Still Never a Dull Moment
Posted June 19, 2019
Bramall Lane Sheffield 15/6/19 Review By John Hemingfield
Penge Rocks
Posted June 18, 2019
Is this the best window display ever?
Life On Tour With Rod
Posted June 17, 2019
Penny on Loose Women Tuesday 18th
Hang The DJ
Posted June 17, 2019
Portland Road Stadium Ipswich 7/6/19 Review By Steve Fryer
We've been blessed with a clear night
Posted June 16, 2019
The University of Bolton Stadium, Bolton 14/6/19 Review By Jeff Speight
Forever Young..ish
Posted June 14, 2019
Milton Keynes Stadium 4/6/19 Review By Ken Fowler
Everything I Know About Love
Posted June 11, 2019
By [fellow Rod fan] Dolly Alderton
The Diary Of Yve Paige Aged 16 ¾ [Well for tonight anyway]
Posted June 10, 2019
Molineux Stadium Wolverhampton 8/6/19 Review By Yve Paige
The 60 Celebrity Challenge
Posted June 9, 2019
Every Picture Tells A Story..Even Rod's in Southampton
Rod Rocks Milton Keynes
Posted June 8, 2019
Milton Keynes Stadium 4/6/19 Review By Dominic Murphy
The City Of York Pipe Band
Posted June 8, 2019
York Racecourse, Saturday 1 June 2019
A Knighted Stallion
Posted June 7, 2019
York Racecourse, Saturday 1 June 2019 Review By Yvonne Heywood Hambleton
My First Rod Concert
Posted June 5, 2019
St Mary's Stadium Southampton 31/5/19 Review By Sylvy Thatcher
"It was good, wasn’t it?"
Posted June 2, 2019
Metropoint Arena Nottingham 28/5/19 Review By Mike Walton
We Are Sailing
Posted June 2, 2019
Rod to sing for veterans
Penny on TV later this year
Posted May 31, 2019
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
Tonight it’s Yours
Posted May 31, 2019
By Tommy Kevitt
Rod transformed from Vegas Crooner back to international Rock Star
Posted May 27, 2019
Páirc Uí Chaoimh Cork 25/5/19 Review By Gerard Rafferty
From The Fields of Athenry
Posted May 27, 2019
Páirc Uí Chaoimh Cork 25/5/19 Review by Aoife O'Neill Cousins
Back On Home Turf
Posted May 24, 2019
Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol 22nd May 2019 Review By Angela Rodda
Back to The Globe Again
Posted May 23, 2019
The Globen, Stockholm, Sweden, 16/5/19 Review By Madde Andreasson
Zara or Smiler? Martin talks fashion with Rod, touring with Amanda and even reviews the show!
Posted May 20, 2019
Lanxess Arena Cologne Germany 18/05/19 Review By Martin Heidt
Rod donates £10,000 to vandalised model railway club
Posted May 20, 2019
Absolutely Devastated
Are you going to see Rod on Tour
Posted May 15, 2019
Do you want to tell us what you thought of your 'Night With Rod'?
I hope this team stays together
Posted May 14, 2019
Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands 12/5/2019 Review By Vincent Bakker with Photos By Hendrik Mulder
WDR4 Germany 4 hour Rod Show
Posted May 12, 2019
Featuring live clips on May 18th
The Sound of Bagpipes opened the 2019 European Tour
Posted May 6, 2019
Berlin and Hamburg Reviews 3rd and 4th of May By Martin Heidt
Posted May 2, 2019
Rod Stewart Live: Cliffs Pavilion, Southend - 30 April 2019 Review By John Gray
Didn’t we ‘ave a luvely time, the day we went to Saufend.
Posted May 1, 2019
Date line 22nd April 2019, through to 27th April 2019. Parts 1 and 2 By Colin Baker
Summer projects
Posted May 1, 2019
Make sure your memberships are up to date
The Rhino Tenth Anniversary
Posted April 29, 2019
A Look Back At The Wonder That Was 2009 - a brand new blog by Pat Brett
Rod interviews
Posted April 25, 2019
Catch these two interviews tomorrow [Friday 26th]
Warm up show Announced
Posted April 22, 2019
Southend’s Cliffs Pavilion April 30th
Rod's big hint
Posted April 21, 2019
New material being recorded
Radio Rod
Posted April 19, 2019
Great news for Irish fans
A brand new blog in SMILER Retro By Dan Perreira
Posted April 13, 2019
Rod and Jeff Beck set for rare reunion
Posted April 8, 2019
Hollywood Bowl Announcement
Johnny Mac and The Faithful
Posted April 5, 2019
Announced as special tour guests
Rod at Old Firm match
Posted March 31, 2019
Emotional halftime scenes
Rod and Serious Jockin'
Posted March 16, 2019
Friday 22nd March BBC Radio 2
Bonnie Tyler album out next week
Posted March 14, 2019
Between The Earth And The Stars
Rod gets his own treble
Posted March 13, 2019
Extra Glasgow date added
Rod back in Vegas
Posted March 12, 2019
Tickets on sale this Friday at noon
Extra tickets for Rod's Cork gig
Posted March 9, 2019
On sale this Thursday
The VIP Room
Posted March 9, 2019
Buy Dean Turner's brilliant 3d canvas here
Love Rod,The Stones, 60's & 70's 80's music era?
Posted March 8, 2019
Dean Turner's latest masterpiece is for you!
Calling all Rod fans in Ireland
Posted March 7, 2019
RTE is looking for the "biggest" Rod fans
‘There’s only one Neil Lennon’
Posted March 1, 2019
Rod calls TalkSPORT for the second time this week
Stay With Me
Posted February 26, 2019
Rod's holiday ruined
Extra dates added to 2019 tour
Posted February 19, 2019
Due to demand
Rod helps take the fear away.
Posted February 19, 2019
Portrait for 'Rod Daft' fan
Rip off Rod? No Sir.
Posted February 17, 2019
A brand new blog by Pat Brett in SMILER Retro
Never Give Up On A Dream
Posted February 13, 2019
Rod and Penny open new chemotherapy day unit
Rod Art
Posted February 11, 2019
Two designs by talented artist John Kidd
New touring partnership deal
Posted February 8, 2019
Rod and Live Nation enter multi-year global partnership
Penny on The One Show
Posted February 6, 2019
Have you ever seen Rod's puppet?
SMILER Twitter Announcement!
Posted February 3, 2019
'SMILER Rod Stewart Fanclub'
Details for Penny's new reality TV Series
Posted February 1, 2019
Famous and Fighting Crime
A change is gonna come? / A change gotta come
Posted January 31, 2019
A new thought provoking Blog By Pat Brett posted in SMILER Retro now..Check it out
December in Dublin and Belfast
Posted January 24, 2019
More Tour Dates added
The year ends in 9
Posted January 13, 2019
A brand new blog in SMILER Retro By Pat Brett
Great new Rod bracelets
Posted January 12, 2019
your chance to get a Paracord bracelet
Penny tries to raise money for charity on TV
Posted January 8, 2019
Plus you can now vote for her in the NTA's
My Wish List for 2019
Posted January 6, 2019
Brand new blog by Pat Brett up in SMILER Retro now..
End of year UK Album sales
Posted January 4, 2019
Where was Rod's Blood Red Roses placed ?
Happy New Year
Posted January 4, 2019
New SMILER out very soon
Nod Stewart And The Faces
Posted December 30, 2018
Hilversum/Netherlands Review By Martin Heidt
Merry Christmas
Posted December 24, 2018
To all our amazing members
Posted December 20, 2018
Dan Perreira Reassesses Rod's First Album of the 80's
Drive Time Show on Radio 2
Posted December 16, 2018
Rod interview aired on December 18th
ITV Friday 14th December
Posted December 12, 2018
This Morning
BBC Radio 2
Posted December 2, 2018
Tracks of My Years 3rd December-7th December
We Can Win
Posted November 30, 2018
Grace Tee winners
It's a thumbs up for Donna!
Posted November 29, 2018
HeartRadio LIVE at iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California. Review By Donna Stackhouse
iHeart Radio live stream
Posted November 28, 2018
Watching live review By Shanlee Johnson
Bid on a one off work of art from Rod
Posted November 25, 2018
Bidding ends today
Rod will play big festival
Posted November 23, 2018
Lytham 2019 10th Anniversary Festival plus Arena dates Announced
It’s Chr-i-i-i-stmas!
Posted November 22, 2018
Christmas comes early on Sky Arts
Posted November 20, 2018
Album Number 30 - A Bit of The Old Passion Review By John Gray
More UK Tour Dates Announced
Posted November 19, 2018
See tour section for full European dates
See Rod live stream free
Posted November 16, 2018
iHeartRadio LIVE with Rod Stewart
You Strum and I'll Sing
Posted November 15, 2018
Rod joins Ronnie last night
Help save the planet
Posted November 13, 2018
With sea turtle Rod and SodaStream International
Posted November 13, 2018
By Tom Wardle
Win A Grace Tee
Posted November 12, 2018
Support Rod on tour in your own Grace Tee
Bonnie and Rod track announced
Posted November 11, 2018
'Battle of the Sexes'.
Where is Winston Churchill when you need him?
Posted November 11, 2018
Rod Tweets about California wildfires
For Those About To Rock (Rod Salutes You).
Posted November 11, 2018
Reno, NV, United States Event Center November 3rd Review By Donna Stackhouse
Romero family update
Posted November 9, 2018
Devastating news for fellow Rod Stewart fan
I know your name is Rita
Posted November 8, 2018
Rita is a fan
Children in Need Rocks – 2018.
Posted November 8, 2018
The SSE Arena, Wembley – 7th.November. By Colin Baker
Why Rod Stewart is part of the Romero Family
Posted November 7, 2018
Reno, NV, United States Event Center November 3rd Review By Alfredo Romero
Go Out Dancing
Posted November 7, 2018
Rod to SING on BBC's Strictly
But It Is Difficult On One Leg!
Posted November 6, 2018
Save-on-Foods Memorial Center Victoria BC Oct 30th 2018 Review By Debbie MacDonald
The Rhythm of MY Heart..Is Beating Like a Drum
Posted November 5, 2018
Rimrock Auto Arena at Metrapark, Billings, MT. October 26th 2018 Review By Kari Walker
More TV this coming week
Posted November 2, 2018
Loose Women and Children In Need Rocks recording
Bonnie Tyler new album information
Posted October 26, 2018
Between the Earth and the Stars
Rod cancels Boise Show
Posted October 24, 2018
Following the advice from his doctor
Beyond fuck'n amaze'n
Posted October 15, 2018
Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, MN 14th October 2018 Review By Mattress Fever
What a good year for the Roses!
Posted October 13, 2018
Blood Red Roses Review By Dominic Murphy
US TV Shows
Posted October 10, 2018
Rod's US promotion starts
Blood Red Roses Number One in today's UK Album chart
Posted October 5, 2018
Congratulations To Rod and his brilliant team
Yet more Blood Red promotion
Posted October 3, 2018
Robert elms show on Radio London
More Blood Red promotion
Posted October 1, 2018
Rod on Janice Forsyth Show
Blood Red promotion
Posted October 1, 2018
The Becky Want Show
Children in Need Rocks
Posted October 1, 2018
Rod to perform at SSE Arena
Rebel Rod
Posted September 28, 2018
Rod STILL banned by the BBC
You Are The Best Fans Ever
Posted September 23, 2018
Thank You
TARTAN...Breaking news ..
Posted September 21, 2018
You are in for a Blood Red treat
Famous And Fighting Crime
Posted September 20, 2018
New TV show for constable Penny
UK Big Issue Magazine (17 Sep 2018)
Posted September 16, 2018
Rod Stewart Exclusive Interview
Calendar News
Posted September 14, 2018
Get it at TARTAN
Rod announces UK Tour dates
Posted September 14, 2018
All the latest news
Blood Red Roses Promotion
Posted September 13, 2018
The Universal Berlin
New Rod n' Roll radio
Posted September 13, 2018
SiriusXM launch Rod Stewart Radio
Album Signing
Posted September 13, 2018
hmv 363 oxford street On 3rd October
Watch out for Rod on radio and TV
Posted September 11, 2018
Promotional appearances for 'Blood Red Roses'
What about all those loose R.S. 12"s... ?
Posted September 10, 2018
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro By Dan Perreira
Rod has recorded an awesome duet with Bonnie Tyler
Posted September 8, 2018
But The Sun got it wrong about an album.
Look In Her Eyes
Posted September 5, 2018
First play for Rod's brand new single
Rhythm of My Heart
Posted September 5, 2018
Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, August 24 2018 Review by Peter Salt
Target Exclusive track winners
Posted September 5, 2018
The 5 out of the hat are...
New single goes top ten in US
Posted September 1, 2018
“Didn’t I” is Rod's first original, non-holiday song to reach the chart’s top 10 since 1999.
The Times magazine
Posted August 31, 2018
Exclusive Interview tomorrow
The next Elite SMILER 'You Wear it Well badge
Posted August 31, 2018
Goes to Daniel Marra
Hope you raised a glass..well an r.Cup to Rod last night
Posted August 30, 2018
At Shoreline Amphitheatre San Francisco
A Dream Come True
Posted August 29, 2018
Pepsi Center Denver CO, August 22nd 2018 Review by EuEll Santistevan Jr.
Tonight's show cancelled
Posted August 28, 2018
Rod has bronchial infection
Thanks For The Tartan Pride - Announcing the 2019 SMILER Calendar
Posted August 26, 2018
Once again there's a host of top photographers joining the SMILER Team for our world famous calendar.
Rod goes back to Romania
Posted August 23, 2018
Free concert planned for September 23rd
Blondes Up Front 'Ave More Fun ...Or Do They ?
Posted August 23, 2018
Ruoff Amphitheatre, Indianapolis, August 18 2018 Review By Anita Mathis
Sweet Little Rock n Roller
Posted August 22, 2018
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre St. Louis 19th August SMILER Review By Billy Peek
Enjoy the rest of the tour Rod ..STL Loved you
Posted August 20, 2018
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre St Louis, Mo, 19th August Review By Gina Taylor
The Moose leaves Rod 'hurt'
Posted August 20, 2018
But Rod defends his club
Blood Red Roses..Target get Exclusive track
Posted August 16, 2018
Do you want the 17th track?
The Tour continues
Posted August 16, 2018
Rod's throat is now better
The Antiques Rod Show
Posted August 16, 2018
Would you be interested in buying something once owned by Rod?
A Run through the set list
Posted August 15, 2018
Budweiser Stage Toronto, ON, 10th August 2018 Canada Review by Debbie D
Two dates postponed
Posted August 14, 2018
Kansas and St paul are rescheduled
“I might have been knighted but I was never a soldier!”
