Just another Honky:
Ooh la la

"It was a bloody mess. A bloody mess. But I shouldn't say that, should I? Well, I should say it in a few weeks' time. Not now. I mean, the public ain't gonna like me saying it's a bloody mess. It was a disgrace. Maybe I'm too critical. But look, I don't like it. One of the best tracks is one I don't sing on, and that's 'Ooh La La'. All that fucking about taking nine months to do an album like 'Ooh La La' doesn't prove anything. But I'm not going to say anything more about it. All right? That's it. "

(Rod to Melody Maker)

The set contains:

  • Silicon Grown
  • Cindy Incidentally
  • Memphis
  • My Fault
  • If I'm On The Late Side
  • Borstal Boys
  • The Stealer
  • Angel
  • Stay With Me
  • True Blue
  • Maggie May
  • Jealous Guy
  • Too Bad
  • Miss Judy's Farm
  • I Wish It Would Rain
  • (I Know) I'm Losing You
  • I'd Rather Go Blind
  • It's All Over Now
  • Fly In the Ointment



Faces live

June 1973
01 London, Edmonton Sundown, UK
03 London, Edmonton Sundown, UK
04 London, Edmonton Sundown, UK

July 1973European Tourdates
(if anybody out there has more info, please let us know)

August 1973
17 Doncaster, UK
25 Reading, UK (Festival)


October 1973
01 El Paso, TX, USA
03 Denver, CO, USA
05 Tucson, AZ, USA
06 Phoenix, AZ, USA
09 Oakland, CA, USA
10 San Diego, CA, USA
14 Long Beach, CA, USA
16 Anaheim, CA, USA
19 Los Angeles, CA, USA


April 1973
08 Bristol, UK
09 Oxford, UK
10 Worcester, UK
24 St. Paul, IN, USA
26 Evanston, IL, USA
27 St. Louis, MO, USA

May 1973
02 Boston, MA, USA
03 Providence, RI, USA
05 Hampton, VA, USA
07 Springfield, MA, USA
10 Nassau, Bahamas, USA
12 Roanoke, VA, USA


September 1973
14 Atlanta, GA, USA
15 St. Petersburg, FL, USA
17 Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
20 Richmond, VA, USA
22 Evansville, IN, USA
27 Houston, TX, USA
28 San Antonio, TX, USA
29 Dallas, TX, USA

November 1973
29 London, East Ham, UK
30 London, Kilburn, UK

December 1973
02 Bristol, UK
03 Worcester, UK
07 Birmingham, UK
08 Leeds, UK
09 Liverpool, UK
11 Manchester, UK
12 Blackpool, UK
15 Glasgow, Scotland
16 Glasgow, Scotland
17 Newcastle, UK
19 Bournemouth, UK
20 Sutton, UK
23 Oxford, UK
24 London, Edmonton Sundown, UK


Billy Gaff (FACES/Rod Stewart Manager):

"To me Rod Stewart will always be a great performer. I'm one hundred percent sure he'll be singing in twenty years' time simply because he can manage any sort of material".


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