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Is SMILER the official Rod Stewart fanclub?
No, SMILER is not official. The fanclub is run by fans on a non profit basis.

Autograph requests.
Please contact Rod's record company in your country or in the US.

I want to get in touch with Rod - what shall I do?
Please contact Rod's record company in the US.

What is the advantage of becoming a member?
As a member you gain access to a dedicated members only section on this website which includes rare photographs, a message board, access to SMILER articles and additional news articles plus access to our bootleg database. In the past we were able to offer members the opportunity to purchase the very best front block concert tickets to Rod's UK shows!.

I want to become a member - what do I have to do?
You may subscribe online - click here for further details.

First Steps

How old is Rod Stewart?
Born on January 10th, 1945, Roderick David Stewart is the youngest child of the Stewart family.

How many brothers and sisters does Rod have?
2 brothers (Don and Bob), one sister (Mary). Peggy, his other sister sadly died due to Multiple sclerosis.

Where was Rod born?
Rod was born in Highgate (north of London, UK).

Is Rod Stewart Scottish?
No. He's "a half Scot". His dad Robert Stewart who sadly died in 1990 was Scottish. His mother Elsie is English. Rod, however is "a full Scot" when it comes to playing football.....

What was Rod Stewart's boyhood idol?
Al Jolson, a folk singer who was admired by the whole Stewart-clan.

Is it true that Rod was a grave-digger?
Yes, after Rod left school at the age of 15 he first started as a screen printer with a company called "Framery". For a trainee contract with the Brentford fotball team (West London) he soon left the company. But even though he loved playing football he soon realised that getting up early and cleaning the first team's shoes wasn't what he liked. After a short trip to Paris he started as a grave-digger at the Highgate graveyard where he stayed for a couple of weeks.

Rod The Mod

Who was "Wizz"?
Raymon "Wizz" Jones, influenced by Bill Haley, played guitar in the streets of Soho in London when Rod (in the age of 17) met him. Rod joined in with his mouthorgan. Because there weren't many street musicians by this time the two were an attraction. It was "Wizz" who introcued Rod to the unsteady life of a musician. During the next 18 months they traveled several times to Paris where they earned money as buskers.

Who was "Jimmy Powell"?
Jimmy, a bluessinger from Birmingham, realized the talent of Rod and invited him to join his band "Dimensions" (former "Jimmy Power and the Detours") to play the mouthorgan. Later Rod became the "second singer". But because Rod wasn't happy to take a back seat, Jimmy and Rod started to rival each other and the teamwork ended.

Who was "Long John Baldry"?
Baldry was a member of the "Cyril Davies All-Stars" band. After an All-Stars concert in 1964 Rod was waiting for his train and was playing his mouthorgan. Baldry also left soon after his concert and heard Rod playing. Because Baldry was always in search for new talents, he asked Rod to join a jam session. Rod agreed. A short time after the band leader died of leukemia which became Rod's chance. It lasted 5 months until Baldry was ready to found a new band called "The Hoochie Coochie Men". When they started to establish the band suddenly broke up. There were plans for a new band called "Steampacket".

What was Rod's first single?
In 1964, during the time of "The Hoochie Coochie Men", Rod recorded his first own single with "Good morning little schoolgirl" on the a-side and "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town" on the b-side which was released on October 16th. 1964.
The first ever recording featuring Rod on vocals was the Long John Baldry single "You'll Be Mine" with the b-side "Up Above My Head" released earlier in 1964 - Rod was not credited and is featured on the b-side only where he duets with Long John Baldry.

Who were "Steampacket"?
The members were: Julie Driscoll, Long John Baldry and Rod (singers), Brian Auger (keyboard), Rick Brown (bass), Mickey Waller (drums) and Vig Briggs (guitar). Steampacket were very succesful. In 1966 Steampacket got an engagement for 4 weeks in St. Tropez. But because of a small budget one team member had to stay at home - it was Rod.