Posted August 14, 2018
PPG Paints Arena Pittsburgh, PA, 10th August 2018 Review By Marcy Braunstein
A Night to Remember
Posted August 14, 2018
PPL Center allentown PA 3rd August 2018 Review By Joan Walko
Good Morning America
Posted August 14, 2018
Madison Square Garden, New York City 7th august 2018 Review By Deborah Buscarello
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ..With Rod
Posted August 13, 2018
PPL Center, Allentown, PA. 3rd August 2018 Review By Savita Pollard
Behind the scenes
Posted August 11, 2018
Drew Gurian shoot with Rod
Radio 2 gives a big plug to SMILER
Posted August 10, 2018
Steve Wright in The Afternoon Thursday 9th August
Hitting The Jackpot In Atlantic City
Posted August 9, 2018
Atlantic City NJ City Boardwalk Hall 8th August Review By Karen Chande
How to get yourself a ball!
Posted August 7, 2018
Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC, 28/7/18 Review by Lori Brevic Moran
Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper: MTV Era Icons Electrify Music City
Posted August 4, 2018
Nashville, TN, Bridgestone Arena 1st August 2018 Review By Rich and Laura Lynch
Rod makes top ten
Posted August 3, 2018
legendary USA Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart
The Goals go in at The YUM! Arena
Posted August 2, 2018
Louisville, KY, KFC YUM! Arena 29th July Review By Anita Mathis
SMILER Issue 94 Is here
Posted July 31, 2018
Are you on the cover?
Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper have a few, um, awkward moments in Charlotte
Posted July 30, 2018
Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC, 28/7/18 Review by Théoden Janes
Didn't I
Posted July 28, 2018
Rod's new single Review by Pat Brett
US Tour kicks off
Posted July 28, 2018
Exclusive Photos-Rod's 2018 tour of America and Canada starts in Hollywood
Night To Remember in Vegas
Posted July 28, 2018
Vegas June 19th By Sharon Maher
Calling Rod's US fans
Posted July 20, 2018
Let us know about your night to remember with Rod
Blood Red Roses
Posted July 19, 2018
The promotion starts for Rod's new album
Uncut Magazine September issue
Posted July 17, 2018
Get the In-depth interview with Rod delivered to your door!
World Cup Ball Winner
Posted July 16, 2018
France have the cup but who has the ball?
Access All Areas
Posted July 10, 2018
Closing down soon
Armed Forces Day
Posted June 30, 2018
Support Tickets For the Troops
Who the f**k is writing these songs?
Posted June 22, 2018
And is this Rod or Cyndi's hair
Perfect Sychronicity - Review of Las Vegas Shows, June 12, 15 & 16, 2018
Posted June 21, 2018
By Karen Chande
New 2018 Concert Dates
Posted June 19, 2018
Fall Vegas dates announced
Rod Stewart Whatever Your Body Wishes 'The Rejiggered version'
Posted June 15, 2018
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro by Dan Perreira
Amazing Grace
Posted June 14, 2018
Rod add's Irish rebel song to Vegas set list
Good Luck Gary
Posted June 11, 2018
Gary O' Connor leaves team Stewart after nearly 20 years
Who's name is going on the SMILER ball?
Posted June 10, 2018
Will it be yours?..World Cup entrie time is running out!!!
Isle of Wight Top 20
Posted June 10, 2018
50th anniversary special on Sky Arts
The Sisterhood
Posted June 9, 2018
Summer set list
Peter Stringfellow:
Posted June 7, 2018
Celebrities pay tribute for 'good times'
Rod calls in at the BBC
Posted June 6, 2018
To watch his old friend Tommy Steele
Best SMILER magazine moments.
Posted June 5, 2018
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro By Pat Brett
Scotland 78' A Love Story
Posted June 4, 2018
Something to inspire your predictions?
'Studio 54' The Documentary
Posted June 4, 2018
In Cinemas and on demand 15th June
From Russia with Love
Posted June 2, 2018
The world famous SMILER World Cup Competition is back!
Rod and Penny at the ‘Head of State’ experience
Posted May 23, 2018
The couple get up close to Pope
He's Football Crazy
Posted May 19, 2018
Rod on BBC Sport
From Russia with Love
Posted May 13, 2018
Another big competition you won't want to miss
Rod Stewart at The BBC
Posted May 12, 2018
1 Hour tribute On BBC Four Sat 19 May 12:50am-1:50am
PLAY IT AGAIN ROD - 21 April 2018, BFI London
Posted April 22, 2018
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro by John Gray
Rod attends BFI screening
Posted April 22, 2018
And has some good news for SMILER's
Four Ever Young
Posted April 17, 2018
Rod attends semi-final at Hampden
New guest blog in SMILER Retro
Posted April 14, 2018
A Mod`s Progress By Gier Myklebust
Good Luck Becca
Posted April 13, 2018
Last gig on April 28th
Rod live in Calgary, AB Sun. April 8th 2018
Posted April 10, 2018
Broncos Junior Hockey Team tribute
My favourite rock star Rod rocks Montreal
Posted April 9, 2018
By Richard “Bugs” Burnett
TARTAN 2018 Tickets
Posted April 6, 2018
First batch will be sent out soon
Posted April 5, 2018
Bell MTS Place, Winnipeg, MB April 3, 2018 Review by Shanlee Johnson
Rod Stewart demonstrates feel-good benefits of concert-going
Posted April 2, 2018
Review Canadian Tire Centre 30/3/2018 By Lynn Saxberg
SMILER is pleased to announce TARTAN 2018
Posted April 2, 2018
See you all in Stoke-On-Trent
I know your name is Rita
Posted April 1, 2018 was an April Fool
Rod Follows in the footsteps of the Quo
Posted April 1, 2018
Cameo appearance in Coronation Street
Another rescheduled date
Posted March 31, 2018
Ford Idaho Center, Nampa moved
New date for Billings gig
Posted March 30, 2018
Oct. 26 slot for rescheduled date
Producing Rod
Posted March 26, 2018
Brand new blog by Pat Brett in SMILER retro
We Are Sailing...
Posted March 26, 2018
The Shantymen and the children from Sheringham Primary School record new version of Rod's classic.
Marcy’s Night on the Town in Toronto!
Posted March 25, 2018
Our roving reporter Marcy Braunstein gives us her thoughts on the start of the canadian tour.
Rod's handmade shoes went home with one young fan
Posted March 24, 2018
Were you the lucky girl?
Sir Rod "Kicks off" Extensive Canadian Tour !
Posted March 24, 2018
Air Canada Centre,Toronto, Ontario: March 22, 2018 Review by Shanlee Johnson
The Eel Pie Museum is now open
Posted March 21, 2018
Find out all about The British Blues Explosion of the 60's
Rod steps in
Posted March 17, 2018
As Aretha pulls out
Support for US students from Rod
Posted March 15, 2018
In Twitter message of solidarity
Come on the Celts
Posted March 15, 2018
Rod gets spotted by ITV at the races
Rod doll
Posted March 12, 2018
Crochet art by Renate
I would like to tell you about my football team
Posted March 12, 2018
Rod's Bolshoi ballet football shout out.
SMILER Back Issues
Posted March 7, 2018
Dont miss out
NME ends print edition after 65 years as magazine
Posted March 7, 2018
"no longer financially viable"
Liam returns to US
Posted March 3, 2018
Stewart hangs up skates for rest of season
It's Friday night....
Posted February 15, 2018
Choctaw Grand Theater, Durant, OK,9/2/18 Review By Dan Pritchett
New Blog in SMILER Retro By Pat Brett
Posted February 9, 2018
Lost Rod [reissued!] Will we ever hear any of these lost tracks?
Plain Sailing
Posted February 6, 2018
Mediolanum Forum, Milano Italy31 January 2018 Review By Danny Gandolfi
Absolutely Fabulous
Posted February 5, 2018
Joanna Lumley had a song on Smiler dedicated to her
I checked out Rod Stewart in Budapest
Posted February 2, 2018
Papp László Budapest Sportaréna 29/1/2018 review by Attila Solyom
A new charity single worth checking out..
Posted February 2, 2018
'Reason to Believe' (People Like Us) By Molly Poole
From Gasoline Alley to Arena Oberhausen - Rod Stewart is back on the road
Posted January 30, 2018
König Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, Germany 27/1/2018 By Martin Heidt
Rod leads Stacey Young tributes
Posted January 27, 2018
Warm, wonderful and always got the joke
Out Of Order 30th Anniversary
Posted January 26, 2018
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro By Pat Brett
Vote for Penny
Posted January 13, 2018
Loose Women at the NTAs
Recorded Highlights and Action Replays
Posted January 13, 2018
Here's your chance to talk football with Rod
And They're Off...
Posted January 13, 2018
Penny to take part in BBC Sport Relief Show
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro
Posted January 10, 2018
The Lost Albums By Pat Brett
Rod and Cyndi have more fun again!
Posted January 8, 2018
New US Tour dates announced
Rick Hall 'Father of Muscle Shoals music'
Posted January 4, 2018
Founder of legendary Fame studios has died
Immediate Records Founder Tony Calder
Posted January 4, 2018
Has died aged 74
Blood Red Roses in 2018
Posted January 2, 2018
First project nearly finished
New Years Yve Honours list
Posted December 31, 2017
Are you in it?
Happy New Year
Posted December 30, 2017
To All our members and visitors
Merry Christmas from SMILER
Posted December 24, 2017
Did your santa win you a badge?
Rod and Penny at the Military Awards
Posted December 18, 2017
Tonight on Forces TV, watch full and exclusive highlights of the Sun Military Awards
Signed Calendar Winners
Posted December 17, 2017
Did you win ?
Another chance to hear this Christmas rarity
Posted December 11, 2017
Please Don't Get Me Anything for Christmas.
SMILER Issue 93 update
Posted December 7, 2017
Plus win a badge for Christmas
Christmas starts here...
Posted December 4, 2017
Rod's US Christmas show on Sky Arts
Posted December 1, 2017
Competition winner
CAMOUFLAGE Competition
Posted November 16, 2017
Win a copy of this rare promo picture disc set
Brand new blog by Dan Perreira in SMILER Retro
Posted November 16, 2017
James Bay gives us another clue
Posted November 13, 2017
New track with Rod out soon
Henry Facey on his career highlight
Posted November 7, 2017
Rod's surprise performance at Piccadilly Circus
Sam's not taking the p**s
Posted November 5, 2017
Vote for a fellow Rod fan and give him some Xtra votes
Pride Of Britain Awards on TV
Posted November 1, 2017
ITV November 7th
Rod to tour Canada
Posted November 1, 2017
Canadian Tour Announced for 2018
New Vegas dates for 2018
Posted November 1, 2017
Rod's Eighth year at The Colosseum
Extra Time At The Dale
Posted October 25, 2017
Free Event:Rod Stewart Tribute Act
SMILER 2018 Calendar
Posted October 15, 2017
On sale now
Rod and Penny dazzle
Posted October 14, 2017
Pinktober Gala with Hard Rock Heals to raise awareness of breast cancer
Bloody ‘ell…..what’s up with that guy with a Football on his head?
Posted October 4, 2017
The story of football Head By Debbie Anderson
DC Punk band Priests cover Young Turks
Posted September 21, 2017
For AV Undercover video series
Jim Dowie Icons
Posted September 20, 2017
'Baby Jane'
New Argentina date announced
Posted September 8, 2017
Geba Stadium 16th February 2018
Rod will play Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans
Posted September 6, 2017
Endymion Extravaganza 2018
Another SMILER Special offer to see The Rod Stewart Story
Posted September 6, 2017
Empire Theatre, Consett, 28th October 2017
Rod defends Wayne Rooney
Posted September 5, 2017
'We all make mistakes'
50,000 people make 'once in a lifetime' walk over newly-opened Queensferry Crossing
Posted September 3, 2017
And SMILER was there!
Rod is Sexy again
Posted August 23, 2017
New version of Rod's classic disco hit is released
Dartford fans have all the luck
Posted August 20, 2017
£5 off tickets for The Rod Stewart Story
The Third Elite SMILER 'You wear it well' badge
Posted August 19, 2017
Awarded to John Rafferty
Final word from the tour
Posted August 17, 2017
Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land Houston, TX 12/8/2017 Review by Brenda Csatlos and Patty Hull Gonzales
Very Privileged
Posted August 16, 2017
Dallas,Texas August 11, 2017, Review by Dan Pritchett
Another offer on your Some Guy's tickets
Posted August 16, 2017
£5 off per ticket at Ferneham Hall 5th Oct
Posted August 15, 2017
Don't miss Nod Stewart and The Faces live in Leicester
Posted August 14, 2017
Hockey fans are in for a real treat
Now that's what I call a scarecrow..
Posted August 8, 2017
Rod shows up at The Muston Scarecrow Festival
Get £5 off a 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' ticket
Posted August 8, 2017
Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre, Thursday 31 August 2017
Dorothy's Atlantic crossing
Posted August 1, 2017
CMAC Pac Performing Arts Centre Rochester New York 29/7/17 Review By Dorothy
It's all about that band!
Posted July 31, 2017
Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 28/7/17 Review By Marcy Braunstein
Celebrating Our 26th Wedding Anniversary with Rod Stewart
Posted July 30, 2017
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 28/7/17 Review By Michelle Gillcrist
Rod sends temperatures soaring in Holmdel
Posted July 29, 2017
PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel NJ, Review 25/7/17 By Joan Walko
No time for pizza ...SMILER review's come first!!
Posted July 28, 2017
Saratoga Performing Arts Center 22/7/17 review By Maureen Gale
Rod and family it doesn't rain at Jones Beach
Posted July 27, 2017
Jones Beach Wantagh, Long Island N Y. Review By Barbra Holland 18/7/17
Rod pays travel costs for kids with disabilities
Posted July 27, 2017
Co-founder says Rod has blown her mind
ROD THE MOD - 52 YEARS LATER The legendary documentary Rod The Mod was thought lost forever
Posted July 24, 2017
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro By John Gray
As The night's on the town continue..
Posted July 22, 2017
Rod sings on "hallowed ground" Bethel Woods center for the arts 21/7/17 Review By Marcy Braunstein
Follow up to Cara's review..
Posted July 21, 2017
See Rod in his underpants!!!!
Another night on the town with Marcy
Posted July 21, 2017
"It's dirty hot like I like my women" Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube live review By Marcy Braunstein
Cara Has More Fun..
Posted July 20, 2017
Wantagh, New York, Jones Beach Theater 18/7/17 Review By Cara Trombino
Never Give Up On A Dream
Posted July 19, 2017
Tampa Bay, Florida, Amalie Arena Review 8/7/17 By Megan 'Nannan' Gatchell
Good Luck Scotland
Posted July 17, 2017
Rod joins in ladies good Luck video
All the hits...
Posted July 16, 2017
Darling's Waterfront Pavilion, Bangor, Maine 14/7/17 Review by Susan Morrison
Marcy's Nights on the town are back..
Posted July 14, 2017
BB&T Pavilion Camden NJ, 12/7/17 Review By Marcy Braunstein
The second Elite SMILER 'You Wear it Well' badge
Posted July 12, 2017
Goes to...
Rod Stewart Cyndi Lauper draw huge crowd
Posted July 11, 2017
Tuscaloosa Amphitheater July 9th 2017 excerpt By Ben Flanagan/
The First Critic's review of Rod's US Tour....
