOLO FACES. A complete UK discography of all solo work by The Faces.
  • SIX OF THE BEST. Exclusive interview with the legendary drummer Micky Waller who played on so many of Rod's early records.
  • THE BOYS IN BRAZIL. SMILER finds it's way into the big concrete jungle of Sao Paulo and discovers Rod manial.

Smiler#19 ISSUE # 19, SPRING 1989
  • WOODY'S WORK. The latest on Ronnie Wood by Gary Millard.
  • ROD IN THE USA A look at Rod's American hits.
  • ROD & RUBY. Exclusive colour portrait by Trayc Stevenson.
  • BREAKAWAY. Special feature by Shanlee Johnson about the filming of a Rod/SMILER television special in Canada.

Smiler#18 ISSUE # 18, WINTER 1988
  • ROD'S BABY. Exclusive interview with Rod's man behind the drums - Tony Brock.
  • Live 1988! More exclusive photos of Rod.
  • STEVIE 'NO WONDER' SALAS. Exclusive interview with one of Rod's new recruits - Stevie Salas
  • USA TOUR UPDATE, more news and reviews of the latest tour, by John Gray.

Smiler#17 ISSUE # 17, AUTUMN 1988
  • ROD STEWART & THE FACES. Video review by John Gray.
  • INTO THE CHAOS... Review of the recent RON Wood and Bo Diddley London concert, by Gary Millard.
  • USA TOUR REPORT. Exclusive pictures and reviews of two concerts Rod performed on the West coast of America.
  • THE NEW BAND. Meet the current line up to the Rod Stewart Band.
  • CHARTWISE. Rod's British hit singles.
  • COAST TO COAST. Collecting Rod Stewart.

Smiler#16 ISSUE # 16, SUMMER 1988
  • OUT OF ORDER. New album review by Graham Brooks.
  • THE STORY OF ROD STEWART. Exclusive preview of a soon to be shown TV documentary about Rod.
  • SINGING IN THE RAIN. Rod talks to SMILER about the new album and the prospect of going back on the road in America after a four years absence.
  • GARY GRAINGER. An exclusive interview with Rod's former guitar player.

Smiler#15 ISSUE # 15, SPRING 1988
  • EVERYONE HAS HIS REASONS. An exclusive interview with John Peel by John Gray.
  • MATCH OF THE DAY. Rod's annual kick about with his old football pals in Highgate.
  • FOUR PINTS OF IPA... Part two of Jim Cregan interview.

Smiler#14 ISSUE # 14, WINTER 1987
  • IS ROD TWISTIN' HIS CAREER AWAY? Review of Rod's latest single.
  • TWO PINTS OF IPA... Jim Cregan interview by John Gray.
  • DECADES. RON Wood's recent art exhibition.

Smiler#13 ISSUE # 13, AUTUMN 1987
  • PARTY OF THE YEAR! Full details of our Rod Stewart party and convention in December.
  • A CHAT WITH MARY, Rod's big sister Mary talks about her famous brother.
  • DISCOGRAPHY PART FIVE. Videos and guest appearances.

Smiler#12 ISSUE # 12, SUMMER 1987
  • ROD! THE INTERVIEW. Rod talks to SMILER. Exclusive! Part I.
  • ROD ON COMPACT DISC. Review and full discography.

Smiler#11 ISSUE # 11, April 1987
  • USA VIDEO REVIEW. The Rod Stewart Concert Video.
  • THE FACES 1972. Concert review from Caird Hall, Dundee.
  • DISCOGRAPHY. World album compilations.

Smiler#10 ISSUE # 10, December 1986
  • ROBIN LE MESURIER Exclusive Interview.
  • ROD AT WEMBLEY ARENA. Four nights at Wembley reviewed.

Smiler#09 ISSUE # 9, September 1986
  • ON TOUR SPECIAL Reviews of the concert in Glasgow, Birmingham, London.
  • DISCOGRAPHY. Singles.

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