Who was Jeff Beck?
Jeff was a member and great guitarist of the "Yardbirds". He planed to found his own band. He invited Ron "Woody" Wood as bassist and Rod as singer to join "The Jeff Beck Group". In 1968 they were on tour in America and it was an overwhelming success. During that time Rod also contributed 3 songs to Beck's album "Truth". Lou Reizner from Mercury Records was impressed and he offered Rod a solo record contract. On the next Beck-album "Beck-Ola" Rod took part on 7 of the 10 songs. Rod insisted that he was mentioned on the cover as "Rod Stewart, vocalist extraordinaire". Soon after Beck fired Woody, the breakup of the band became irresistible. Woody and Rod started to look for a new band. This band were the "Faces".

When signed Rod his first solo recording contract?
On October 8th, 1968 with the London based American producer Lou Reizner.

What was Rod's first solo album and when was it released?
Rod's first solo album is called "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down" and was relaesed on 13 February 1970. Unfortunately it didn't make it into the British charts. In America his album was released under the name "The Rod Stewart album" where it was more successful.


Who were the "Faces"?
Ronnie Lane (bass/vocals), Ronnie Wood (guitar), Ian McLagan (piano), Kenny Jones (drums) and Rod Stewart (vocals).
In 1973 Ronnie Lane left the Faces and was replaced by japanese bass player Tetsu Yamauchi. Sadly, Ronnie Lane died June 4th 1997 after suffering from M.S. for many years.

When did the "Faces" release their first album and what was it called?
It was released in February 1970 and it was called "First Step".

Did Rod's old band the "Faces" ever re-form?
The Faces split in 1975. An official reunion has never taken place. However, the Faces got together on July 5th, 1986 after Rod's show at Wembley Stadium, London. They raised money for Ronnie Lane, who was on stage in a wheelchair.
Ronnie Lane suffered from M.S. and was replaced by Bill Wyman (ex Rolling Stones) on bass.

Blondes have more fun

How many times was Rod Stewart married?
Rod still is married to Rachel Hunter although they separated in 1998. They got married in 1990. He was also married to Alana Hamilton from 1979 to 1983.

How many children does Rod Stewart have?
Kimberley (1979) and Sean Roderick (1980) with Alana Hamilton.
Ruby (1987) with Kelly Emberg.
Renée (1992) and Liam McAllister (1995) with Rachel Hunter.

Who is Sarah Thubron?
Sarah is actually Rod's first daughter. He never denied this, although hardly anybody knew that he had a child when he was 18. Sarah was born in 1963.
Rod actually sings about her on 1970's "Gasoline Alley" in a song called "Jo's Lament" : "You bore my child then I left you aside. I don't expect you to forgive...". If this is autobiographical or not has yet to be proven.

Do blondes have more fun?
They must have. Here's Rod's most famous girlfriends: (keep in mind that we list only the ones "that got into the papers")
1971-1974 Dee Harrington
1975-1977 Britt Ekland
1977 Bebe Buell for some months only
1978-1983 Alana Hamilton (divorced)
1984-1990 Kelly Emberg
1990-1998 Rachel Hunter (still married)
1999-today Penny Lancaster


Is "Sailing" a Stewart-original song?
No. "Sailing" was written in 1972 by Gavin Sutherland and recorded by Rod in 1975.

Where can I get the songs "Guess I'll Always Love You" and "The Great Pretender"?
These two songs were recorded in 1982 for the "Absolutely Live"-double album.
In several european countries both of them were released as singles without promotion and logically they flopped. Neither of them exist on CD. (Even the "Absolutely Live" -CD doesn't contain them. The sleeve tells us: "two songs have been omitted to release a specially priced cd-single". The CD-Single never saw the light of day).