Posted July 9, 2017
Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper throw a Saturday night party at Tampa's Amalie Arena By Jay Cridlin
Rod and Cyndi kick off
Posted July 7, 2017
18 Date tour gets underway
Calling Rod's amazing US fans
Posted July 3, 2017
Are you going to see Rod live?
This weeks HELLO! magazine
Posted July 3, 2017
Exclusive! Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster renew their wedding vows
Introducing The Elite SMILER 'You Wear It Well' Badge
Posted July 1, 2017
Shanlee is first recipient
Rod and Penny donate Hello! fee
Posted June 29, 2017
Grenfell Tower fire victims fund to receive donation
What is Rod up to?
Posted June 28, 2017
Brand new blog posted in SMILER Retro By Pat Brett
My Special Ruby Tuesday [Well it was Saturday..but that didn't fit]
Posted June 25, 2017
The first time I met Rod By Martin Heidt
Footloose & Fancy Free - "Tweaked and Extended"
Posted June 22, 2017
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro by Dan Perreira
Let's raise a toast
Posted June 22, 2017
First Anniversary of the passing of Wayne Jackson
I know your name is Rita..
Posted June 20, 2017
Here is the low down on the top Israeli singer who sang with Rod.
The Sisterhood
Posted June 17, 2017
Big Announcement
Worth waiting seven years for..
Posted June 16, 2017
Hayarkon Park Tel Aviv Israel review By Martin Heidt
Rod and Paul phone in
Posted June 15, 2017
Happy Birthday Big Al
Some Girls Have All The Luck
Posted June 13, 2017
The Isle of Wight Festival Review for SMILER 11th June 2017 By Mandy Parent
There's no doubt legendary rocker Rod Stewart is wearing incredibly well
Posted June 12, 2017
Emirates Riverside in Chester Le Street Durham Review By Philip Tallentire
Rod pops in for a pint on his way to match
Posted June 11, 2017
Big surprise on opening night.
Memories for Rod at the big match
Posted June 9, 2017
Scotland v England
An old Shrewsbury Town brush manager won't ever let you down.
Posted June 8, 2017
Greenhous Meadow, Shrewsbury, June 7th 2017 Review By Mike Walton
Durham County Cricket Club information
Posted June 8, 2017
Keep up to date with the information you need
Isle of Wight Festival 2017
Posted June 8, 2017
Sky Arts Sunday 11th June
Politics according to Sir Rod
Posted May 28, 2017
Maggie May or Theresa May?
Parking arrangements announced
Posted May 27, 2017
More travel info for Rod's Shrewsbury Town gig
Celebrate 67
Posted May 26, 2017
The Lion's roar again on a spectacular night of celebration
New Brighton 7th July 2017 discount
Posted May 25, 2017
Some Guys Have All The Luck - The Rod Stewart story
Concert Information
Posted May 23, 2017
Travel and parking for Shrewsbury and Durham
We stand with Manchester
Posted May 23, 2017
After Arena attack
Some Guys Have All The luck
Posted May 19, 2017
Discount on Tickets for Swansea
The Truth by Gene Simmons
Posted May 14, 2017
“What a line-up!”
Rod to be inducted onto The Brighton Music Walk Of Fame
Posted May 12, 2017
A permanent and free tribute to music greats
Come and visit SMILER
Posted April 22, 2017
Now on Instagram
The SMILER logo comes to life
Posted April 18, 2017
Order your limited edition pin badge now!!
Limited edition Maggie May print
Posted April 18, 2017
Thanks to Don Howard
Have you got your TARTAN tickets yet?
Posted April 17, 2017
30th September 2017 A date for your diary.
The snippets start about Rod's secret projects
Posted April 16, 2017
Two new albums in the pipeline
Win A signed copy of Robin's new book
Posted April 8, 2017
'A Charmed Rock'N'Roll Life'
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro by Pat Brett
Posted April 7, 2017
Happy Anniversary / Helloooo Rhino!
The last two shows of this leg
Posted April 7, 2017
Las Vegas 31st March/1st April 2017
New Maggie May print
Posted April 2, 2017
By Artist Don Howard
Is this the best T-towel ever?
Posted March 29, 2017
More Tartan prizes
New HAT Tricks……The Adventures Continue
Posted March 27, 2017
Rod Stewart Caesars Palace, Las Vegas St Patrick’s Day weekend March 17 – 18, 2017 By Vicky Marrow aka The MAD HATTER
All in the name of Rock 'n Soul
Posted March 24, 2017
Don't miss out
Rod will top bill at Celtic event
Posted March 21, 2017
50th Anniversary of The Lisbon Lions
More Vegas dates announced
Posted March 20, 2017
Due to Overwhelming Demand
Sweet Little Rock'n Roller
Posted March 19, 2017
Rod leads tributes to Chuck Berry
Urgent information
Posted March 12, 2017
Here are your SMILER updates
Lynne's Atlantic Crossing
Posted March 9, 2017
Help Lynne achieve her dream
SMILER is pleased to announce the 2017 TARTAN Party
Posted March 8, 2017
Tickets on sale from Sunday
Good night but no goodnight
Posted March 8, 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Du Arena 2/3/17 Quick review By Janet Murray
Rod and Penny apologise
Posted March 4, 2017
After misinterpreted clip was posted.
You Didn't pay to see this!
Posted March 1, 2017
Rod at the 02 Review by Jeff Seaborne
“A Proper Rod Fan”
Posted February 28, 2017
Two nights at the 02 By Yve 'Proper' Paige
Cinderella gives us a ball … (well not literally though!)
Posted February 28, 2017
Saturday 26th November 2016 changed to....Monday 27th February 2017 – O2 Greenwich, South London By Colin Baker
Every painting tells a story
Posted February 27, 2017
Rod is immortalised in epic mural
Never alone when you're a SMILER
Posted February 24, 2017
Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23/2/2017 Review by Michaela Hombrecher
Top 10 songs that made Brits feel young again
Posted February 24, 2017
Forever Rod
Rod visits New York Celtic Club
Posted January 26, 2017
And Celtic fans ask for Rod's support in online petition.
Blondes just wanna have fun..
Posted January 23, 2017
Rod and Cyndi Lauper announce tour dates
Scottish Cup fifth round draw
Posted January 22, 2017
Rod has everyone in stitches
The SMILER 2018 Calendar competition
Posted January 21, 2017
It's Chriiiiistmaaaaas....
Rod Looking forward to Tel Aviv
Posted January 17, 2017
June date announced
Penny and team up for award
Posted January 14, 2017
Vote for Loose Women at the NTA Awards
Rod attends Liam's big match
Posted January 9, 2017
Blaze win for Rod's son
Best Act of the year at The SSE Arena Belfast
Posted December 28, 2016
Vote for Rod
Rod tops Christmas poll
Posted December 27, 2016
..and makes the Top Twenty male musicians list
Posted December 24, 2016
Brand new Christmas blog posted in SMILER retro
Top Ten Greatest British Solo Artists
Posted December 20, 2016
Make Rod the Christmas number one
Signed calendar winner
Posted December 19, 2016
Did you match with Emerson?
Glasgow Town
Posted December 16, 2016
Glasgow SSE Hydro 13/12/16 Review By Sharon Brown
What ever happened to An Old Raincoat?
Posted December 14, 2016
Monday 12th December 2016 – O2 Greenwich, South London. Review By Colin Baker
What a set..And I enjoyed myself
Posted December 11, 2016
Nottingham Motorpoint Arena 10/12/16 Review by Mike Walton
'Dressed up and ready to entertain...' Manchester
Posted December 10, 2016
Manchester Arena Review 8/12/16 By Gerard Rafferty
The Official Top 20 biggest selling Christmas albums of the century
Posted December 9, 2016
You might be surprised at Rod's position.
Has Rod fully recovered?
Posted December 7, 2016
Leeds First Direct Arena review 6/12/16 Review By Caroline Eva
Maggie May
Posted December 2, 2016
Inducted into Hall Of Fame
Win this Fabulous Calendar
Posted December 2, 2016
Can you match with Emerson?
Faultless Show in Sheffield
Posted December 2, 2016
Sheffield Arena 29/11/16 Review by Rod Tribute Pete McCall
Knight to remember with Rod Stewart
Posted December 1, 2016
Sheffield Arena 29/11/16 Review by Jon Ball
Isle of Wight Festival 2017
Posted November 28, 2016
Rod announced as headliner
Sgt Peppers Lonely heart Club Band
Posted November 25, 2016
Rod's version on sale now
All 02 Shows are now rescheduled
Posted November 23, 2016
Rod still has throat infection
Rod in good form in a Great Venue
Posted November 22, 2016
Review Dublin 18th/19th November 2016 By Jeff Seaborne
Wake up Maggie it's your 70th!
Posted November 22, 2016
Odyssey (SSE Belfast), Belfast review by Team Clements
Rod ‘oop north’ for the first UK gig of this leg
Posted November 21, 2016
Echo Arena Liverpool Sat 12th November Review by Ellie Hudson
02 Tuesday 22nd November
Posted November 21, 2016
Date change due to throat infection
Calendar Competition winners
Posted November 18, 2016
Rod and Penny choose their favourite pictures
Support Stars on Canvas
Posted November 9, 2016
..And never push ya granny off a cliff!
A Good One..
Posted November 7, 2016
Stuttgart, November 4th 2016 – Schleyerhalle Review By Martin Heidt
Looking for a Christmas gift for a fan of Rod's
Posted October 24, 2016
We guarantee they won't have one of these in there collection
Brand new blog in SMILER Retro
Posted October 21, 2016
Blondes Have More Fun Dissected by Dan Perreira,
SMILER Calendar
Posted October 15, 2016
Special offer from The David Steen Archive
Congratulations Rod
Posted October 11, 2016
Sir Rod celebrates 'mind-blowing' knighthood
One big football loving family
Posted October 5, 2016
Rod makes donation to fund set up after Rangers fan died in crash
Get myself a Rock'n'roll band - The SMILER 2017 calendar is here!
Posted September 20, 2016
SMILER is once again proud to present its annually well received A3 calendar. This year, Yve's famous montage features all your photos of Rod's band members, past and present.
A blast from the past for Sir Rod Stewart
Posted September 12, 2016
Paramount Huntington New York August 30th 2016 Review by Barbara Holland
Win a signed Rod picture
Posted September 9, 2016
Join SMILER on Twitter
Goodbye Taj Mahal
Posted September 2, 2016
Review of Atlantic City Show, August 27, 2016 By Karen Chande
Best Birthday Ever
Posted August 30, 2016
Review of Vegas Shows Aug. 20 & 21, 2016 By Karen Chande
“ Hot Summer Nights “
Posted August 29, 2016
With Rod Stewart Tribute artists Review by Barbra Holland
“ Hot Summer Nights “
Posted August 29, 2016
With Rod Stewart - Vegas review by Barbara Holland
Kenney Jones and The Jones Gang
Posted August 27, 2016
live at Under The Bridge @ Chelsea F.C.,London. Friday 26 August 201 Review by Ray Morrissey
Martin Baker
Posted August 17, 2016
One of our finest
Caissie Levy on joining Rod's band
Posted August 16, 2016
Exclusive-SMILER welcomes Caissie to the world of Rod fans
You've Got A Nerve
Posted August 15, 2016
Check out The Rollos fantastic cover
Rod adds more shows to Las Vegas residency
Posted August 15, 2016
Tickets on sale on Friday
Penny Lancaster talks exclusively to HELLO! about Rod's knighthood
Posted August 15, 2016
In this weeks HELLO! Magazine..On sale now
A (K)Night to Remember
Posted August 15, 2016
Vegas August 6-7, 2016 By Vicky Marrow Aka THE MAD HATTER
Double Take
Posted August 4, 2016
Rod appears on new Frankie Miller album
Cant Stop Me Now gets well deserved repeat
Posted July 29, 2016
Imagine - Sunday 10:30pm - 11:55pm BBC One
Rod covers Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Posted July 28, 2016
For new animated Netflix series
The Beatles and World War II
Posted July 15, 2016
New updated version of classic film and soundtrack released today
Don't miss our Exclusive Rod interview
Posted July 14, 2016
Get your issue of SMILER issue 91 before they all go
Win a copy of Carmine's Book
Posted July 13, 2016
Signed copy up for grabs
The King and Rod
Posted July 7, 2016
Teatro Real, Madrid Spain 5th July 2016 Review By Kerry Stevens
Our 75th Concert
Posted July 4, 2016
Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland July 1st 2016 Review By Claudine Baulisch-stone
Vote for Penny and The Loose Women Team
Posted July 3, 2016
Help them win in the TV Choice Awards 2016
A fun Knight on a fun night in Nottingham
Posted June 27, 2016
Nottingham Capital FM Arena 23rd June 2016 Review By Gerard Rafferty
The Passing of Wayne Jackson
Posted June 27, 2016
Sad news from Memphis
We were Sailing
Posted June 25, 2016
Brunton Park Carlisle 21st June 2016 Review By Michael Wheatley
The Scottish party continues
Posted June 20, 2016
The Tulloch Caledonian Stadium Inverness 18th June 2016 Review By Martin Johnston Ireland
Polo a mint performance in a bit of a hole!
Posted June 20, 2016
Rock ‘n’ Horsepower in support of Prostate Cancer UK 18th June Review by Colin Baker
Atlantic Crossing
Posted June 19, 2016
A trip to Rugby Park Kilmarnock, 17th June 2016
Sir Rodney totally bowls us all over.
Posted June 14, 2016
Friday 10th June 2016. – Hampshire Cricket Ground, Ageas Bowl, Southampton.Review By Colin Baker.
A VIP concert experience gifted to me by Rod!
Posted June 13, 2016
Home Park Plymouth 7th June 2016 Ellie Hudson
Fantastic Evening in Cardiff
Posted June 12, 2016
Cardiff City stadium 11th June 2016 Summary By Kevin Emmerson
'It's all down to you guys'
Posted June 12, 2016
Rod thanks his fans
Oh what a Knight
Posted June 11, 2016
The Ageas Bowl Southampton 10th June 2016 review by Mandy Parent
Congratulations Rod
Posted June 10, 2016
Who will wear his Knighthood well
Well best laid plans and all that!
Posted June 5, 2016
Norwich, Carrow Road 4th June 2016 Review By Dave Edwards
Rod back in Berlin
Posted June 4, 2016
A special day for two German Rod fans- Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin 31st May 2016 Review By Martin Heidt & Holger Slomski
Some Guys 'The Rod Story' new dates
Posted June 2, 2016
Plus get a SMILER discount in Telford
Dexy's Wear It Well
Posted June 1, 2016
Exciting version of Rod's classic released this week
Ready for Rod
Posted June 1, 2016
Malmö Arena Malmö 26th May 2016 Review By Review By Anna Niklasson and Jeanette Heimer
Bank Holiday Boom Boom Brilliance.
Posted June 1, 2016
CREGAN & CO – Sunday 29th May 2016. – Boom Boom Club, Sutton United FC,Surrey. Review By Colin Baker
Vote for Penny and her team
Posted May 28, 2016
Loose Women up for Choice Award
Tough decision demanded ...
