1986's Album:
"Every Beat Of My Heart"
Every Beat Of My Heart

"It's useless, I can't stand ELO or Feargal Sharkey and I've never even heard of The Blow Monkeys. Queen have got Status Quo supporting them at Wembley. I wish I did".

(Commenting on the bill for the Wembley Stadium Concert to the DAILY MAIL)

The set contains:

  • Hot Legs
  • Tonight I'm Yours
  • Tonight's The Night
  • Passion
  • Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
  • What Am I Gonna Do
    (I'm So In Love With You)
  • She Won't Dance With Me
  • Some Guys Have All The Luck
  • I Don't Want To Talk About
  • It You're In My Heart
  • Young Turks
  • In My Life
  • Infatuation
  • Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
  • Every Beat Of My Heart
  • Da' Ya' Think I'm Sexy?
  • You Wear It Well
  • Maggie May
  • Baby Jane
  • Sailing
  • Twistin' The Night Away
  • Stay With Me
  • (I Know) I'm Losing You
  • Green Onions (band only)
  • In My Own Crazy Way
  • My Girl
  • Love Touch
  • The Wild Side Of Life
  • Another Heartache
  • We'll Meet Again

Tourbook 1986


June 1986
26 Belfast, Northern Ireland
27 Belfast, Northern Ireland
30 Glasgow, Scotland

Ad from Zuerich

August 1986
01 Montpellier, France
05 Annecy, France
06 Nice, France
08 Klagenfurt, Austria
10 Oostende, Belgium
12 Hamburg, Germany
13 Hamburg, Germany
15 Köbenhavn, Denmark
16 Stockholm, Sweden
17 Budapest, Hungary
23 Göteborg, Sweden
26 Hannover, Germany
28 Berlin, Germany
30 St. Wendel, Germany
31 Lausanne, Switzerland


October 1986
05 San Sebastian, Spain
07 Madrid, Spain
09 Barcelona, Spain
11 Marbella, Spain
16 Zürich, Switzerland
17 Heidelberg, Germany
19 Bruxelles, Belgium
20 Paris, France
21 Frankfurt, Germany
23 Bremen, Germany
24 Berlin, Germany
25 Kassel, Germany
27 Kiel, Germany
28 Düsseldorf, Germany
30 Würzburg, Germany
31 Stuttgart, Germany


World Tour 1986

July 1986
01 Glasgow, Scotland
02 Birmingham, UK
03 Birmingham, UK
05 London, Wembley Stadium, UK
07 Paris, France
08 Bordeaux, France
10 Lorient, France
12 Dortmund, Germany
13 Stuttgart, Germany
17 Roma, Italy
19 Milano, Italy
20 Genova, Italy
23 Barcelona, Spain
25 Madrid, Spain
27 Marbella, Spain
30 Bilbao, Spain

September 1986
02 Rotterdam, Netherlands
03 Rotterdam, Netherlands
05 München, Germany
06 Wien, Austria
10 Torino, Italy
11 Milano, Italy
12 Verona, Italy
15 Birmingham, UK
16 Birmingham, UK
18 London, Wembley Arena, UK
19 London, Wembley Arena, UK
21 Dublin, Ireland
22 Dublin, Ireland
24 London, Wembley Arena, UK
25 London, Wembley Arena, UK

singing Rod

November 1986
02 Bournemouth, UK
03 Bournemouth, UK
05 Brighton, UK
06 Brighton, UK

..and again...

Tony BROCK - drums

Tony Brock

Tony Brock's drumming is the big beat at the heart of the Rod Stewart Group. A native of Poole-Dorset on England's south coast, Brock first recorded with the band Spontaneous Combustion, and met Rod Stewart when Brock's group Strider opened for Stewart and the Faces on their last British tour. When Strider later split up, the band's guitarist Gary Grainger joined Rod Stewart while Brock went on to become a member of the Babys.

Moving to America after making their first album, the Babys scored such hits as "Isn't It Time" and "Every Time I Think Of You" before splitting up in 1980. Soon after, Rod was reintroduced to Brock's drumming on the demo tape of the song "Tonight I'm Yours" and recruited the stickman for the Rod Stewart Group.
A founder member of the Rod Stewart Group, guitarist Jim Cregan has become a major player on the Stewart team, assisting in the production of Tonight I'm Yours and Body Wishes, co-writing songs for Rod, and of course, highlighting the band's music with his mastery of acoustic and electric guitars. Englishman Cregan first became known playing with a succession of British groups which cluminated in his membership in Family.
Jim CREGAN - guitars

Jim Cregan
After a world tour with Cat Stevens and Linda Lewis, Jim joined Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, adding his guitar touches to their 1975 hit "Make Me Smile". When Cockney Rebel played the Roxy in Los Angeles, in the audience was Rod Stewart, who was so impressed with Cregan that he asked the guitarist to join his first solo band.

