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- Issue 95, Winter 2018 (published 2019-01-13)

Lost Rod or Never Give Up On A Dream
Pat Brett tries to explain why Rod didn't remember recording some of his lost tracks and tells us not to give up hope... not just yet.
Blood Red Roses
Full review of Rod's new album by Pat Brett plus some surprise exclusives.
John Fisher talks to Kenney Jones
In an exclusive interview Kenney talks about the Small Faces, the Faces and The Who in this great article to compliment Kenney's new autobiography "Let The Good Times Roll".

- Issue 94, Summer 2018 (published 2018-08-04)

Never mind the bollocks
We give Rod a quick fire quiz about 'Lost Rod' with interesting results.
Can you show me a dream
Charlie Shillibeer attends the Ronnie Lane book launch and reviews the book.
Missing believed wiped
Full report on a very special night with Rod at BFI London by Colin Baker and Mike Walton.

- Issue 93, Winter 2017 (published 2017-12-03)

Ronnie Wood book reviews
Dan Perreira reviews the brilliant New Barbarians' "Outlaws, Gunslingers and Guitars" by Rob Chapman while Colin Baker Baker gives his thoughts on "Ronnie Wood; the Artist" and David Uribe shares some exclusive unpublished shot of Ronn
A charmed Rock 'n Roll life
Dan Perreira reviews the new book by ex-RSG guitarist Robin Le Mesurier and Mike Walton talks to the charming Rock'n'roller himself in another great exclusive interview.
Rocker soccer
Ex professional footballer Wesley Reid and Talk Sports' Mike Parry give us an insight into Rod's big passion for the beautiful game of football.

- Issue 92, Spring 2017 (published 2017-03-15)

Tartan 2016
Martin Baker's daughter Kerry gives a very emotional review of Tartan 2016. Martin would be very proud of this review!
Exclusive Jesse Wood interview
Mike Walton talks to Jesse Wood about Family, Faces and Reef.
A true Faces fanatic reviews 17 bonus cuts
Dan Perreira reviews the recently released 17 previously unavailable outtakes from Faces 1970-1975 You can make me dance sing or anything box set.

- Issue 91, Summer 2016 (published 2016-05-01)

Reviews of Another Country
John Gray, Pat Brett, Dominic Murphy and Jan Kittelsen review Rod's latest studio album.
Thank You Rod for Another Country
SMILER members say thank you for Rod's latest album.
Thank You Guys
In this exclusive interview Mike Walton finds out what Rod thinks of SMILER, his fans and the relationship he shares with us.

- Issue 90, January 2016 (published 2016-01-31)

Emerson Swinford talks to SMILER
Emerson Swinford tells us why he is proud to be in Rod's band. By Mike Walton.
A chat with the sisterhood
Ruby Stewart and Alyssa Bonagura talk to SMILER about The Sisterhood and playing with Rod.
The second coming
Neal Webb about last year's Faces reunion

- Issue 89, January 2015 (published 2014-11-25)

They can't stop me now...
BBC researcher Lorna Lithgow talks to Mike Walton
Jim Cregan interview
TIME... GENTLEMEN - Jim Cregan talks to Tommy Kevitt
Don Stewart interview
Rod's big brother Don Stewart talks to Mike Walton

- Issue 88, Spring 2011 (published 2011-03-31)

And finally... The Faces!
An EXCLUSIVE extract from Had Me A Real Good Time: The Faces, Before, During and After, by Andy Neill, published by Omnibus Press, April, 2011.
A piece of Appice
In this exclusive interview Carmine talks to SMILER about his thoughts on the Rhino ‘Rod Stewart Sessions’ box set, his new drum show SLAMM and also talks about the RSG re-union.
Stone cold sober - the Steve Cropper interview
With the recent release of the Rhino collector’s editions of ‘Atlantic Crossing’ and ‘A Night On The Town’ in mind, we caught up with Steve in this rare and exclusive SMILER interview.

- Issue 87, Spring 2010 (published 2010-02-21)

Gasoline Alley - Rod’s great lost country album?
40 years ago, Gasoline Alley was released - Neal Webb puts on his corn straw hat, and declares ‘Gasoline Alley’ as Rod's great lost country album.
Having a real good time - the Faces in print
SMILER are proud to be assisting Andy Neill with his research for the book which will be published in hardback by Omnibus Press at the end of 2010!
Smiler issue 87 : The Wait is Over!
Following an absence of four years the printed edition of Smiler is back and better than ever!

- Issue 86, Winter 2005 (published 2006-04-03)

Have I Told You Lately
Over a ten year period from 1987 to 1997, Rod opened his heart to Smiler, granting John Gray no fewer than seven extensive interviews. Here John picks his favourite quotes from those interviews...
A Little Misunderstood
Faces – Coast to Coast - Neal Webb takes you through their underrated live album...
Smiler Readers Have More Fun
Mike Walton reviews Manchester show 15 December 2005: "When Rod left the stage he looked happier and prouder than I had seen him look in a long while"

- Issue 85, Autumn 2005 (published 2005-12-01)

Atlantic Crossing 30 Years On
The album will, of course, always remind me of the long hot summer of 1975... by John Gray
Tom Dowd In His Own Words
Tom Dowd, legendary Producer of Atlantic Crossing, on recording Rod Stewart.
Pictures Of Rodney - The New Book
Marilyn Kennedy can only recommend that you add this book to your collection now!