Posted May 24, 2016
A weekend between Rod and German Cup Final By Martin Heidt
Liam is sent to Coventry
Posted May 18, 2016
Rod's son joins Coventry Blaze
September in the rain...well October really!
Posted May 18, 2016
Another great prize donation from Melanie D
Dusseldorf - the city where it all started
Posted May 18, 2016
ISS Dome Duesseldorf, Germany 17Th May 2016 Review By Martin Heidt
Old Fox Rod Stewart Makes A Party
Posted May 17, 2016
Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium Review By Peter Vantyghem
The European Tour Starts in The Ziggo Dome
Posted May 17, 2016
Amsterdam May 14th, 2016 Review By Eric Piel
Posted May 11, 2016
and of course the fans (or, as I’ve started calling them “the loyals”) By Geoff Garoghan
And There's More..
Posted May 4, 2016
More gifts from Rod for you all
Posted May 3, 2016
Look at this for a prize!!
New SMILER Retro blog posted
Posted May 1, 2016
Announcing the SMILER Summer Special
Posted April 25, 2016
What does Rod think of you?
The Sisterhood join Rod
Posted April 21, 2016
UK Tour dates with Rod announced
Rod wins March mullet madness
Posted April 12, 2016
Another Classic Rock win in the bag
Posted April 12, 2016
Rod in Vegas By Ginni Foxx
I "Socked" it to and "Dolled" Rod up in Vegas
Posted April 11, 2016
March 18, 19, 23, 25 & 26, 2016 By Vicky Marrow
They Say Blondes have more fun!!
Posted April 11, 2016
Rod and Rick reviews by Barbra Holland
Hollis Mahady
Posted April 8, 2016
'Young Turks'
Treasured Memories, Music & Friends
Posted April 7, 2016
Review of Vegas Shows - March 23, 25, 26 & 29, 2016 By Karen Chande
Some Guys Have All The Luck 'The Rod Stewart Story'
Posted April 5, 2016
New dates for 2016
Michael McIntyre’s Big Show
Posted April 3, 2016
See Rod's performance this month
Smooth top 500
Posted March 29, 2016
How did Rod do this year?
Classic 1974 SMILER badge
Posted March 19, 2016
Order your 2016 version to wear with Tartan Pride on Rod's summer tour.
Wanna touch my Rod ?
Posted March 17, 2016
A card for the hopeless romantic in you
Rod on Lorraine Tuesday 15th March
Posted March 14, 2016
ITV From 8:30am
Rolling Stone magazine sale
Posted March 10, 2016
Many rare issues
Rod has date with Chatty Man
Posted March 2, 2016
Guest spot on Alan Carr Show
A brand new regular blog in SMILER retro
Posted February 29, 2016
It's all about Stewarty Studies and Faces Appreciations By Dan Perreira
Records that changed my life
Posted February 10, 2016
James Bay chooses Beck-Ola
Nottingham Arena 23rd June
Posted February 10, 2016
Post gig entertainment
Rod joins Simon Mayo on his Drivetime show
Posted February 9, 2016
BBC Radio 2 Wednesday 10th February
Get myself a Rock n' Roll band
Posted February 5, 2016
Announcing The 2017 Calendar Competition
Arena tour announced
Posted February 1, 2016
Seven date UK tour
New Some Guys Have All The Luck shows.
Posted February 1, 2016
Catch the great theatre show now..
The Rod Experience
Posted February 1, 2016
“The Rod Stewart Alumni Band” 3oth January 2016 review
Rod donates £10,000 to Carlisle United
Posted January 30, 2016
To help flood clear up
SMILER Issue 90
Posted January 25, 2016
Featuring a great 'Thank You' cover from Rod himself, SMILER members will receive their copy free of charge
The Sun’s Military Awards 2016.
Posted January 23, 2016
Rod and Penny have fun with the heroes
Posted January 15, 2016
Rod's Bowie tribute
Posted January 12, 2016
fearless leader of the pack
Katja Rieckermann won't be touring with Rod
Posted January 5, 2016
New challenges ahead
Farewell Kimmi
Posted December 29, 2015
Singer leaves the band
Merry Christmas
Posted December 24, 2015
From All the team at SMILER
Rod on X Factor this weekend?
Posted December 11, 2015
Nick Grimshaw promises a 'world huge' guest as Rod phones Talk Sport
Download Shaun Keaveny's Christmas Single For Free!
Posted December 11, 2015
Out Now: Shaun Keaveny's Christmas SingleFeaturing Rod Stewart,Bernard Butler and Mark King
SMILER FA Cup special
Posted December 5, 2015
Dimmo pops up on BBC's Football Focus
Merry Christmas Baby
Posted December 2, 2015
Re-run on Sky Arts
Thank Rod
Posted December 2, 2015
For Another Country The album for the fans
SMILER Twitter relaunched
Posted December 1, 2015
Follow SMILER on social media: Twitter relaunch, run by long time SMILER member Martin Heidt.
Christmas starts here
Posted November 26, 2015
Rod's first festive TV apearance
2015 BBC Music Awards
Posted November 18, 2015
Rod added to bill
Kevin Savigar - 50 Not Out
Posted November 10, 2015
A brand new blog by Pat Brett
Another Country
Posted November 7, 2015
Another top 10 Album
The Friday countdown is on
Posted November 3, 2015
Help Rod get his 8th number one album
Rod at Hyde Park
Posted November 2, 2015
BBC Four to screen classic gig
Another Country review By John Gray
Posted November 1, 2015
Read it now in SMILER Retro
Rod Stewart in conversations with Hoda Kotb
Posted November 1, 2015
Kaufmann Concert Hall New York Review By Barbra Holland
This years Calendar competition winners
Posted November 1, 2015
Chosen by Rod
Festival of Remembrance
Posted October 25, 2015
This Morning
Posted October 22, 2015
Rod talks to Eamonn and Ruth on friday
BBC Children in Need
Posted October 19, 2015
Rod will appear this year
Time 2 listen to Another Country
Posted October 18, 2015
First review by SMILER's Pat Brett
Another Country release details
Posted October 17, 2015
Various versions of the album will be available - SMILER gives you an overview of what you can buy.
Jan and SMILER convinced Rod to do another album
Posted October 13, 2015
His words not ours!
The Graham Norton Show, Series 18 Episode 4 of 20
Posted October 10, 2015
Rod is on the sofa
Double Dutch ….. or just plain Dutch Courage!
Posted October 10, 2015
Friday 9th October – Fairfield Halls Croydon.
The Story of Rod Stewart
Posted October 10, 2015
Special edition DVD and magazine exclusive to W H Smiths
Rod joins Steve Wright in the Afternoon
Posted October 3, 2015
BBC RADIO 2 Monday 5th October
Rod will perform on Strictly
Posted October 3, 2015
This Sunday 4th October
Rod in Brazil
Posted October 1, 2015
São Paulo, Allianz Arena Park, on 19th September.Review By Gustavo Morais
Glynis Findlay makes the news
Posted October 1, 2015
SMILER Member featured in the Daily Record
2016 UK stadium tour
Posted September 28, 2015
Rod will be back on the road from Saturday June 4 when he will kick off the tour at Norwich City’s Carrow Road stadium.
Rock in Rio 2015
Posted September 20, 2015
Watch it here with LivexLive
Correction to some press reports
Posted September 14, 2015
Rod played no hits? Hyde park update by John Gray
How do you follow The Faces
Posted September 14, 2015
Review from Hyde Park by John Gray
17 song by Rod, ……
Posted September 14, 2015
Hyde Park September 13th review By Colin Baker
Thank You Rod
Posted September 13, 2015
Hyde Park 13th September
Loose Women
Posted September 11, 2015
Garry meets Rod
Is it over yet?
Posted September 8, 2015
"Please" Reviewd by Mick Monsta Wood.
The Real Friends Of Rod Stewart party
Posted September 7, 2015
Help raise funds for The Wounded Warrior Project
'Smiler' begs for meet and greet
Posted September 1, 2015
The story of Nannen Gatchell
Play It To The Bone
Posted August 29, 2015
Rod to sing at Klitschko V Fury big title fight
New single and a new cameo
Posted August 28, 2015
Radio 2 debut for 'Please' This morning on Ken Bruce Show
College Tour
Posted August 28, 2015
Rod will be on the Dutch TV show College Tour on NTR
Johnnie Walker meets.....
Posted August 24, 2015
Rod Stewart next Monday on BBC Radio 2
SMILER 2016 Calendar
Posted August 23, 2015
Order your calendar now!
Still "The Smiler"
Posted August 20, 2015
Review of ROD concert 8/12/2015 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Ginni Foxx
Want A beer with Rod?
Posted August 15, 2015
Get Your Celtic shirts out for Sunday's show
Rod, Katja, and a great gold suit
Posted August 14, 2015
Three nights in Vegas by Barbara Holland
Posted August 14, 2015
Vegas August 8-9, 2015 Review By Vicky Phillips Marrow
Can't make Hyde Park?
Posted August 13, 2015
All the info on how NOT to miss out
Kimberly Stewart talks to HELLO!
Posted August 13, 2015
About her daughter Delilah and the family's new show
Kari Faux pays homage to Rod's 'Sexy' video
Posted August 12, 2015
New single "Supplier"
Vegas update
Posted August 10, 2015
Rod extends into 5th year with new tickets on sale Friday
Wear the logo with pride
Posted August 5, 2015
Nearly as well known as The Stones lips!
Las vegas 1st August Review By Karen Chande
Posted August 4, 2015
It's very dry here - not dry alcohol-wise of course!
Las Vegas 31st July Review by Karen Chande
Posted August 4, 2015
Merry Christmas from Rod and The Sisterhood
Posted August 3, 2015
Tickets on sale
The Journey starts
Posted July 31, 2015
The Sisterhood play debut gig
Last couple of Nights on the Town with Marcy..for now
Posted July 26, 2015
Cedar Rapids, IA and Sioux Falls,SD 25th/25th July 2015
New 2016 SMILER Calendar on sale now
Posted July 23, 2015
Get yours now before they all go!
The next Night on the Town with Marcy
Posted July 23, 2015
A Rod Fan opens for Rod - US Cellular Coliseum Bloomington IL Review July 22nd 2015
A Night On The Town with back!!
Posted July 21, 2015
Toledo Ohio 18th July and Mt. Pleasant Michigan 19th July Reviews
RFRS pre-launch party
Posted July 21, 2015
Wall to Wall Rod
Atlanta Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 15th July
Posted July 20, 2015
Reviews by Vicky Phillips Marrow and Lori Register
Tuscaloosa Amphitheater is canceled
Posted July 16, 2015
Due to doctors orders
Some Guys Have All The Luck
Posted July 16, 2015
Two for one offer for SMILER members for Skegness
Rod Joins James Corden for Carpool Karaoke
Posted July 15, 2015
With Some Help From A$AP Rocky
Seal Jacket statement
Posted July 14, 2015
Released by Rod's team
Confederation Hill Music Festival in St. Johns
Posted July 13, 2015
And a visit to Always in Vogue
Thank You from Nightwatch
Posted July 12, 2015
Thank you to SMILER members
Stewarts and Hamiltons
Posted July 4, 2015
New time slot for E!
Estate of songwriter files complaint over “Corrina, Corrina”
Posted July 3, 2015
Credited to Traditional on Time
Penny donates clothes
Posted July 2, 2015
And takes in a bit of rugby to support charities
Rod praises Taylor Swift
Posted June 24, 2015
Good morning Britain
Buy Katja's CD
Posted June 24, 2015
Radio Promo starts July 13th
Another Country
Posted June 23, 2015
New studio album to be released October 23rd, available to pre order now!
Rod supports Veterans Charity
Posted June 22, 2015
Another surprise donation
Good Morning Britain
Posted June 20, 2015
Rod drops in
Da Ya Think He's Trendy?
Posted June 20, 2015
Rod's fans do
Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park 2015
Posted June 12, 2015
Rod tops the bill
Four generations of Rod fans
Posted June 10, 2015
Help this wedding happen
The Afrojack Re-Mix
Posted June 9, 2015
Thomas Deelder tells SMILER how the new 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy' Re-Mix happened
Rod films new commercial
Posted June 5, 2015
Remia The Original Remixed
Rod and Penny support Theirworld
Posted June 4, 2015
A night on the town at the Theirworld & Astley Clarke Summer Reception in L.A
Born to Be Pretty
Posted June 4, 2015
Joking ASAP Rocky debuts at #1 on Billboard
Rod comments on football scandal
Posted May 28, 2015
“reprehensible behavior is finally exposed.”
Rod backs teenage twins debut single
Posted May 28, 2015
Buy 'Shout Out' and help the girls raise more money
New album set for October
Posted May 21, 2015
Another Country
Rod sells out in Rio
Posted May 18, 2015
Rod and his support acts are a hot ticket
Rod back in the UK Singles chart
Posted May 17, 2015
Everyday is a new entry
A Spanner in the works - Twenty Years Ago
Posted May 13, 2015
New blog posted in the SMILER Retro section
Stewarts And Hamiltons
Posted May 9, 2015
Press release on new TV show issued
Posted May 8, 2015
A$AP Rocky new single featuring Rod, Miguel,and Mark Ronson,
Two great Rod sculptures
Posted May 4, 2015
70's and 80's Rod by George Mark
Support shelter puppies, and meet Rod
Posted April 29, 2015
Meet Rod with 2 VIP Tickets to His Caesar's Palace Show
Facez in Banbury
Posted April 29, 2015
Great night out for any Oxfordshire SMILERs
Rod at the BBC
Posted April 24, 2015
BBC4 Friday May 1st
Spot The Ball
Posted April 21, 2015
Signed football helps raise funds
Imagine Can't stop me now
Posted April 19, 2015
Another screening on BBC4
Posted April 8, 2015
The Rod Stewart Story to go on tour in the UK
Smooth Radio All time Top 500
Posted April 7, 2015
Rod makes ten entries
Posted March 31, 2015
This Spring's hottest fashion item available now
Is Rod past his sell by date?
Posted March 26, 2015
Albert Hutchison reviews The Rod Laver Arena Melbourne 25/3/15 concert and finds out.
Forever Young!
Posted March 26, 2015
Perth Arena, Perth Western Australia, 21/3/15 Review By Michael Collins
Thanks Rod
Posted March 24, 2015
David Goldsmith tells SMILER how Rod's music helped him through cyclone nightmare.
Rockin' Rod Stewart croons to the crowd at Perth Arena
Posted March 24, 2015
Review by Candice Barnes
TARTAN prizes
Posted March 22, 2015
Hope you can join us this year
Vote for Rod in the Smooth top 500
Posted March 17, 2015
Eleven nominated songs to choose from
Party like it's 1945
Posted March 17, 2015
Rod rumored to be in line up for VE Day celebrations concert
Scottish Cup Final
Posted March 15, 2015
Happy Rod in crowd
TV Show reports are untrue
Posted March 6, 2015
No filming for Rod and Penny
Rod reported to be filming reality show
Posted March 4, 2015
George and Ashley Hamilton to be involved
Rod on TV
Posted March 2, 2015
Vintage TV spot plus Elton Brits Icon show gets a re- run
I’m lost in you..The gift you want to share
Posted February 19, 2015
14/2/15 Caesars Palace review By Ginni Foxx
Dee I owe you one
Posted February 18, 2015
Valentines Day with Rod.. February 10 & 14 Reviews by Barbara Holland
Something special for Rod
Posted February 12, 2015
Review of Vegas Shows, Feb. 6, 7 & 10, 2015 By Karen Chande
Rod Tops Bill
Posted February 11, 2015
Rod will headline The Big Music Fest 2015 at McLennan Park in Kitchener, Canada.
