CAMOUFLAGE - 1984-85

1984's POP Album:

"Nobody can accuse me of slowing up over the years. Ten years ago, when I was still with the Faces we used to go on for an hour, and I hardly moved. Now we're on stage for well over two hours and I'm running about all over the place. I've got one of the best white soul voices in the world. No rock critic can take that away. I don't think I'll ever stop singing. I still enjoy it and feel convincing. The moment I don't is when I'll give it up."

(Rod Stewart to 'The Sun')

The set contains:

  • Hot Legs
  • She Won't Dance With Me
  • You Wear It Well
  • You're In My Heart
  • Tonight's The Night
  • Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
  • Tonight I'm Yours
  • I Don't Want To Talk About It
  • Infatuation
  • Bad For You
  • Baby Jane
  • If Loving You Is Wrong
  • Hungry Heart
  • Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
  • Shotgun (band only)
  • Young Turks
  • Passion
  • Da' Ya' Think I'm Sexy?
  • Maggie May
  • Some Guys Have All The Luck
  • Stay With Me
  • We'll Meet Again

Tourbook 1984
Tourbook 1984


July 1984
03 Reno, NV, USA*
06 Boise, ID, USA*
08 Portland, OR, USA*
10 Vancouver, Canada*
11 Vancouver, Canada*
13 Calgary, Canada*
14 Edmonton, Canada
17 Sacramento, CA, USA
18 Oakland, CA, USA
20 Costa Mesa, CA, USA
21 Costa Mesa, CA, USA
22 Phoenix, AZ, USA
26 St. Louis, MO, USA
28 Chicago, IL, USA
29 Chicago, IL, USA
31 Detroit, MI, USA
*with Jeff Beck

September 1984
01 Allentown, PA, USA
02 Wantaugh, NY, USA
10 NY, Madison Square Garden, NY, USA
11 NY, Madison Square Garden, NY, USA
15 Providence, RI, USA
16 Portland, ME, USA
18 Worcester, MA, USA
20 Landover, MD, USA
21 Charleston, VA, USA
22 Knoxville, TN, USA
24 Roanoke, VA, USA
25 Hampton, VA, USA
26 Charlotte, SC, USA
28 Atlanta, GA, USA
29 Nashville, TN, USA
30 Huntsville, AL, USA

October 1984
02 Greensboro, NC, USA
03 Columbia, SC, USA
05 Jacksonville, FL, USA
06 Tampa, FL, USA
07 Miami, FL, USA
11 Birmingham, AL, USA
13 New Orleans, LA, USA
14 Houston, TX, USA
16 Austin, TX, USA
17 San Antonio, TX, USA
19 Dallas, TX, USA
20 Oklahoma City, OK, USA
21 Kansas City, MO, USA
23 Little Rock, AK, USA
26 Albuquerque, NM, USA
27 Las Cruces, NM, USA
28 Tucson, AZ, USA
31 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Roderick David Stewart

August 1984
02 Detroit, MI, USA
04 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
05 Rochester, NY, USA
06 Binghampton, NY, USA
08 Cincinnati, OH, USA
10 Louisville, KY, USA
11 Springfield, IL, USA
13 Cleveland, OH, USA
14 Cleveland, OH, USA
15 Indianapolis, IN, USA
17 Québec, Canada
18 Montréal, Canada
19 Montréal, Canada
21 Ottawa, Canada
23 Alpine Valley, WI, USA
24 Des Moines, IW, USA
25 St. Paul, MN, USA
28 Syracuse, NY, USA
29 Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
30 Toronto, Canada

singing Roddy

November 1984
01 Los Angeles, CA, USA
03 Las Vegas, NV, USA
04 San Diego, CA, USA
05 San Diego, CA, USA
07 Las Vegas, NV, USA
10 Oakland, CA, USA
11 San Franciso, CA, USA

November 1984
28 tokyo, Japan
29 tokyo, Japan
30 nagoya, Japan

December 1984
02 fukuoka, Japan
03 ousaka, Japan
05 tokyo, Japan
07 sendai, Japan
08 yokohama, Japan

(Thanks to Takashi Hirama
for the Japan Tour dates!)

January 1985
10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Rock in Rio Festival,
200 000 people each night)

February 1985
21 Sun City, South Africa
22 Sun City, South Africa
23 Sun City, South Africa
24 Sun City, South Africa
28 Sun City, South Africa

March 1985
01 Sun City, South Africa
02 Sun City, South Africa
03 Sun City, South Africa

December 1985
07 Tampa, FL, USA
(a one-off concert)

To get the real impression of the
Camouflage-Tour is the following:

have a couple of beers and watch
"The Rod Stewart Concert Video".