- Issue 84, Summer 2005 (published 2005-09-19)

Long John Baldry - Legend dies at 64
Baldry will no doubt be remembered by pop historians for his considerable eye for talent and this will likely be remembered long after his own recordings are forgotten.
Rod on tour
OXFORD 2 JULY - Verdict: Never a dull moment my friends. Dominic Murphy Reviews of Manchester, Glasgow & Bristol are featured in the printed edition of Smiler.
Rod is better than drinking
John Gray reviews the A&E Documentary. The Biography Channel 22 August.

- Issue 83, Spring 2005 (published 2005-06-08)

Ribby Hall - The Ian Roberts Diary
Behind the scenes there is a lot to think about and a lot to organise. In his own words, Ian reveals what it takes to ensure the big weekend runs without a hitch...
The Mercury myth
John Gray, Ian Roberts, Mike Walton, Neal Webb and Al Mitchell review 30 Warner Brothers tracks comparable to the glorious MERCURY works.
Live in Glasgow
Chris Habegger flew in from Switzerland to see Roderick David Stewart live in Glasgow on May 1st.

- Issue 82, Winter 2004 (published 2005-03-16)

It was 30 years ago... A reappraisal of Smiler
Smiler was Rod’s fifth solo effort, his first in over two years, and was his last album for the Mercury label - Ian Roberts reviews...
Like fine wine... he gets better with age!
LIVE: Subiaco Oval, Perth, Western Australia, 26 February 2005 - review by Michael Collins
Still sexy after all these years
Warner Brothers have got together some of today’s best remix artists to update Rod’s now classic recording - Read the SMILER interview with Ryan Coseboom and Ralphi Rosario, the main mixers of the single.

- Issue 81, Autumn 2004 (published 2004-12-05)

Middle aged delinquency - Rod in Bournemouth
Rod’s secret UK date: Bournemouth, 9 October - John Gray was there.
1-2-3... Rod does it again - Stardust review
Frankie Mercorelli reviews ‘Stardust: The Great American Songbook Volume III’.
Tribute to John Peel
John Peel, famous UK radio DJ, passed away suddenly aged 65 on 25 October - a tribute from John Gray.

- Issue 80, Summer 2004 (published 2004-07-28)

Mac... Man Of Many Talents - Ian Roberts on Rise & Shine!
Ian “Mac” McLagan and The Bump Band’s latest offering ‘Rise & Shine’ holds some real listen again classics from the subtle to the extreme says Ian Roberts.
Whatever happened to Tetsu?
Tetsu's alive and doing very well - he's a fixture in the Japanese music scene. Marilyn Kennedy knows more...
Faces reunions...
What happened since the Faces split? Thomas Stadelmann tells the story so far...

- Issue 79, Spring 2004 (published 2004-06-04)

The Faces (almost) reform - Exclusive Rod 'n' Ron photographs!
Marilyn Kennedy reports from the London Faces performance - apparently she had a good time...
Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me... The Critics Views
Read what the papers say about Rod's "From Maggie May To The Great American Songbook" tour - the printed edition includes exclusive photographs.
Sing Something Simple - Ten questions for Wendy Matthews...
One of the favourites among the collectors is the wonderful voice of Wendy Matthews who sings on ‘My Heart Stood Still’ included on the Australian pressing. Wendy is somewhat unknown outside of Australia so we tracked her down...

- Issue 78, Winter 2003 (published 2004-03-15)

Those were the days - now on DVD
Originally released in 1988 with a little help from SMILER, "The Faces video biography" finally makes it onto DVD! Review by Martin Burgin
That old Devil called Rod - Musical review
Dominic Murphy will definitely be going back to see that Devil lady again! Read his review.
Songbook: Brilliant or Abysmal?
Al Mitchell loves the Songbook albums and thinks they are the perfect vehicle for Rod’s voice. Neal Webb, on the other hand, feels Rod has betrayed his fans.

- Issue 77, Autumn 2003 (published 2003-12-09)

Rod chart sensation!
First time ever: a hat-trick of albums on both the British & American charts
It Had To Be Him...
REVIEW: The Great American Songbook Volume II
Oh No Not Again!
Another “best of” compilation? Frankie Mercorelli on the latest USA hits set, ‘Encore: The Very Best Of Volume II’...

- Issue 76, Summer 2003 (published 2003-08-03)

In These Days Of Depression
Set against the backdrop of a Britain in crisis, a country plagued by strikes, blackouts and IRA bombings, Jim Melly’s LAST ORDERS PLEASE is the first ever biography of the Faces. Martin Burgin orders a drink and has himself a real good time remembering..
Python Lee Jackson - The full monty
‘In A Broken Dream' is one of Rod's most celebrated and critically acclaimed hit singles. Mike Walton talks to DAVID BENTLEY, the songs composer, in this exclusive interview.
Ronnie Wood - The complete works
Mike Walton on Ron Wood’s new book of art.