No miming at "Rod 100"
Posted February 10, 2015
Another few nights on the town in Vegas with Marcy
Dylan has a dig at Rod
Posted February 6, 2015
Rod's records were disappointing
Rod joins smoothfm
Posted January 28, 2015
Wind down with Rod
Tartan tickets out this week
Posted January 19, 2015
Don't forget to flip them over!!
Forever Young
Posted January 16, 2015
Fancy a Beer for Rod's Birthday
Otis Redding: Soul Ambassador
Posted January 16, 2015
Another screening of the great Otis profile
Rod Celebrated His Birthday With a tribute to Mac
Posted January 15, 2015
40's theme for big bash
Happy Birthday Rod
Posted January 9, 2015
From everyone at SMILER
SMILER announces TARTAN 2015: the fanclub party
Posted January 7, 2015
It all happens on Saturday April 11th in Nottingham - tickets are on sale now.
Calendar Competition Announcement
Posted January 4, 2015
Have you got any memorabilia?
Happy New Year
Posted December 30, 2014
From the SMILER team
Rod continues to break records in 2014
Posted December 22, 2014
Rod has now become the living solo act with the most weeks on chart!!
70th Birthday Badge
Posted December 21, 2014
On sale now
Rod and Penny meet hero Ben Parkinson
Posted December 11, 2014
The 7th Sun Military Awards
Thank You from Rod
Posted December 10, 2014
Well done to our photographers
Art Competition Winners
Posted December 10, 2014
Rod and Penny have chosen.....
Don't fight it feel it -The Sam Cooke story
Posted December 9, 2014
Rod joins BBC Radio 2 tonight
Celebrating 30 Years Married with a lot of Rod
Posted December 8, 2014
Las Vegas review by Vicky Marrow
Have you ordered your stocking fillers yet
Posted December 3, 2014
Go to the merchandise section now!
A Great Fan!
Posted November 30, 2014
My Big Weekend in Vegas Review for SMILER By Barbra Holland
Alastair lines up as mascot
Posted November 27, 2014
Proud moment for the Stewarts
Posted November 26, 2014
Review of “Rod Stewart – The Hits” – Las Vegas. Nevada, November 22 & 23, 2014 by Ginni Foxx
Celebrate with issue 89 of SMILER magazine
Posted November 26, 2014
Exclusive interviews with Rod's big bruvver Don and also Jim Cregan plus much more. Order your copy now!
I’ve got songs coming out of my bum
Posted November 19, 2014
No slowing down for Rod
Posted November 12, 2014
Review of Vegas Shows Nov. 5, 8-9, 2014 By Karen Chande
Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It
Posted October 28, 2014
Masterpiece recognised at last!!
Broad Stewart and The Rods
Posted October 28, 2014
Have A Real Good Time..
Rod's birthday messages
Posted October 26, 2014
Time running out
Mary's Birthday Ball
Posted October 24, 2014
By Laura Durber
Michaela gets her prize
Posted October 15, 2014
World Cup Ball arrives
James Reyne will join Rod on Australian Tour
Posted October 13, 2014
Special Guest for March/April 2015 tour.
Clash of the Titans
Posted October 13, 2014
Maggie May storms it
“Hot Legs” you are wearing me out, literally
Posted October 9, 2014
October 5th Ceasar's Palace Las Vegas Nevada Review by Ginni Foxx
A message to you Roddy
Posted October 6, 2014
Get your 70th Birthday messages to Rod
My Review of the Vegas Shows aka “Message to Rod”
Posted October 6, 2014
Extra Nights On The Town with Marcy
Some guys have all the luck
Posted October 6, 2014
Competition Winners
Blondes Have More Beer
Posted October 5, 2014
Get a fantastic Pale Ale pump clip from Nutbrook Brewery
SMILER 2015 Calendar on sale now
Posted October 5, 2014
strictly limited..So don't miss out
Smiler the album
Posted October 3, 2014
40 Years old this month
Come On You Spurs
Posted October 2, 2014
Ian Logie wins bid for signed shirt
Rod’s wonderful band didn’t disappoint
Posted September 30, 2014
Rod Stewart - "The Hits" - Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, Nevada - September 27, 2014 Review by Ginni Foxx
Rock Star Fit DVD
Posted September 26, 2014
Last chance to win
Breast Cancer Charity Auction
Posted September 25, 2014
Win A Celtic training top donated by Rod
2015 SMILER Calendar
Posted September 16, 2014
Pre order your copy now!
Good Luck Soul Boys
Posted September 16, 2014
Penny makes TV debut with some huge Faces fans
Manor Lounge
Posted September 15, 2014
Blue plaque for legendary North West venue
Rod at Castle Howard
Posted September 14, 2014
Exclusive pictures
SMILER Party update
Posted September 12, 2014
Menu expanded!!
2015 SMILER Calendar
Posted September 12, 2014
Superb A3 sized calendar to be launched at the Oct 4th SMILER Rod night in Nottingham.
Posted September 6, 2014
SMILER Member Kathy Hurd wins meet and greet in Charity Bid
The Guvnor Down Under
Posted September 4, 2014
Tour dates announced
50 Years of Rod
Posted August 30, 2014
Nearly sold out...
Come And Join Us
Posted August 28, 2014
For A Party!!!!
Rod's Taunton Concert Raised £150k for Local Charity
Posted August 27, 2014
St Margaret’s biggest ever fundraiser
A Batty Good Time in Atlantic City
Posted August 27, 2014
Review By Karen Chande
The last night on the town with Rod for awhile
Posted August 26, 2014
Youngstown, Ohio 25/8/14 Review by Marcy Braunstein
Rod gets a couple of frights in AC
Posted August 25, 2014
Atlantic City, NJ 8/23/14 Review By Debi Groves
Rod has the best Legs
Posted August 25, 2014
Another Classic Rock win
A new fan flies in just to see Rod.
Posted August 25, 2014
Rod at Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ Aug 23, 2014. Review By Barbara Holland and Maureen Gale
SMILER Party details
Posted August 22, 2014
Come and join us in Nottingham
Will Rod take the Ice Bucket Challenge?
Posted August 22, 2014
He has been nominated by David Moyes
Another Saturday Night ..on Wednesday!
Posted August 21, 2014
A Night on The Town with Marcy continues from Jones Beach Theatre New York 20/8/14
Standing, Dancing and Singing Loud and Proud with Rod
Posted August 21, 2014
Review from Washington, D.C. Verizon Center 19/8/14 By Ginni Foxx
"Thanks Marcy"
Posted August 20, 2014
A Night on The Town with Marcy at the Verizon Center, Washington DC 19/8/14
Mostly a good show from Rod and Carlos
Posted August 18, 2014
Report from Rosemont, IL, Allstate Arena 16/8/14 By Kevin Kridle
It's not a good show without at least one good f**k up
Posted August 11, 2014
Another Night on the town with Marcy.. At the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul MN
Helping the veterans
Posted August 4, 2014
Rick Larrimore Review By Barbara Holland
TV Dates for early August
Posted July 27, 2014
Rod at the BBC
Attention all Rod fans- Dave Mackey fans and Scotland supporters
Posted July 27, 2014
Check this out..
Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
Posted July 24, 2014
Rod leads the way
Learn Rod's keep fit secrets
Posted July 22, 2014
With Gary O' Connor
Raising deaf awareness with Rod
Posted July 20, 2014
In front of 22,000.00 people By Jeanette Hughes
Get yourself Rock Star Fit
Posted July 19, 2014
and win yourself a signed football
World Cup Competition ball winner
Posted July 15, 2014
The winner is.....
Help the Strathcarron Hospice in Stirlingshire
Posted July 13, 2014
And bid for Rod's jacket
Rod set to perform at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
Posted July 13, 2014
Millions will see the event from Glasgow World wide
The Best Of Rod Stewart
Posted July 10, 2014
Released on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl
Rainy night in Aarhus
Posted July 6, 2014
Aarhus, Denmark Musikhuserhus, 5/7/14 Review By Michaela Hombrecher
Alastair and Aiden polite young boys
Posted July 5, 2014
Nice surprise for Jean
Handbags & Gladrags
Posted July 4, 2014
Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany 3/7/14 Reviews by Martin Heidt and Michaela Hombrecher
Posted June 30, 2014
Olympiahalle Munich, Germany 29/6/14 Reviews by Philomena Attridge and Martin Heidt
Bobby Womack
Posted June 28, 2014
Tributes have been flooding in for the late soul legend Bobby Womack, who has died aged 70
Football Wold Cup & Rod-Party in Mannheim
Posted June 28, 2014
Mannheim Review by Martin Heidt
Berlin Calling
Posted June 26, 2014
O2 World Berlin Germany review by Michaela Hombrecher
Twisting and Sailing with Rod Stewart in Berlin
Posted June 25, 2014
O2 World Berlin Germany review by Véronique Chartier
Nae Blondes Nae Money just a ticket for Rod
Posted June 22, 2014
Falkirk Stadium 21/6/14 Review By Garry Sturrock
Katja Rieckermann Interview
Posted June 21, 2014
Conducted by Martin Heidt (June 2014)
Rod lights up Blackpool
Posted June 21, 2014
Blackpool Bloomfield Road Review by Tammy Southern
Falkirk Concert
Posted June 20, 2014
Pre-Gig entertainment
Hobnobbing with Susan George
Posted June 19, 2014
Taunton Cricket Ground 18th June 2014 Review by Paul Brenchley
The last night of this stint of the US tour
Posted June 18, 2014
Pinnacle Bank Arena Lincoln Nebraska June 7th 2014 review by Irene Kinsella-Bynum
Front Row Experience
Posted June 18, 2014
Stoke Britannia Stadium 14th June 2014 Review by Laura Durber
A well rehearsed,stylised,choreographed performance
Posted June 15, 2014
Stoke Britannia Stadium 14/6/14 Review by Gerrard Rafferty
Great Show, Shame About The Venue
Posted June 15, 2014
Amex Community Stadium Brighton 13/6/14 Review by Eileen Worrow
Posted June 14, 2014
Amex Community Stadium 13/6/14 Review By Sharon Brown
Posted June 13, 2014
News of a very exciting auction for fans of Rod
Some Fans Have All The Luck
Posted June 12, 2014
Three brilliant nights of Rod music..
Ian McLagan on Green Day: “If I had a gun, they’d all be dead”
Posted June 11, 2014
Ian McLagan has a great new CD By Rick Moody
Surprises at the Scottrade Center
Posted June 9, 2014
June 6th 2014-06-06 St. Louis, MO, Scottrade Center Review by Donna Lee Manus
It is Not “Just” a Concert, It is an ADVENTURE
Posted June 8, 2014
KFC YUM! Center, Louisville, Kentucky June 3, 2014 By Vicky (the Mad Celtic Hatter) Marrow for SMILER
Win front row tickets for Rod's Blackpool gig
Posted June 2, 2014
And help raise money for Trinity Hospice
Announcing the great SMILER World Cup Competition
Posted June 1, 2014
Win a dedicated signed football from Rod
Rod's management is genius
Posted June 1, 2014
A Night On The Town with Marcy Part 4
Competition Winners
Posted May 31, 2014
Signed Time/ tour review book winners
Busking for charity
Posted May 30, 2014
Tonight's The Night Glasgow
A Rainy Night in Pittsburgh
Posted May 29, 2014
A Night On The Town with Marcy Part 3
Queen Forever
Posted May 28, 2014
Rod track on the next Queen album
Worth leaving the Irish pub for...
Posted May 27, 2014
Mohegan Sun Review 25th May 2014 By Barbara Holland
Classic Rod Song Analysis
Posted May 25, 2014
Maggie May and I'm losing You By Bobby Owsinski
Two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers
Posted May 24, 2014
A Night On The Town with Marcy Part 2
The British are coming!
Posted May 22, 2014
A Night On The Town with Marcy Part 1
Rod.. The Face out there
Posted May 19, 2014
Las Vegas 16th May 2014 Review by Beverly R. Ross and Jan Turbyfill
The Facez
Posted May 18, 2014
The River Rooms, Stourbridge, West Midlands 22nd May
Discovering: Rod Stewart
Posted May 17, 2014
Sky Arts Wednesday 21st May
Every night’s still the night when Rod Stewart is onstage
Posted May 17, 2014
By Mike Weatherford
Bring Back Our Girls
Posted May 11, 2014
Kimberley, Penny and Delilah join campaign
The Best Days of My Life
Posted May 11, 2014
Vegas May 2nd & 3rd Review by Debi Groves
Carlos drops in on Rod's gig
Posted May 7, 2014
The Voice. The Guitar. The Song
Sir Peter Blake mural masterpiece unveiled
Posted May 1, 2014
At the Royal Albert Hall
More Vegas Dates
Posted April 30, 2014
Sept. 17 to Nov. 23
Thousands more tickets go on sale
Posted April 30, 2014
Good news for fans in Brighton and Stoke
Still time to win a signed TIME book
Posted April 23, 2014
Draw will take place in May
More tickets released
Posted April 23, 2014
A final allocation For Taunton
Rod's £1,200 Gibson acoustic guitar will be star lot
Posted April 10, 2014
At the North Walsham Live Aid on 19th April
Tonight’s The Night in Stoke
Posted April 5, 2014
Review by Laura Durber
Win a signed copy of '2013 A Vintage Rod Year'
Posted March 26, 2014
Three copies to give away
Anyone for Tennis !! … Tonight’s the Night…
Posted March 26, 2014
Saturday 22nd March – New Wimbledon Theatre. By Colin Baker
Posted March 17, 2014
The death of a Smiler legend
Posted March 15, 2014
TIME and 2013 Tour review on sale from Monday
Dixie Toot
Posted March 13, 2014
DixieMix Announced as warm up band for tour
Tartan review by Ian Logie
Posted March 11, 2014
All winners on the night
Posted March 10, 2014
The SMILER Tartan Party
Happy Birthday Spitting Image
Posted March 2, 2014
Show celebrates with exhibition and TV documentary
Rod and Santana
Posted February 26, 2014
Rod and Santana will be joining forces for the can’t-miss musical experience of the summer!
Rod's debut solo album
Posted February 20, 2014
Limited edition re releases
Tonight's the Night - The Musical
Posted February 19, 2014
Liverpool Review by Garry Pease
Rod and the Facez
Posted February 18, 2014
See the lads in Watford
Sounds of the 70's 2
Posted February 17, 2014
New series on BBC 4
35 year US Celebration
Posted February 13, 2014
For the 308th Greatest song of all time
TIME Review Tour Magazine
Posted February 4, 2014
Launch at the TARTAN party in March
TARTAN Tickets selling well
Posted February 2, 2014
Don't miss out
Another long one?