Tony BROCK - drums
Tony Brock

Tony Brock's drumming is the big beat at the heart of the Rod Stewart Group. A native of Poole-Dorset on England's south coast, Brock first recorded with the band Spontaneous Combustion, and met Rod Stewart when Brock's group Strider opened for Stewart and the Faces on their last British tour. When Strider later split up, the band's guitarist Gary Grainger joined Rod Stewart while Brock went on to become a member of the Babys. Moving to America after making their first album, the Babys scored such hits as "Isn't It Time" and "Every Time I Think Of You" before splitting up in 1980. Soon after, Rod was reintroduced to Brock's drumming on the demo tape of the song "Tonight I'm Yours" and recruited the stickman for the Rod Stewart Group.

A founder member of the Rod Stewart Group, guitarist Jim Cregan has become a major player on the Stewart team, assisting in the production of Tonight I'm Yours and Body Wishes, co-writing songs for Rod, and of course, highlighting the band's music with his mastery of acoustic and electric guitars. Englishman Cregan first became known playing with a succession of British groups which cluminated in his membership in Family. After a world tour with Cat Stevens and Linda Lewis, Jim joined Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, adding his guitar touches to their 1975 hit "Make Me Smile". When Cockney Rebel played the Roxy in Los Angeles, in the audience was Rod Stewart, who was so impressed with Cregan that he asked the guitarist to join his first solo band.
Jim CREGAN - guitars
Jim Cregan
(the Somerset Segovia)
Jimmy ZAVALA - sax/harmonica
Jimmy Zavala
(...and takes his trousers off in public)
As a teenager, Jimmy Zavala haunted the nightspots of his native Sacramento, California, looking like a boyish blues brother sporting dark shades and a tough stance to hide his age. But once he started blowing his harmonica, saxophone or flute, any listeners knew it was music from the soul of a rock'n'roll man. After a stint touring with his own band across the States, Zavala landed in Los Angeles, where he was discovered at a jam session at the Central Club on Sunset Strip by Stewart bandmembers Robin Le Mesurier and Jim Cregan. The two suggested Zavala to Stewart, and since joining the band, Jimmy Zavala has also added his talents to projects by John Cougar, Ron Wood, the Knack's Doug Fieger, The Rockets and Les Dudek.
Kevin Savigar hit his first rock'n'roll stage when he joined the Rod Stewart Group in 1978, but the classically-trained pianist has since made his mark in the group with his keyboards proficiency. Educated at London's Trinity College, Savigar had previously played in pit bands in West End theatres, club bands and recording sessions for TV jingles. His melodic talents have also been heard through Savigar's songwriting partnership with Jim Cregan, who contributed songs to Tonight I'm Yours and Body Wishes. Savigar has also played on records by John Cougar and Kenny Loggins in addition to his work with the Rod Stewart Group.
Kevin SAVIGAR - keyboards
Kevin Savigar
Robin LE MESURIER - guitars
Robin Le Mesurier
Both talent and fate had their part in bringing guitarist Robin Le Mesurier to the Rod Stewart Group. The son of British comic actors John Le Mesurier and the late Hattie Jacques, Robin first hit the charts in England unterneath fake fur as one of the Wombles, a set of kiddie toys brought to life as a band. After being bounced from the ensemble for "unwomblish" activities, Le Mesurier briefly played with the band Limey before joining Rod Stewart's 1976-77 tour of Europe and Australia in an "executive" capacity - tuning guitars. After playing with members of Limey in the second edition of the band Strider, Le Mesurier again joined a Stewart tour - this time playing guitar with Air Supply when they opened for Rod in America. By 1978 the Englishman was living in Los Angeles, so it was only a matter of time before he joined Rod Stewart once more - now as a guitarist.

Robin has also played with Ron Wood and Randy Van Wormer, recorded an album of ochestrated Police songs with the Royal Philharmonic title Arrested, and co-written songs for Rod Stewart.By 1978 the Englishman was living in Los Angeles, so it was only a matter of time before he joined Rod Stewart once more - now as a guitarist. Robin has also played with Ron Wood and Randy Van Wormer, recorded an album of ochestrated Police songs with the Royal Philharmonic title Arrested, and co-written songs for Rod Stewart.

Bassist Jay Davis credits his luck for bringing him into the Rod Stewart Group in 1981, thanks to drummer Carmine Appice, who recommended Davis to Stewart after the bass player worked on Appice's solo album. It was a happy change in fortunes for Davis, a native of Louisiana who ended up playing in a band in New York in 1976 with Mick Jones and Ian MacDonald, but left before Foreigner - as they became known - signed a record deal. He later recorded an album with Mick Ronson which never saw the light of day, and tough his next band, Axis (with Carmine's brother Vinnie Appice on drums and Danny Johnson on guitar) did release an album, they broke up soon afterwards.

Jay DAVIS - bass
Jay Davis
Playing with John Corey in Silver Condor, he ended up in Los Angeles and hit his lucky streak when Rod recruited Davis to back him on the American Music Awards and then signed the bassist on as a permanent bandmember.

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