The Rock album for 1969


" It was a great band to sing with, but I couldn't take all the aggravation. One would stay at the Hilton and the others at Hotel Third-on-the-bill around the corner. In the two and a half years I was with Beck I never once looked him in the eye....!"

(Zig Zag)

January 1969
14 The Marquee, London, UK

February 1969
05 Tolworth, UK

Jeff Beck fires Ron Wood and Micky Waller during the recording of "Beck-Ola". However, Ron Wood is re-hired one month after.

April 1969
25 The Lyceum, London, UK

June 1969
06 The Marquee, London, UK


Jeff Beck Group

Ian McLagan: "It was one of those end of term balls - all champagne and strawberries and jugs of beer and roast beef dinners. The food was free and we were given a hundred quid to split between us. It was a joke really. We went on without any rehearsal, with hardly any equipment. Rod came on and sang a couple of numbers. It was a general piss-up."


Rod Stewart leaves the Jeff Beck Group after two and a half years. He is announced as The Small Faces' new singer and makes his first public appearance with them at a Cambridge University ball. They appear as "Quiet Melon" and are led by Art Wood, Ron's elder brother.
The Small Faces 1968

Line up:

  • Vocals: Rod Stewart
  • Guitars: Ron Wood
  • Bass: Ronnie Lane
  • Piano/Organ: Ian McLagan
  • Drums: Kenny Jones
Ian McLagan: "We were worried about asking Rod to join because we didn't want to get into the situation where he would be the front man and we would just end up playing behind him. Eventually Kenny asked Rod to join, but not before we had tried to do the vocals ourselves."

The Small Faces embark to Switzerland to play their first dates with the new line up

November 1969
10 Zürich, Switzerland
11 Winterthur, Switzerland
12 St. Gallen, Switzerland
14 Basel, Switzerland
15 Solothurn, Switzerland
16 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
17 Bern, Switzerland
19 Genève, Switzerland
20 Lausanne, Switzerland

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