Posted January 30, 2014
Tonight's The Night: Live 1976-1998 [Box Set]
Win a pair of tickets for Tonight’s The Night
Posted January 29, 2014
At The Regent Theatre Stoke on Trent
Top Of The Pops 1979
Posted January 27, 2014
Catch Rod on the classic BBC 4 show
Tonight's the Night! The Palace Manchester 24-01-14
Posted January 26, 2014
Review by Kev Froggatt
Rod is retiring
Posted January 25, 2014
But only from football
Get some free stuff from SMILER
Posted January 20, 2014
Come to Manchester and don't leave empty handed
Tartan ticket design
Posted January 19, 2014
SMILER is PROUD to announce the TARTAN ticket design
The SMILER 2015 Calendar competition
Posted January 11, 2014
Picture in a frame
Happy Birthday Rod
Posted January 7, 2014
From all your friends at SMILER
SMILER run by fans for the fans..
Posted January 6, 2014
Spot the well known SMILER's Competition Winners
SMILER Party tickets on sale Now!!
Posted January 4, 2014
Don't miss out..The Time is TARTAN
Picture In A Frame
Posted January 3, 2014
The SMILER 2015 Calendar Competiton
Time in 2013 top ten list
Posted January 1, 2014
The Official Charts Company name Rod's album as seventh best seller
Happy New Year
Posted December 31, 2013
From everyone at SMILER
Seems like a long time? It has been…
Posted December 30, 2013
Rod Stewart reaches a milestone
Posted December 27, 2013
You can order the February copy of Model Railroader now
Tour news
Posted December 27, 2013
Harrison Drury chosen to provide legal support
Womack talks Rod again
Posted December 27, 2013
Album due in 2014
Merry Christmas
Posted December 19, 2013
From Everyone at SMILER
“Bloody cold night”
Posted December 19, 2013
Bell Centre Montreal 14/12/13 Review by Marcy Braunstein
Canadian SMILER's brave the snow storm part 2
Posted December 16, 2013
A.C.C. Toronto, Ontario Canada Concert 15/12/13 - Review by Wendy Garbett
Rod's Cougars
Posted December 16, 2013
Canadian SMILER's brave the snow storm, Toronto 15/12/13 part 1
Rod's Blackpool gig set to raise thousands for hospice
Posted December 15, 2013
By Rebecca Draper reporter for The Blackpool Gazette
Rod's singing was fantastic
Posted December 14, 2013
Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, PA.11/12/13 Review by Barbara Holland [a loyal New York fan]
Rod Tops Tour list With $4 Million Gross From Vegas Run
Posted December 14, 2013
more tour success in States
Surprise Surprise
Posted December 13, 2013
Barry Holden tells SMILER about his big day
An evening with an old friend
Posted December 12, 2013
Madison Square Garden 9/12/13 Review by Marcy Braunstein
Rod Stewart’s guitarist and X Factor finalist to rock out in Chislehurst
Posted December 12, 2013
By Joshua Fowler
Christmas Rod TV
Posted December 11, 2013
Stirling Castle repeat on Dec 23rd
Downtown Train
Posted December 11, 2013
SMILER's Donna Manus catches up with accomplished railroad modeler George Sellios
The Facez are back !
Posted November 27, 2013
The number one tribute band to the legendary Rod Stewart and the Faces have re-formed
Las Vegas review for November 20, 2013, 7th show of a 9 show set.
Posted November 27, 2013
By Barbara Holland.
SMILER 2014 Calendar on sale now
Posted November 26, 2013
It takes Two!
SMILER FB Gets to 5000
Posted November 24, 2013
Well done supporters!!
Surprise Surprise
Posted November 23, 2013
Re-scheduled date
Tonight's The Night
Posted November 22, 2013
New smash hit musical cast announced
Rod's Stadium Tour 2014
Posted November 20, 2013
Sunshine Blue sky's please... Umbrellas at the ready !
Rod Unveils 2014 Las Vegas Shows
Posted November 19, 2013
Tickets on sale November 23rd
Rod Stewart doesn't disappoint Caesars Palace crowd
Posted November 19, 2013
Posted November 10, 2013
Not a Rod classic, but overall “Merry Christmas, Baby” stands the test of time says Jan Kittelsen
Tesco is Forever Young
Posted November 8, 2013
Rod classic used in Christmas ad
Rod sends message to his fans
Posted November 5, 2013
After great Ultimate Classic Rock win
Well done Rod fans
Posted November 4, 2013
Rod has emerged victorious as the latest inductee into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame.
Signed poster competition
Posted November 2, 2013
Have you spotted our well known SMILER's yet?
Willie on the wing
Posted October 29, 2013
Willie Morgan tells of his friendship with Rod in new book
We all have “cock ups” in our lives.
Posted October 28, 2013
The Palace of Auburn Hills Detroit 26/10/13 Review by Marcy Braunstein
HATS off to Rod & the Band in (H)ATlanta
Posted October 28, 2013
Atlanta Philips Arena 19/10/13 Review by Vicky Marrow
Let Me Tell You 'Bout A Place...
Posted October 26, 2013
United Center Chicago 24/10/13 Review By Kevin Kridle
Rod Stewart Experience
Posted October 23, 2013
West Midlands Charity Event
Time Deluxe Edition
Posted October 21, 2013
Available to pre order
Posted October 21, 2013
Vote for Rod in Ultimate Classic Rock final
“Emerson’s parents are in the audience”
Posted October 20, 2013
Greensboro Coliseum Complex NC 17/10/13 Review by Charles Swinford
A "Lean but intelligent" Crowd
Posted October 18, 2013
Bryce Jordan Center Penn State 14/10/13 Review by Karen Chande
Maggie's Song
Posted October 18, 2013
Whatever happened to Maggie May?
USA Tour opening night set list
Posted October 15, 2013
Milwaukee Theatre, Milwaukee WI October 12th 2013
Calendar Competition Winners
Posted October 11, 2013
And another chance to win a signed poster
They couldn’t stop you then, they can’t stop you now
Posted October 9, 2013
The Hydro Glasgow 5/10/2013 Last night of the tour Review By Vernon Smith
It was brilliant!
Posted October 9, 2013
Hydro Glasgow 4/10/13 Review by Clive Deighton
Rod in Classic Rock semi final
Posted October 7, 2013
Vote Now!!
Even better than Monday!!
Posted October 3, 2013
Glasgow Hydro Review 2/10/13 By Michaela Hombrecher
Rod Stewart, Me & the Schoolboy Jacket
Posted October 2, 2013
By The 'famous' writer Gary Soto
The first ever major act on the official opening night of the Hydro in Glasgow.
Posted October 1, 2013
The Hydro Glasgow 30/9/13 Review by Bob Wyper
The Rod Stewart Experience
Posted September 30, 2013
A night on the town in Watford
Marching on together
Posted September 29, 2013
Leeds First Direct Arena review 24th Sept by Gary Nock
It felt like an away game with Rod
Posted September 28, 2013
Newcastle Metro Arena 27 September review by Jonathon Horrox
Making memories….the Rod Stewart way
Posted September 25, 2013
Joe's Lament by Delyth Gamlin
Thank you Rod Stewart and team for a great night
Posted September 25, 2013
London O2 Arena 21st Sept review by first timer Julie Godding
Rod on top form
Posted September 22, 2013
London 02 Arena review by Yve Paige
He’s Back ..Back..Back..Back. [The Final Acclaim].
Posted September 22, 2013
Liverpool Echo Arena review by Colin Baker
Auction Prizes for Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Unit
Posted September 20, 2013
ST Margaret's Hospital, Epping.
Roger Pope has died
Posted September 20, 2013
Soul Agents drummer dies aged 66
Hot Rod in sparkling form at Echo Arena
Posted September 18, 2013
Review from The Liverpool Echo
"It Takes You"
Posted September 18, 2013
SMILER 2014 Calendar On Sale Now!!
Official video for Brighton Beach
Posted September 15, 2013
Rod's brilliant new release
Rod Stewart on The Live Set vol 2
Posted September 15, 2013
Vintage TV 27TH September
Rod does his thing..In the rain
Posted September 15, 2013
Stadion Miejski Rybnik Poland September 14TH Review By Silke Mock
No 'Ballgate' at O2 World
Posted September 14, 2013
Hamburg: Review by Martin Heidt
BGC Canary Wharf Charity Day
Posted September 11, 2013
The event was run today in memory of those that lost lives in the Sept 11 attacks
Surprise Surprise
Posted September 10, 2013
Yet another TV Date
Strictly Come Dancing: first picture from tonight's launch show!
Posted September 7, 2013
Rod looking good!!
September TV dates
Posted September 4, 2013
TIME to see Rod on TV
Sad songs
Posted September 4, 2013
Rod and Elton duet on Elton's big night
TV Date
Posted August 31, 2013
Daybreak Wednesday 4th September
Rod duet on new Alejandro Fernández album
Posted August 29, 2013
"Confidencias" Out now
Rod to perform on first Strictly Come Dancing 2013 show
Posted August 29, 2013
7th September at 6.50 pm
Sneak preview
Posted August 27, 2013
Guess what was at the printers today?
Every Vegas Picture Tells A Story Part 2
Posted August 25, 2013
Vegas review: As experienced by Mike and Jill Facey, written by Mike, pictures by Mike)
Every Vegas Picture Tells A Story Part 1
Posted August 25, 2013
Vegas review: As experienced by Mike and Jill Facey, written by Mike, pictures by Mike
Phil Chen guests at tribute gig
Posted August 24, 2013
Atlantic Crossing at the Mission San Juan Capistrano
Live photo competiton winners
Posted August 19, 2013
Each winner will get a signed art poster
'Time' turns platinum
Posted August 14, 2013
Brighton Beach to be new single
Rod's 50th show in Vegas
Posted August 13, 2013
Cara Trombino has a ball reviewing the show and the following night in Vegas
Rod Stewart Fanfest Summer 2013 in Las Vegas
Posted August 12, 2013
By Mike Gregor
“Spinning yarns that were so lyrical”…………..The adventure of THE HAT continues
Posted August 12, 2013
Vegas review August 2 - 3 - 4, 2013 by Vicky Marrow Part Two
“Spinning yarns that were so lyrical”…………..The adventure of THE HAT continues
Posted August 12, 2013
Vegas review August 2 - 3 - 4, 2013 by Vicky Marrow Part One
Moya confirmes new dates with Rod
Posted August 8, 2013
She will be opening act for all 9 Arena shows
The Rod Stewart Experience
Posted August 6, 2013
The Horns, Watford on Thursday 8th August
Realist Artist Adam Bresnen
Posted August 4, 2013
A Stunning portrait of Rod
Voice Of An Angel
Posted July 31, 2013
Please help Julie Delgado
Vegas Extended
Posted July 30, 2013
Rod announces two more years
Matt came in top three
Posted July 27, 2013
Rod Impression gets the votes
Will Ya Think Matt's Sexy?
Posted July 24, 2013
Your Face Sounds Familiar
Vegas kicks off
Posted July 22, 2013
Performing at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace through August 4.
All night Rod music in Vegas
Posted July 21, 2013
The FANFEST party
A SMILER Night out in Watford !
Posted July 18, 2013
16th November at the Flamingo on the pond
Living The Life
Posted July 17, 2013
Thank you to all our members
SMILER Exclusive
Posted July 13, 2013
End of tour thoughts From Moya
‘That’s why we love you Rod’
Posted July 12, 2013
02 Arena London 11/07/13 Review by Father and Daughter Charlie and Stephanie
COLIN JOHN JONES - 02/03/59 - 08/06/13
Posted July 9, 2013
A 'SMILER' through and through A heartfelt tribute by Pat Jones
Rod the Titanorac
Posted July 8, 2013
Rod takes a special tour before his Belfast date
No extra time..But we had penalties in Germany!
Posted July 4, 2013
Westfalenhalle Dortmund 3/7/13 Review by Michaela Hombrecher
What a beautiful day for a stadium show
Posted July 4, 2013
Dublin RDS Arena Ireland 29/6/13 review by Lucy Ivan
The Old Grey Whistle Test
Posted July 2, 2013
Rod's Christmas Concert on BBC1 Next week
This weeks Radio Times
Posted July 1, 2013
Rod Stewart "I'm better than Jagger" plus Two TV dates
Posted June 30, 2013
Belfast Odyssey Arena 26/6/13 Review by Gary Evans
Baby Jane
Posted June 30, 2013
UK number one single 2 July 1983 - 16 July 1983
I didn't think it could get any better..It did!!
Posted June 26, 2013
Sheffield Motorpoint Arena 23/6/13 Review by Susan Lawton
Like Fine wine , just gets better
Posted June 26, 2013
Sheffield Metropoint Arena 23/6/13 Review by Gary Nock
I'm missing very important drinking 'TIME'
Posted June 24, 2013
Birmingham LG Arena review by Garry Pease
LG Arena. Birmingham Review 19/6/13
Posted June 24, 2013
From The Express and Star
An exciting 'TIME' to join SMILER
Posted June 22, 2013
Come and join in
Imagine - Can't Stop Me Now
Posted June 22, 2013
BBC ONE Tuesday 9th July
Tonight's The Night
Posted June 21, 2013
2014 tour announced
Angel came down from heaven yesterday !
Posted June 20, 2013
Birmingham 19/6/13 A review of the day by Yve Paige
Norwegian Wood Festival
Posted June 20, 2013
Oslo, Norway 16/6/13 Review by Jan Kittelsen
The 'TIME' Reviews book update
Posted June 19, 2013
by The Ninja from Norway.. Jan Kittelsen
Tulips from Amsterdam
Posted June 16, 2013
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 12-06-2013 Review by Dom Murphy
Live the life
Posted June 14, 2013
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 12-06-2013 Review by Marcel Meijer
I'm with the band..and the crowd
Posted June 10, 2013
Manchester 9/6/13 Review by Mike Walton
Rod in great form
Posted June 10, 2013
Manchester MEN Arena 8/6/13 review by Gerrard Rafferty
'Madchester' Police Ready
Posted June 7, 2013
Rod, Parklife, and Bon Jovi make for huge weekend of Manchester music
The old Scottish reprobate is on a roll
Posted June 6, 2013
Rod Stewart, O2 Arena Review by Peter Culshaw
O2 b a songwriter again!
Posted June 6, 2013
Review by SMILER member Colin Baker
02 rescheduled
Posted June 5, 2013
tickets are honoured at the new date.
Rod Stewart still rocking at 68
Posted June 3, 2013
Nottingham Review by Andy Smart
Live The Life Opening Night
Posted June 2, 2013
Nottingham Arena Review By SMILER member Gerard Rafferty
Sky Arts 1 Monday 3rd June
Posted June 2, 2013
Posted May 30, 2013
By Dave Edwards 'NEW' To the SMILER Retro Blog section
Rod Stewart The First Time With...,
Posted May 29, 2013
BBC Radio 6 Music Sunday 2nd June 12:00
Welcome To SMILER
Posted May 29, 2013
To all our new and returning members
Rod Stewart's New Album "Time" Recorded at Studio City Sound
Posted May 28, 2013
Press release from Studio City
Join SMILER for 99p!!
