TOUR - 1977

This years model:
"Foot Loose & Fancy Free"

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"The tour got off to a terrible start. The band and I were only just getting to know each other and I thought, 'I'll show you who can drink'. For about three weeks I was staying out all night and I wasn't eating. It didn't help. Then I got sick. Well, I was existing on port and brandy afternoon tea and toast. When we opened at Olympia I felt so bad it was almost like somebody telling me I shouldn't be there." (Rod to the Daily Mirror)

The set contains:

  • Three Time Loser
  • You Wear It Well
  • Big Bayou, Tonight's The Night
  • Wild Side Of Life
  • This Old Heart Of Mine
  • Sweet Little Rock'n Roller
  • The Killing Of Georgie
  • I Don't Want To Talk About It
  • Maggie May
  • Angel
  • True Blue
  • You Keep Me Hangin' On
  • Get Back
  • (I Know) I'm Losing You
  • Sailing, Stay With Me
  • Twistin' The Night Away
  • Hot Legs
  • Born Loose
  • If Loving You Is Wrong
  • I Was Only Joking
  • You're In My Heart

Tourbook 1977
Tourbook 1977


Tourpass 1977

December 1977
02 El Paso, TX, USA
05 Denver, CO, USA
07 Tempe, AZ, USA
08 Tucson, AZ, USA
12 Los Angeles, CA, USA
13 Los Angeles, CA, USA
14 Los Angeles, CA, USA
18 San Francisco, CA, USA
19 San Francisco, CA, USA
20 San Francisco, CA, USA

The Band

October 1977
14 New Haven, CT, USA
15 Largo, MD, USA
17 Buffalo, NY, USA
19 Philadelphia, PA, USA
20 New York, Madison Square Garden, NY, USA
21 New York, Madison Square Garden, NY, USA
23 Uniondale, NY, USA
24 Uniondale, NY, USA
25 Providence, RI, USA
27 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
29 Louisville, KY, USA
30 Indianapolis, IN, USA
31 Chicago, IL, USA

November 1977
02 St. Paul, MN, USA
03 Richfield, OH, USA
05 Detroit, MI, USA 06
Detroit, MI, USA
07 Indianapolis, IN, USA
08 Cincinnati, OH, USA
09 Roanoke, VA, USA
10 Charlotte, NC, USA
18 Birmingham, AL, USA
20 Atlanta, GA, USA
21 Jacksonville, FL, USA
23 Hollywood, FL, USA
25 Baton Rouge, LA, USA
26 Houston, TX, USA
27 Fort Worth, TX, USA
29 Kansas City, MO, USA
30 Oklahoma City, OK, USA


Jim Cregan and Rod Stewart

(later to be known as "The Somerset Segovia" and "Harry The Hook")

The Somerset Segovia & Harry The Hook
Carmine APPICE - drums
Carmine Appice

Carmine (pronounced CAR-mine) has been breaking new ground in drumming for nigh on one decade.

Born in New York City, he graduated at 19 from the wedding and bar mitsvah circuit to a group called the Pigeons, who eventually became the Vanilla Fudge. With their high-powered harmonies and expansive sound the Fudge were one of the first pop groups to take on the so-called "progressive" look. Appice's heavy handed, innovative drumming helped lift the pop drummer out of the background role and into the performing spotlight. He's known Stewart since 1968 and in fact almost joined the Jeff Beck Group when Rod was featured vocalist. After a stint in Cactus, Carmine did hook up with Beck in the Beck, Bogart and Appice combo. That venture lasted a couple of years before he joined the Barry Goldberg / Mike Bloomfield project, KGB.

Appice has played it all from, he says "Chick Corea crazy progressive stuff" to the "white ballsy" rock of the new Stewart band. A vocalist himself, he believes he knows a thing or two about singers. He's quite content that "rod is the best singer in the world....powerful".

Bringing to the band yet another musical environment is bassist Philip Chen. While it may finally be a household name, reggae was unheard of outside the Caribbean when Chen, from Kingston, Jamaica, hit London in the mid-60s with Jimmy James and the Vagabonds.

Chen came to England with the Vagabonds as a spare guitarist. His on again, off again membership status in the band often depended on how much room there was on stage at the Vagabond's cramped pub venues. If there was room, Chen played. He became an official member when he replaced the band's departed bassist. After taking up the four-stringed cause he went to pioneer reggae with the group for five years until he left in 1970 to pursue studio work.

