The "Truth" for 1967

"I suffered from the most frighening experience...the voice just went. It was just stage fright I suppose. I just went to open my mouth on 'Ain't Superstitious' and nothin' came out. So I remember in those days Woody and I used to have a little bag we carried around with us all the time and it used to have a little bottle of brandy in it. So I ran back, got the bag, had a quick shot of brandy and then picked the mike and it all came out. But it was just stage fright. I sort of crouched behind the amp and had a quick swig. Beck was covering for me, he was playing a solo, but there was definitely a sort of embarrassment all round...everyone was looking for the singer. And sure enough, as the brandy hit the blood stream, back came the vocals."

The set:

  1. Plynth
  2. Bye Bye (Baby Goodbye)
  3. I've Got The Sweetest Little Angel
  4. Stoned Crazy
  5. Ain't Superstitious
  6. (I Know) I'm Losing You
  7. Rock My Plimsoul
  8. Let Me Love You
  9. Shapes Of Things
  10. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
  11. You Shook Me
  12. Jailhouse Rock
  13. Rice Pudding
  14. Beck's Bolero

M Rod

January 1968
27 Norwich, UK

February 1968
03 Egham, UK
09 Nottingham, UK
17 Hammersmith, London, UK

March 1968
02 Manchester, UK
03 Rotterdam, Netherlands
08 Dartford, UK
09 Covent Garden, London, UK
15 Oswestry, UK
16 Chesham, UK
17 Grantham, UK
22 Walthamstow, London, UK
23 Bletchley, UK
24 Nottingham, UK
30 Wolverhampton, UK

April 1968
01 Cleethorpes, UK
04 Llanelly, Wales
05 Bicester, UK
07 Bexley, UK
08 Bath, UK
09 The Marquee, London, UK
11 Worthing, UK
13 Zürich, TV-Appearance, Switzerland
14 Basel, Switzerland
15 Chur, Switzerland
16 Luzern, Switzerland
17 St. Gallen, Switzerland
19 Köbenhavn, Denmark
20 Trelleborg, Sweden
21 Roskilde, Denmark
24 Göteborg, Sweden
25 Stockholm, Sweden
26 Jönköping, Sweden
27 Kristinehamn, Sweden
28 Köbenhavn, Sweden

May 1968
04 Paris, France
05 Paris, France
10 Dartford, UK
11 Bradford, UK
12 Kirklevington, UK
18 Weston-super-Mare, UK

June 1968
02 Coventry, UK
07 Manor House, London, UK
14 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
15 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
18 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
19 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
20 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
21 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
22 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
26 Boston, MA, USA
27 Boston, MA, USA
28 Boston, MA, USA
29 Boston, MA, USA

July 1968
05 Detroit, MI, USA
06 Detroit, MI, USA
07 Ann Arbor, MI, USA
09 Cleveland, OH, USA
10 Cleveland, OH, USA
11 Cleveland, OH, USA
12 Houston, TX, USA
13 Houston, TX, USA
17 Dallas, TX, USA
19 San Francisco, CA, USA
20 San Francisco, CA, USA
21 San Francisco, CA, USA
23 San Francisco, CA, USA
24 San Francisco, CA, USA
25 San Francisco, CA, USA
26 Los Angeles, CA, USA
27 Los Angeles, CA, USA

August 1968
02 Los Angeles, CA, USA
03 Los Angeles, CA, USA
10 Sunbury, UK

September 1968
06 The Manor House, London, UK
14 Norwich, UK
30 Stockholm, Sweden

October 1968
01 Stockholm, Sweden
02 Stockholm, Sweden
03 Stockholm, Sweden
04 Jönköping, Sweden
05 Köbenhavn, Denmark
11 Chicago, IL, USA
12 Alma, MI, USA
13 Cleveland, OH, USA
18 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
19 New York, Fillmore East, NY, USA
20 Alexandra, NY, USA
22 Boston, MA, USA
23 Boston, MA, USA
24 Boston, MA, USA
25 Philadelphia, PA, USA
26 Philadelphia, PA, USA
27 Toronto, Canada

November 1968
01 Detroit, MI, USA
02 Detroit, MI, USA
03 Detroit, MI, USA
08 Houston, TX, USA
09 Dallas, TX, USA
10 Oklahoma City, OK, USA
15 Miami, FL, USA
16 Miami, FL, USA
22 Cleveland, OH, USA
23 Cleveland, OH, USA
27 Seattle, WA, USA
29 Los Angeles, CA, USA
30 Los Angeles, CA, USA

December 1968
05 San Francisco, CA, USA
06 San Francisco, CA, USA
07 San Francisco, CA, USA
08 San Francisco, CA, USA
21 The Roundhouse, London, UK

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