Posted May 27, 2013
Celebrate TIME with SMILER
The Otis Redding Story
Posted May 25, 2013
BBC4 On Friday.. Contribution from Rod
Vintage TV
Posted May 23, 2013
Next airing of the Rod video special
Charting All Over The World
Posted May 22, 2013
Rod charts everywhere!
He's Done it!!
Posted May 19, 2013
"Time" debuts at Number One in the UK Charts
Jan wants your thoughts on "Time"
Posted May 19, 2013
For a hardcover book
Extra Dates
Posted May 17, 2013
More dates for UK
The One Show
Posted May 17, 2013
Rod is special guest on Monday
A personal Radio2 In Concert review
Posted May 17, 2013
From SMILER member Maggie Scahill
Rod storms the US album charts
Posted May 17, 2013
..and German and Canadian charts too!
Rod Stewart Has The Time Of His Life
Posted May 17, 2013
'InTheStudio’ Dallas
Time Review by Bob Wyper
Posted May 16, 2013
TIME (Capitol Records - 2013) RATING 9/10
Rod on Vintage TV
Posted May 15, 2013
Sunday 18:30
Rod set for Number One
Posted May 15, 2013
So far so good!!
Save your favourite photo for SMILER!!
Posted May 14, 2013
And win a signed poster
Dont forget it's Rod day this Thursday
Posted May 11, 2013
Radio 2 welcomes Rod Stewart to the BBC.
Chatty Man
Posted May 11, 2013
Rod will be the special guest
Even more Sexual Religion
Posted May 10, 2013
A great remix from Olav Basoski
More Sexual Religion
Posted May 10, 2013
Another stunning mix by Caroline D'Amore
Sexual Religion
Posted May 10, 2013
Fantastic new re-mix from Storks
Enjoy and cherish this album
Posted May 9, 2013
Time Review by Pat Brett
Time Review
Posted May 9, 2013
By Andre S. Grindle
Rod's Live Twitter
Posted May 7, 2013
Join in the conversation
You too can have a face like Rod's
Posted May 5, 2013
How disturbing!
Ultimate Classic Rock
Posted May 4, 2013
Rod wears it well
Rod in MOJO
Posted May 1, 2013
This months issue out now!
Sexual Religion
Posted April 30, 2013
Jump Smokers Remix/Baggi Begovic Remix
Rod Stewart - Live From The Troubadour 2013
Posted April 30, 2013
Exclusive image
Radio 2 welcomes Rod Stewart to the BBC.
Posted April 30, 2013
Thursday 16 May Radio 2
Posted April 27, 2013
Every Picture Tells A Story
Rod's One Direction
Posted April 26, 2013
Dinner date with Harry
Rod will perform club show
Posted April 18, 2013
Intimate show will be available on YouTube and VEVO two days later.
Steve Wright in the Afternoon
Posted April 7, 2013
Rod Stewart and Richard Armitage Tomorrow
Talk of the Town
Posted April 7, 2013
The calendar montage is filling up fast
It's Over
Posted March 31, 2013
Rod's first UK single
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Posted March 28, 2013
Macy is SMILER FB 2,300 Member
Rod opens new playground
Posted March 24, 2013
Fun in the snow
New album "TIME" to be released May 6th.
Posted March 19, 2013
12 years after "Human", Rod will release "Time"; featuring 12 tracks, 11 of which he wrote.
It Takes Two
Posted March 18, 2013
2014 Calendar Competition
RSG Tour is off
Posted March 13, 2013
Original band decide not to tour
Rock ’n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip
Posted March 6, 2013
A great new book by Robert Landau
All Star Family Fortunes
Posted February 24, 2013
See Penny and Don on next episode
Rich Rod
Posted February 21, 2013
Rod makes Rich Lead singers list
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories
Posted February 18, 2013
Britt Ekland records episode for ITV
Tattoo You
Posted February 17, 2013
Stunning work of Stevie Monie
Posponed Rod dates
Posted February 9, 2013
US Tour is posponed for new album
Rod Raises a Laugh On Witty Brits List
Posted February 9, 2013
Number Eight on list
Have you ever met Rod?
Posted February 5, 2013
Get your snap shots in for this years competition
Who knew turning 52 years old would be THIS exciting!!!!!????!!!
Posted February 3, 2013
By SMILER member Vicky Marrow
A night out in Coventry
Posted January 26, 2013
All SMILER's welcome
A new book recomended by SMILER
Posted January 19, 2013
The Rod Stewart Quiz Book by Chris Cowlin
Ultimate Classic Rock Award winner
Posted January 16, 2013
‘Rod: The Autobiography’ Book of the Year
Rod Stewart Fanfest Party~ Las Vegas
Posted January 9, 2013
El Cortez Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas
SMILER Facebook celebrates 2000 members
Posted January 7, 2013
Welcome Jude Michell!!
US 25 Top Tours
Posted December 30, 2012
Rod makes US Tour chart
Merry Christmas Baby
Posted December 28, 2012
19th RIAA Platinum award
Freddie the full-length director's cut
Posted December 28, 2012
BBC Four Saturday 29th December
Merry Christmas
Posted December 21, 2012
From the SMILER Team
UK TV Dates
Posted December 18, 2012
Home for Holidays UK debut
Rod in Christmas edition of HELLO!
Posted December 18, 2012
Exclusive interview and photoshoot
Vote for Rod's book
Posted December 7, 2012
2012 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards
Rod heading for seventh Number One single -
Posted December 4, 2012
Tonights X Factor
Posted December 2, 2012
Rod pleasantly surprised
The loud and Proud Choir
Posted December 1, 2012
Rod personally requested that they be on TV show.
Rock Reads: Rod By Rod Stewart
Posted December 1, 2012
Book review by Anthony Kuzminski
Rod and Steve Winwood Teaming Up For Joint Tour
Posted November 30, 2012
Secret out this morning
X Factor latest news
Posted November 30, 2012
Contestants to sing WITH Rod
The Max Factor
Posted November 28, 2012
Mini fan Max White gets his autograph
A great morning in Glasgow
Posted November 28, 2012
A couple of pictures from Rod's book signing
PBS Information
Posted November 28, 2012
local listing info
Rod's US Chart topper
Posted November 27, 2012
Rod Returns To The Top Of US Adult Contemporary Chart
Another successful book signing
Posted November 26, 2012
Glasgow's St Enoch Centre
Rod sings at Rockefeller Center show
Posted November 26, 2012
NBC Wednesday November 28th
Rod's Scotland date
Posted November 24, 2012
Hydro Stadium next year
Rod Stewart Still a soccer fan!
Posted November 23, 2012
By Henk Penseel
Christmas special filming
Posted November 22, 2012
Rod films at Stirling Castle
Vote for Georgie
Posted November 19, 2012
Radio 2's Top Number 2s Vote
Rod debuts at number 2
Posted November 18, 2012
Rod and Ronnie in top three
Rod books number one spot
Posted November 18, 2012
'ROD' Christmas number one
Crowds turn out to meet Rod
Posted November 17, 2012
Epping book signing this morning
Garry's Christmas Party
Posted November 16, 2012
December 12th in London
Rod could be the Chistmas number 1
Posted November 11, 2012
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Rod performed for the Queen
Posted November 11, 2012
at the Festival of Remembrance in honour of Britain's war dead last night
Rod makes New York Times chart
Posted November 11, 2012
Picture from first ever book signing
Merry Christmas Baby enters the charts
Posted November 9, 2012
A big hit in the USA and Canada
Da Ya Think I'm A Sexy Thing
Posted November 9, 2012
mash up by DJ Schmolli
Rod picks the T-Shirt winner
Posted November 8, 2012
..with a little help from Penny
Rod at Waterstones
Posted November 8, 2012
Piccadilly 7th November
Rod was overwhelmed at big match
Posted November 8, 2012
Incredible victory has Rod in tears
Some more US TV Dates
Posted November 6, 2012
Christmas is coming
Rod's TV Dates for December
Posted November 5, 2012
Big shows coming up
BBC Breakfast
Posted November 5, 2012
Monday 12th November
Festival of Remembrance
Posted November 5, 2012
Saturday 10th of November
Rod plays Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam June 12th
Posted November 5, 2012
Rod heads to the Netherlands
Sailing makes the millon seller list
Posted November 5, 2012
Rod's biggest-selling single in the UK.
Rod joins Chris for breakfast
Posted November 3, 2012
Friday 9th November BBC Radio 2
Rod joins Graham Norton
Posted November 2, 2012
9th November 2012
Rod shatters music sales
Posted November 1, 2012
HSN return a big hit
Glasgow book signing
Posted November 1, 2012
24th November
Rod will sign his autobiography in Epping
Posted October 30, 2012
Book signing dates
Loose Women
Posted October 29, 2012
Another UK TV Date for Rod
Learning to Love a Spoiled-Rotten Lothario
Posted October 29, 2012
Rod The Autobiography review by Carole Mallory
"Dancin' With You All Night Long by Rod Stewart"
Posted October 25, 2012
performed by Rod Stewart and Jimmy Fallon
2013 SMILER Calendar
Posted October 24, 2012
Selling like hot cakes
'Love the Life You Live'
Posted October 24, 2012
11 new tracks in the bag
Catch Rod on US TV
Posted October 24, 2012
Some more US TV Dates
A Christmas TV Special from Rod
Posted October 23, 2012
Show will air over the festive period on ITV.
Rod will play 100th Royal Variety Performance
Posted October 23, 2012
The line-up is "out of this world"
Hear Rod Stewart and Mary J. Blige's Christmas Song 'We Three Kings'
Posted October 20, 2012
Exclusive from Essence
Rod; A UK Book signing
Posted October 18, 2012
Meet Rod Stewart
Rod - The Autobiography
Posted October 16, 2012
In person book signing
Record Collector November 2012 out now!
Posted October 13, 2012
Never A Dull Moment
Great Pretender BBC Update
Posted October 13, 2012
No Rod until Christmas
The Great Pretender
Posted October 12, 2012
BBC 1 Tuesday 16th October
Calendar Girl Carole Mallory
Posted October 11, 2012
'This girl writes as good as she looks'-Rod Stewart
Lorraine in the morning
Posted October 10, 2012
Ross meets Rod
Steve Wright in the afternoon
Posted October 8, 2012
Rod to guest on Thursday 11th October
2013 SMILER calendar
Posted October 8, 2012
Retro to Vegas - on sale NOW!
Posted October 8, 2012
Rod will be a guest this week
Exclusively in this weekend's Mail
Posted October 5, 2012
Rod Stewart's biography
Revoltaire Painted Hour Glass
Posted October 4, 2012
New album from Ruby's band
Auld Lang Syne
Posted October 4, 2012
A sneak preview
Posted September 27, 2012
40th anniversary of Rod's landmark album celebrated
News on the 2013 SMILER Calendar
Posted September 25, 2012
Retro to Vegas 2013
EXCLUSIVE - Andy Neill Receives Award for Faces Biography!
Posted September 24, 2012
Had Me a Real Good Time: The Faces Before and After
Retro to Vegas
Posted September 24, 2012
2013 calendar at the printers today!!
Rod Extends Schedule Of Las Vegas Residency
Posted September 24, 2012
January & February, 2013
Rod to play with Cee Lo and Friends
Posted September 20, 2012
Planet Hollywood & Resort next month
Rod returnes to HSN
Posted September 14, 2012
For Merry Christmas Baby launch
Rod will guest on the new Christmas album from Cee Lo Green
Posted September 12, 2012
Cee Lo’s Magic Moment will be the real deal
Behind the scenes at the book cover shoot for Rod Stewart’s autobiography
Posted September 10, 2012
As Rod is photographed by his wife Penny Lancaster.
Calendar/T-Shirt competition closing
Posted September 7, 2012
Thank you to everyone who entered
The new Christmas album
Posted September 5, 2012
Merry Christmas, Baby - Official press release
SMILER pleased to announce Retro launch
Posted September 2, 2012
SMILER Retro launched today..Backwards is the new forwards.
Your last chance to enter our calendar T-shirt competition
Posted September 2, 2012
Get your picture in now and get the chance to Win a T-shirt
Gold's Top 1000...
Posted August 31, 2012
seven entries for Rod
Rod the Autobiography
Posted August 31, 2012
The UK cover
The new album Cover?
Posted August 31, 2012
Pictures leaked this week
Maggie May at number three!
Posted August 29, 2012
Smooth Radio 70's Chart
Rod - The Autobiography
Posted August 23, 2012
The Cover
Will Rod play Birmingham gig?
Posted August 13, 2012
Tribute gig to one of the world’s greatest music venues.
A Fun-Filled Summer of Rod
Posted August 12, 2012
By SMILER member Karen Chande
"Heart & Soul" tour review
Posted August 10, 2012
Donna Lee Manus reports from the BOK Center on Wednesday night.
John recalls the night he chatted with Rod Stewart
Posted August 4, 2012
By Chris Owen from The News, Portsmouth.
From My Heart & Soul
Posted July 29, 2012
Nashville.. A personal Review by SMILER member Vicky Marrow
Help Save the home of Rod's first gig
Posted July 26, 2012
Twisted Wheel to be demolished?
Rod Stewart And Stevie Nicks Turn Back The Clock In Nashville
Posted July 26, 2012
Review By Evan Schlansky
Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks team up for a crowd-pleasing tour opener
Posted July 24, 2012
At The Q in Cleveland, despite rough edgesBy John Soeder, The Plain Dealer
Rod Stewart answers fans' questions
Posted July 19, 2012
By Colin Toke,
Rod Stewart ready to hit the road again with Stevie Nicks on Friday night in Cleveland
Posted July 19, 2012
By John Soeder, The Plain Dealer
See Nose and Teeth together at last
Posted July 11, 2012
Take Another Piece of My Heart to be released on DVD
Rod supports Lifebeat
Posted June 29, 2012
Meet Rod Stewart with 2 Front Row Seats to See Rod and Stevie Nicks in Concert on August 3 in Orlando, FL
Official statement
Posted June 27, 2012
Official statement from Rod and Universal released today
Rod in Sexy songs poll
Posted June 25, 2012
Second spot for Sexy Rod
Rod will be on Opening Act
Posted June 22, 2012
See preview here
2013 Calendar Competition
Posted June 22, 2012
Don't miss out, the cover is filling up fast.
Lowe Syndrome Trust Garden Of Hope
Posted June 17, 2012
Help Penny and Rod in The Celebrity Garden of Hope project
SMILER photographer gets this months Music Insider cover
Posted June 15, 2012
Lorelei McBroom 'The Women in Rock'
The Lowe Syndrome Trust
Posted June 15, 2012
Penny and Rod to present cheque next week
Cornbury Festival CD winners
Posted June 10, 2012
See if you won a live CD
Rod makes Queens reign list
Posted June 4, 2012
Biggest selling singles acts since charts began 60 years ago.
Worn Free Cruel But Fair T-Shirt Competition
Posted May 25, 2012
Did you wear it well?