Nick LANE - trombone

Nick Lane

No stranger to the music scene, trombonist Nick Lane has recorded albums with Neil Diamond and Paul Anka, arranged songs for Olivia Newton-John, the Los Angeles Pops Orchestra, and Doc Severinson and the Tonight Show orchestra, and was the featured trombonist with jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson for three years prior to joining Rod Stewart for his 1984 tour.
During the years with Ferguson, Lane composed and arranged 17 songs for the four albums recorded for Columbia Records. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lane was born and raised in Marshalltown, Iowa, and now makes his home in Los Angeles.
Kevin Savigar hit his first rock'n'roll stage when he joined the Rod Stewart Group in 1978, but the classically-trained pianist has since made his mark in the group with his keyboards proficiency. Educated at London's Trinity College, Savigar had previously played in pit bands in West End theatres, club bands and recording sessions for TV jingles.
Kevin SAVIGAR - keyboards

Kevin Savigar
His melodic talents have also been heard through Savigar's songwriting partnership with Jim Cregan, who contributed songs to Tonight I'm Yours and Body Wishes. Savigar has also played on records by John Cougar and Kenny Loggins in addition to his work with the Rod Stewart Group.
Robin LE MESURIER - guitars

Robin Le Mesurier
Both talent and fate had their part in bringing guitarist Robin Le Mesurier to the Rod Stewart Group. The son of British comic actors John Le Mesurier and the late Hattie Jacques, Robin first hit the charts in England unterneath fake fur as one of the Wombles, a set of kiddie toys brought to life as a band. After being bounced from the ensemble for "unwomblish" activities, Le Mesurier briefly played with the band Limey before joining Rod Stewart's 1976-77 tour of Europe and Australia in an "executive" capacity - tuning guitars.

After playing with members of Limey in the second edition of the band Strider, Le Mesurier again joined a Stewart tour - this time playing guitar with Air Supply when they opened for Rod in America.
By 1978 the Englishman was living in Los Angeles, so it was only a matter of time before he joined Rod Stewart once more - now as a guitarist.
Robin has also played with Ron Wood and Randy Van Wormer, recorded an album of ochestrated Police songs with the Royal Philharmonic title Arrested, and co-written songs for Rod Stewart.By 1978 the Englishman was living in Los Angeles, so it was only a matter of time before he joined Rod Stewart once more - now as a guitarist. Robin has also played with Ron Wood and Randy Van Wormer, recorded an album of ochestrated Police songs with the Royal Philharmonic title Arrested, and co-written songs for Rod Stewart.


From Tamworth, England, Charlie Harrison got his first bass at age 14 and turned pro at age 16, with his first big break coming at age 17. Joining Judas Jump in London, Charlie went on to accompany Gene Vincent, Leo Sayer, Frankie Miller, Spencer Davies and Al Stewart. Relocated to Los Angeles since 1976, Charlie recorded on albums with Roger McGuinn before joining Poco 1976. In 1983, Charlie ventured out on his own. Then came Rod in 1986.

Charlie HARRISON - bass

Charlie Harrison
Jimmy ROBERTS - saxophones

Jimmy Roberts
Jimmy was born in Suffolk, Virginia, USA and started his musical career in the school marching band. At 13, he began playing the club scene in Virginia.He attended Virginia State College, majored in music, and intended on a career as a music educator. However, the excitement of live performance took him to Toronto, Canada in 1970 with the Doug Walker Quartet. He then played with "Truck" in London, Ontario. Recording and touring was Jimmy's life. In 1974, he moved to Los Angeles where he thought he could fully pursue his goals as a musical artist.
John Corey is the Rod Stewart Group's utility instrumentalist, playing both guitar and keyboards with equal finesse, instruments he first started studying at the age of four. By the time he was 18, Corey had his first recording contract with RCA as a member (along with the Knack's Doug Feiger) of a band called Sky.
John COREY - guitars

John Corey
After a hiatus from the music business, Corey returned to peak form as a member of Silver Condor, writing the band's 1981 Top 20 hit "You Could Take My Heart Away Tonight".
He toured for a year with Silver Condor (whose membership included Rod Stewart Group bassist Jay Davis) before quitting to join former Eagle Randy Meisner's band as guitarist for international tour. Recommended to Rod Stewart by Jay Davis, Corey has become the Rod Stewart Band's double instrumental threat.
Michael CICHOWICZ - horns

Michael Cichowicz
A new member of Rod's band. Michael was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA and now lives in Los Angeles. He has previously played with such horn orientated bands as Huey Lewis and The News and the Tower of Power.

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