Phil CHEN - bass
Phil Chen

In 1973 Stewart asked him to join the Faces but Chen had a previous commitment, a studio assignment in Jamaica with the Butts Band and couldn't go out on the road with the Faces.

Chen's studio credits have piled up furiously since then, including work with Jeff Beck, Donovan, Jimmy Witherspoon, Toots and the Maytals, Pete Townshend (the Tommy soundtrack), Johnny Nash and Jim Capaldi.
"I figured I covered all the session business"
, says Chen explaining his decision to join Stewart's band. "Studio work wasn't much of a challenge anymore and I always liked Rod's singing, so it was natural". As surely and tirelessly as he dedicated himself to session playing, Chen now hurls all his energies into the Stewart project.

"I'm not interested in any more session work"
, he contends."I'm gonna devote all my time to Rod".

Gary Grainger was born in the Kilburn district of North London. Originally a drummer, he was won over to electric guitar by "the guitar sound" of the Shadows and Buddy Holly. He is late of the hard-working English outfit called Strider, which he joined in 1973.
Grainger attracted the attention of Stewart when Strider accompanied The Faces on a '74 European Tour'. Apparently the impression was a lasting one. When it came time for an audition for the new band, he was summoned and quickly selected. Of the three guitarists in the band, says Gary, "We all have different ways of playing. I'm more the raunchy kind of player which seems to blend well with Jim and Billy".

Gary GRAINGER - guitars
Gary Grainger

Jim CREGAN - guitars
Jim Cregan

Though he was born in the pastoral country of Somerset, Jim Cregan spent most of his life in London cutting a wide berth through the English music scene. His early credits involve stints with the post Rory Gallagher-jazz-rock group, Taste, and the influential Family, the progressive conglomerate with whom he played bass. Of his past work he considers his work with English jazz singer Linda Lewis as "musically providing him with the most enjoyment because it was the most demanding". He's done world tours with both Linda Lewis and Cat Stevens, and in addition produces Lewis's records.

His recent notoriety has come from his role in Cockney Rebel, featuring the inimitable Steve Harley. Cregan logged two years in Rebel and found considerable artistic freedom within the group, but when the Stewart offer appeared "it was too god to resist".

A finesse player, Cregan compliments the rougher edge of his fellow guitarists in Stewart's band. "Billy Peek is untouchable on the rock and roll tunes", he maintains, "while the rest of the work is between Gary and myself. We do a lot of harmony work together". Cregan is delighted with the level of musicianship in the band, and that assured, concerns himself now with getting the Americans in the group to speak proper English.

John Jarvis at 22 is the youngest memeber of the band. His determined rise to session prominence has been nothing short of meteoric. A product of Pasadena, California, he was signed to a publishing company by the timehe was 15. His big break came when Art Garfunkel on a recent solo LP used some songs written by a friend of his. Jarvis was asked to contribute keyboard work and since has played on albums for Ringo Starr, Leo Sayer and Stewart's "A Night On The Town".

The piano-playing of Jarvis reveals a fairly well-rounded musician, so much so that experts are divided on which is chief among his strenghts.

John JARVIS - piano
John Jarvis
Jarvis's extensive classical background led Garfunkel to conclude that he shouldn't be used on fast numbers, while Stewart, who was unaware of the pianist's classical side, wanted Jarvis the rock'n roller only for the uptempo parts of his album. Incredibly, Rod Stewart's ban is the first pro band John's ever been in. "I just never found a band l liked", says the finicky Jarvis.
Billy PEEK - guitars
Billy Peek
Since he's spent most of his career burning up fretboards alongside Chuck Berry, it's not surprising that Billy Peek has been dubbed "the rock'n roller" of the Stewart band. A Berry protege, Peek developed in his years of biting back-up with Berry, a chomping, old-school style of rockin' very compatible with Stewart's tastes. Stewart spotted Peek on television performing with Chuck Berry, and the guitarist wound up playing on "A Night On The Town". Born in St. Louis, Peek was introduced to music by his father's guitar-playing. "If it wasn't for him I never would've started at all". After making the rounds of the club circuit in St. Louis, Peek in 1969 joined Berry, who "brought me along in his rock and roll framework". The association led five albums, a European Tour and heavy roadwork in North America. Peek can state unequivocably from the experience that "when it comes to rock and roll I can play it".

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