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Current issue: 95, Winter 2018 (published 2019-01-13)

Lost Rod or Never Give Up On A Dream
Pat Brett tries to explain why Rod didn't remember recording some of his lost tracks and tells us not to give up hope... not just yet.
Blood Red Roses
Full review of Rod's new album by Pat Brett plus some surprise exclusives.
John Fisher talks to Kenney Jones
In an exclusive interview Kenney talks about the Small Faces, the Faces and The Who in this great article to compliment Kenney's new autobiography "Let The Good Times Roll".
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SMILER magazine contains multi-regular columns such as EDITORIAL, A NOD'S AS GOD AS A WINK (latest news & gossip), TELL EVERYONE (readers letters), RECORDED HIGHLIGHTS & ACTION REPLAYS (vintage press items), as well as exclusive photos, interviews and special features.

Until now, 91 issues of SMILER magazine had been published, making it one of the longest running “fanzines” of all time - some of them are still available. If you are interested in ordering SMILER back issues at £3.99 per issue, feel free to use our online ordering tool. All payments will be securely processed by paypal. Click here to order back issues.
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