- Issue 75, Spring 2003 (published 2003-05-06)

Hits on film
Marilyn Kennedy has seen them all: The complete Smiler guide to Rod's promotional videos.
The Mac Factor
Ian McLagan's long lost album "Bump In The Night" - track by track review by Mike Walton.
An Education In Music
Smiler expert Al Mitchell on the recently released boxed set featuring Rod's Mercury studio recordings.

- Issue 74, Winter 2002 (published 2003-01-28)

It Had To Be You - Full Album Review
Middle Of The Rod - Never A Dull Moment? If ever there is one, put this album on writes Frankie Mercorelli.
The Faces Cult Lives On
If Rod’s new collection of classics from yesteryear is not your cup of tea, don’t worry, there’s plenty of rock ‘n’ roll still being made by his ex Faces colleagues - as well as a brand new book and a box set to look forward to in 2003!
Rod At The Marquee
Ten years ago, John Gray attempted to list every date Rod had played at the Marquee for his book THE VISUAL DOCUMENTARY. With newly discovered records now available, Thomas Stadelmann fills in the gaps and offers the complete picture!

- Issue 73, Autumn 2002 (published 2002-11-01)

Back to the future
This month Rod’s brand new concept album ‘It Had To Be You… The Great American Songbook’ will be released. Thanks to a sample copy from J Records and two tracks premiered by AOL, Frankie Mercorelli can bring you a preview of four songs!
A postcard from Glasgow
“Had me a real good time... wish you were here…” - Al Mitchell reviews the Glasgow concerts.
Glastonbury - You did it Rod!
Dominic Murphy reviews Rod's appearance at the number one rock festival.

- Issue 72, Summer 2002 (published 2002-08-01)

Never A Dull Moment
Rod's follow up to Every Picture? Or The Faces' follow up to Nod's? Al Mitchell celebrates the classic album's 30th anniversary.
The same great voice...
...but that doesn’t stop Neal Webb being bitterly disappointed with much of Rod’s work over the years...
Stewart: Better than ever!
Rod returns to Germany. Special report and photographs from Munich by Chris Habegger
God save the mod
John Gray reviews Rod's appearance at the Queen's jubilee concert. (This article has not been published in the printed edition of Smiler).

- Issue 71, Spring 2002 (published 2002-05-08)

Down under: Rod in Australia
Rod played his first Sydney concert in ten years on 31 January. Was it worth the wait? Judy Roulstone reports.
Days of rage
As The Queen prepares for her Golden Jubilee and Punk reaches its own Silver Jubilee, John Gray traces the undeniable links between Rod Stewart and Punk.
Soul on soul
Ian Roberts at the Smiler Party & Convention in Manchester, 26 January 2002.

- Issue 70, Winter 2001 (published 2001-12-21)

An old Rodney will always let you down
...and will try to sell you ‘Maggie May’, ‘First Cut Is The Deepest’, etc, time and time again. But after seven similar releases, the concept, says Frankie Mercorelli, has run out of steam...
Their finest hour: A Nod Is As Good As A Wink... To A Blind Horse
Ian Roberts celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the album that turned the Faces into the greatest band of the seventies. Photos: Don Stewart.
A bit od the old raw energy and passion - Live: New Orleans, 13 October
Marilyn Kennedy (UK) and Thomas Stadelmann (Switzerland) have already passed their verdict on Rod’s ‘Human’ show. Now Ty Turner brings you a view from the USA...

- Issue 69, Autumn 2001 (published 2001-10-20)

All these years on and this album still tells the definitive Rod Stewart story
John Gray celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll album of all time: Every Picture Tells A Story.
Ladies night
On 15 August, Rod played the final date of the first leg of his ‘Human’ tour. Thomas Stadelmann was there and asks “Where have all the gentlemen gone?”
The best blow-job in town
Marilyn Kennedy gets horny with Baron Raymonde - Rod’s new sax man - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

- Issue 68, Summer 2001 (published 2001-08-20)

Don't believe what you read in the papers!
Dumb critics have more fun... or do they? John Gray comments the latest reviews of Rod's US tour.
Lane: The music lives on...
It’s been four years since Ronnie Lane’s death, but interest in his work remains high. Faces fan Al Mitchell investigates the people behind the superb Ronnie Lane CD’s issued by New Millennium.
Start spreading the news
Rod returns to the concert stage as the greatest song stylist of the 21st century... and he still rocks! Marilyn Kennedy gets hers off in Vancouver, Seattle, Sacramento, Concord, Mountain View & Irvine...

- Issue 67, Spring 2001 (published 2001-05-20)

The critics verdict on Human
A summary of recent album reviews
Back on the promotion trail
A chronological look at the recent Human promotional tour.
Three time loser
Human did not perform anywhere near as well as expected on the charts. John Gray asks why.


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