Can you name the biggest Rod hits worldwide?
There are many. Here's just a selection :
Maggie May (1971), You Wear It Well (1972), Farewell (1974), Sailing, I Don't Want To Talk About It (1975), Tonight's The Night, The First Cut Is The Deepest, The Kiling Of Georgie (all 1976), Hot Legs, You're In My Heart (1977), Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (1978, Passion (1980), Young Turks, Tonight I'm Yours (1981), Baby Jane, What Am I Gonna Do (1983), Some Guys Have All The Luck, Infatuation (1984), Every Beat Of My Heart, Love Touch (1986), Forever Young, My Heart Can't Tell You No, Lost In You, Crazy About Her (all 1988), Downtown Train (1990), It Takes Two, Motown Song, Rhythm Of My Heart (all 1991), Have I Told You Lately (1993), All For Love (with Bryan Adams and Sting, 1994), You're The Star (1995) - Try our discography to search for chart positions.

Did Rods music appear in any movie?
Yes, his music was used in several movies. Here's a selection:
1982 Nightshift (That's What Friends Are For)
1986 Legal Eagles (Love Touch)
1987 Innerspace (Twistin' The Night Away)
1994 The Three Musketeers (All For Love)
1999 Patch Adams (Faith Of The Heart)

Is there any rare Rod Stewart track?
There are several. Check the discography for further details.
Here's the most wanted:
1976 Rosie (b-side to the US 7"single of Killing Georgie)
1982 That's What Friends Are For (single release only in a few European countries)
1986 Hard Lesson To Learn (b-side to the 12" single of Love Touch)
1988 Days Of Rage (b-side to the single (cd and 7" of Forever Young)
Amongst others are: Love in The Right Hands, Shock To The System, Let The Day Begin, One Night, Unplugged out-takes as Gasoline Alley, Killing Of Georgie, Forever Young and Sweet Little Rock'n Roller

Who is Harry The Hook who produced 1980's Foolish Behaviour album?
Roderick David Stewart himself. The album by the way was mixed by the Somerset Segovia, as well known as Mr. Jim Cregan.

Did Rod record any duets?
Yes he did. 1974 he sang with Dennis Law on the Scottish World Cup Squad album "Angel". Later on in 1989 he recorded "This Old Heart Of Mine" with Ronald Isley. The most famous duet he ever recorded is 1990's "It Takes Two" with Tina Turner which was also used to promote an american soft drink... In 1990 Rod recorded "Don't Break Your Promise Too Soon" together with Bobby Womack. One year later "My Town" together with the pop group "Glass Tiger" was released as a single. In 2001 Rod and Scottish Singer "Helicopter Girl" recorded "Don't come around here" which is featured on the "Human" album.

What was Rod Stewart's first hit?
Maggie May in 1971. From the album "Every Picture Tells A Story".

Did Rod release any home video?
Several videos have been released. Unfortunately the 1992 MTV unplugged concert has never been officially released. Please check our videography for more detailed information.

Did Rod ever tour with Elton John?
This was planned in 1983/1984 but never happened. On some occasions the two artists made their guest appearances on their shows. Rod actually performed only once with Elton on record : 1974 "Let Me Be Your Car" (Elton sings backing vocals and plays the piano)

How many books have been written about Rod?
Please check our bibliography

Forever Young

What is Rod Stewarts favourite Football/Soccer team?
Celtic Glasgow and the Scotland national team. You can experience green/white Celtic shirts even in concert. The scottish lion is almost everywhere.

Can you name some of Rod's musician friends?
Besides Ronnie Wood and Jim Cregan he doesn't mix very often with showbiz people. However, Sting and Bryan Adams and of course Sir Elton John are close friends.

Where does Rod live?
Basically in Los Angeles, USA. He owns houses in Epping, England and in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

When did Rod Stewart move to the United States of America and why?
In 1975 he became a tax exile and moved to California. Therefore his 1975 album was logically called "Atlantic Crossing".

Will Rod tour this year?
Please check our News - or Tour - section for updated information.

Did Rod ever perform a club-gig for his hardcore-fans only?
Sadly not. This is something we'd all be looking forward to. Maybe he reads this and gives the thought great consideration...

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