The return of The greatest Rock T-Shirt Ever
Posted May 25, 2012
Cruel But Fair. The UK Launch of Worn Free
Signed Rod calendar competition
Posted May 23, 2012
Winner we be announced at SMILER party
Rod will sit in on X Factor judging panel
Posted May 19, 2012
He will guest at London and possibly Glasgow auditions
All Day SMILER Party
Posted May 15, 2012
Book Now!
Legendary Bassist Donald 'Duck' Dunn Dies
Posted May 14, 2012
He died on Sunday while on tour in Tokyo with friend and fellow musician Steve Cropper.
Nigel Lythgoe announces new E! talent show 'Opening Act'
Posted April 30, 2012
Winner could open for Rod
Vote for Maggie May
Posted April 26, 2012
Maggie May best number one of the last 60 years!
SMILER press release
Posted April 19, 2012
Rod Save The Queen
The 27th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Posted April 16, 2012
By John Soeder
Sounds of the 70's 2
Posted April 16, 2012
New series starts tonight on BBC2
HOF Latest
Posted April 13, 2012
Rod out Mick in
Hall of fame latest
Posted April 11, 2012
latest from Cleveland by By John Soeder, The Plain Dealer
Did you celebrate with Rod at the Weekend?
Posted April 9, 2012
Were you in vegas celebrating Celtic title win?
Maggie makes Classic Rock poll
Posted April 8, 2012
Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
Eggo And The Bunnymen
Posted April 6, 2012
Happy Easter from SMILER
Rod in Vegas 2012
Posted April 4, 2012
Review by Marcy Braunstein with stunning photos by Jim Pietryga
Can 4 Friends Travel 5 Countries & Get 10 Superstars To Appear on a Tribute Album To An Unknown Song
Posted April 3, 2012
Billy Franks amazing project by Yve Paige.
Rod/Faces T-Shirt winner
Posted March 31, 2012
We have a winner to our Bathroom Wall competition
Hall of Fame latest
Posted March 30, 2012
Rod and Ronnie speak to the press
Every Picture Tells A Story released in high resolution
Posted March 22, 2012
high resolution 96kHz/24bit and 192kHz/24bit.
30 years a SMILER member
Posted March 18, 2012
Win Rod's special signed calendar!!
Small Faces/Faces art poster to celebrate the Hall Of Fame induction
Posted March 4, 2012
SMILER is offering all fans of the bands a chance to buy a A2 sized limited edition art print.
The Legend of bij Marieke and the un- paid drinks
Posted March 3, 2012
A fantastic true Faces story by PHR
Fan Club Pre-Sale ticket information
Posted March 1, 2012
The pre-sales start this morning at 10 am
Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks - Information
Posted February 24, 2012
Heart and Soul back on
Win a Rod/Faces T-shirt
Posted February 20, 2012
From our friends at Bathroom Wall T-shirts
Rod Stewart, Melbourne, February 17, 2012
Posted February 19, 2012
Review by Paul Cashmere
Rod's Valentine's Day #1
Posted February 14, 2012
Remember Valentine's Day '79
New SMILER pint beer glass and coasters
Posted February 11, 2012
Worth Leaving The Pub For!
Faces inspired Richards Pool Hall T-shirts
Posted February 10, 2012
Great discount for SMILER members
Rod Stewart's Hit Parade Hits Jakarta
Posted February 2, 2012
Review by Arientha Primanita of the Jakarta Globe
Drinks on Rod
Posted January 25, 2012
Fry up on the way to Celtic match
The Rod tour hits Indonesia
Posted January 20, 2012
High price..but worth it!
DannyD releases his own CD
Posted January 18, 2012
With a little help from his friends
Adam Greene has died.
Posted January 10, 2012
Rod and Penny attend Policeman's Ball
Posted January 10, 2012
Palm Beach social season event
Rod's Birthday January 10th
Posted January 9, 2012
Happy Birthday From Everyone at SMILER
Ruby track used in advert
Posted January 7, 2012
Diet Pepsi will use Rod's daughters track
Rod on TV over the next few days
Posted January 5, 2012
Top Of The Pops 1977:Big Hits
Just can't get enough of Rod
Posted January 1, 2012
Rod on the footy!
Merry Christmas from SMILER
Posted December 21, 2011
Seasons Greatings to our members
Storyteller Competition
Posted December 16, 2011
We have our winners
Aiden's baptism held in Edinburgh
Posted December 14, 2011
Scottish capital for the baptism ofRod and Penny's second son.
Rod on the new album
Posted December 10, 2011
Seven new songs wrote and recorded
SMILER City news
Posted December 7, 2011
Latest news from the City
On this day in history
Posted December 3, 2011
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy #1
‘Storyteller – The Complete Anthology: 1964-1990’
Posted December 1, 2011
Win a copy of the 4 CD compilation
News on the new Womack CD
Posted November 26, 2011
Damon keeping album on track
A Small Faces, Faces Tour of where it all began !
Posted November 21, 2011
A tour with Yve and Albert
Rod Stewart Tribute on TV
Posted November 20, 2011
Bob Wyper on Sky Channel 284 with Debi Jones
Peter Burton: Writer and publisher has died
Posted November 19, 2011
Ex Faces press agent dies aged 66.
Dave and Mick's Pompey Pop Pix update
Posted November 12, 2011
including more unseen Rod Stewart in Pompey pix
The December edition of Classic Rock
Posted November 12, 2011
Jeff Beck interview and Free Saint Jude album!
Congratulations Don
Posted November 10, 2011
Congratulations from all your mates at SMILER
The SMILER 2012 Calendar has been printed
Posted November 7, 2011
Order your copy now!
Rod The Mod book out now
Posted November 2, 2011
Dave Allen's book is out this week
Rod's state of the art sell out
Posted October 31, 2011
The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center Official opening
Rod The Mod an update
Posted October 28, 2011
Whatever happened to the Commer van?
Rod returns to the Colosseum
Posted October 26, 2011
Eight concerts added
Albert joins the team
Posted October 23, 2011
Addition to the SMILER team
Shades And Peters
Posted October 23, 2011
New CD Comin' Around out now!
SMILER 2012 Calendar Competition
Posted October 23, 2011
Here is the winner
Rod's City of Hope T-shirt
Posted October 19, 2011
How to support City Of Hope like Rod
New LV for Apart From Rod
Posted October 16, 2011
Ben Joins AFR
New Issue of Classic Rock
Posted October 12, 2011
Every Picture Tells A Story
John 5 has spoke about a couple of the new projects he has been working on
Posted October 12, 2011
projects include Rod's new album
Rod will tell all in new book
Posted October 5, 2011
And promises to "hold nothing back
Maggie May 40th Limited edition collector’s item
Posted October 2, 2011
limited edition of 100
Raise A Toast to Maggie May
Posted September 30, 2011
With this fabulous SMILER/Maggie ceramic mug
New in the members section
Posted September 23, 2011
So much to say –The thoughts of a Rod fan by Pat Brett

Omnibus Press News
Posted September 16, 2011
Calling Faces Fans..
New in the SMILER members news section
Posted September 8, 2011
Donna Lee Manus’ Third Las Vegas Update

A Dream Come True; my review from August 27th
Posted September 2, 2011
By SMILER member Cara Trombino
Reason to Believe, by the Thai Tims
Posted August 27, 2011
And a nod to SMILER too!
Weeley Rock and Pop Festival 40th anniversary remembered
Posted August 27, 2011
The Faces headlined the bill of the three-day festival
Donna Lee Manus’ Las Vegas Update
Posted August 27, 2011
Featuring a first night review by Ellen Sterling
Celebrate Maggie May and the Faces with SMILER!
Posted August 23, 2011
SMILER proudly presents “Had Me A Real Good Time - The Liquid & Audio Version!”
Rod on Bobby Womack's new album
Posted August 23, 2011
Womack's comeback album
The New Issue Of Classic Rock Is On Sale Now
Posted August 23, 2011
The New Issue Of Classic Rock has a feature on the Faces

Rod is a Grandad
Posted August 22, 2011
Baby girl for Kimberly
Jan Thurnell
Posted August 20, 2011
Sad news on long time SMILER member
Photo Books latest update
Posted August 18, 2011
Urgent update from Yve 18/8/11
New Rod mashup by MadMixMustang
Posted August 17, 2011
Rod Stewart vs Fedde Le Grand ft. Ida Corr
SMILER photo book news
Posted August 14, 2011
Message from Yve
Rod urges Celtic fans to get behind match
Posted August 2, 2011
Your Celtic, United
Kammy competition winner
Posted August 1, 2011
Fantastic prize on it's way
Introducing Diesel
Posted July 25, 2011
The Support for Rod's Australian tour
2012 Australia dates
Posted July 23, 2011
Rod will tour Australia in February 2012 with special guest Diesel.
Rod The Mod Part Three
Posted July 20, 2011
The Soul Agents by David St John
Rod calls in on Million Dollar Quartet
Posted July 14, 2011
Rock 'n' Roll at its purest
Yve and Andy's Photo book
Posted July 13, 2011
A chance to see the Kammy prize
Hard Rock Calling on Sky Arts
Posted July 13, 2011
See Rod's extended highlights on Sky Arts
Rod attends Princes Trust reception
Posted July 11, 2011
Rod- ‘It’s tremendous – giving kids a second chance.’
Can you help with the photo archive
Posted July 7, 2011
Andy and Yve are looking to boost the photo archive
25 Years Ago today
Posted July 4, 2011
The Anniversary of the perfect gig
July 5th 1986
Long Live The Faces
Posted July 3, 2011
Cornbury Festival 2011
Review by SMILER's Dom Murphy

Have we got any talented SMILER's
Posted June 30, 2011
If you have a talent you could win a top prize
Rod is God
Posted June 28, 2011
Sunday masses hit Hard Rock Calling for Rod Stewart. Review by Ben McDermott

Rod Live at Hard Rock Calling 2011
Posted June 27, 2011
check out Absolute Radio
Here at last your chance to buy the Rod Prints
Posted June 25, 2011
David Kettley's painting is now finished
Rod and Faces on TV and Radio
Posted June 23, 2011
Absolute Classic Rock and BBC Breakfast
Rod The Mod Part Two
Posted June 22, 2011
The second part of Dave Allen's Rod stories from Portsmouth in the early 60's
Ronnie Wood Show: Rod Stewart Special
Posted June 22, 2011
Absolute Radio Special
Rod The Mod's first solo gig?
Posted June 15, 2011
Rod and his early days in Portsmouth by Dave Allen
Yve and Andy's Photo Competition
Posted June 14, 2011
This is so exciting !!!
Rod Stewart at Newbury Racecourse
Posted June 13, 2011
Review by Liz Crosthwaite

Rod on Steve Wright
Posted June 12, 2011
BBC Radio 2 on Monday
'True Grit' Introducing SMILER's US Team member
Posted June 10, 2011
Donna joins team
Unbelievable Rod! Kammy tells us his favourite song
Posted June 9, 2011
Plus you can win some Rod tour goodies
SMILER'S out in force
Posted June 9, 2011
Carrow Road Review by SMILER's Andy Darcy
Rod Still Top Of His Game
Posted June 7, 2011
Pittodrie Stadium review by SMILER member Elaine Wilson Duncan
Elland Road Leeds
Posted June 7, 2011
Review by Jayne Dawson [The Yorkshire Evening Posts resident Rod fan]
Rod Stewart: Newbury Racecourse
Posted June 6, 2011
Review by Reg Little
Another new team member for SMILER
Posted June 3, 2011
Andy Darcy joins SMILER
Swansea Review
Posted June 2, 2011
By SMILER's Andy Darcy
The Swans on stage with Rod
Posted June 1, 2011
Just in from the Liberty Stadium
Kids and Vegas
Posted June 1, 2011
Rod talks to Sky Living
Yve Paige Joins SMILER team
Posted May 31, 2011
SMILER delighted to announce new team member
Congratulations Swansea
Posted May 31, 2011
Rod provides inspiration for the Swans to sail into Premiership
Rod previews new track at Newbury
Posted May 30, 2011
Shake Your Money Maker
Our Day at Newbury
Posted May 30, 2011
Review and picture by SMILER's Yve Paige
Top 20 Concert Tours from Pollstar
Posted May 26, 2011
Rod and Stevie still in list
Rod and Simon Cowell back 'Daybreak' initiative
Posted May 23, 2011
Rod backs Donate a Day
Neil Lennon talks about Rod doing the huddle
Posted May 23, 2011
Lennon on Twitter
SMILER badges included in new book
Posted May 22, 2011
Celtic Supporter Club badges book out now
Rod meets real life Gregory Girl on One Show
Posted May 20, 2011
Exclusive picture by Chris Evans
The One Show
Posted May 20, 2011
Rod on show tonight
Rod Phones Talk Sport
Posted May 18, 2011
Rod on Neil Lennon
Rod at big match today
Posted May 15, 2011
Good win but all academic
Rod Stewart: The Hits, at Caesars Palace
Posted May 10, 2011
Rod has signed contracts for a two-year residency
Introducing Shades and Peters
Posted May 9, 2011
SMILER was recently informed of a very exciting project that was taking place that will be of great interest to SMILER members
Posted May 6, 2011
Levis press release
Rod and Stevie in Hot tour list
Posted May 6, 2011
Up to number 2 after four weeks
Rod's acceptance speach
Posted May 1, 2011
Rod's ASCAP speach on YouTube
Rod is out of contract
Posted April 28, 2011
Rod is without a record contract for the first time in four decades
Rod presented with ASCAP Award
Posted April 28, 2011
Rod's songwriting skills rewarded
Gold's 300 Greatest Hits revealed
Posted April 26, 2011
Rod gets 5 songs in final vote
Newbury Racecourse tickets winner
Posted April 17, 2011
And the winner is....
Rod at Kansas City MO Review
Posted April 16, 2011
By SMILER member Donna Le Manus
John Gray's resignation confirmed
Posted April 13, 2011
John resigned from the SMILER team last October and handed over the near completed printed version of SMILER magazine.
Voices hold up, but Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks mostly mimic hits
Posted April 13, 2011
Chicago Review by Dave Hoekstra
Win a pair of tickets to Rod's gig at Newbury Racecourse
Posted April 12, 2011
Newbury Racecourse has a pair of tickets for one lucky SMILER member
Rod to become a Grandad
Posted April 11, 2011
Rod's daughter Kimberly is pregnant with her first child
'Glee' Warblers cover Rod
Posted March 30, 2011
Glee bring Sexy to teenage audience
Stewart, Nicks deliver stellar concert
Posted March 30, 2011
By Stephen Peterson of Attleboro Sun Chronicle
Rod and Penny introduce their 'miracle baby' exclusively in 'HELLO!'28 MARCH 2011
Posted March 29, 2011
Hello! to Aiden
David Kettley latest painting update
Posted March 28, 2011
It is stunning!!
Vote for Rod
Posted March 28, 2011
Gold Radio want you to get involved
Ft Lauderdale show canceled
Posted March 20, 2011
Rod has the flu and thus is forced to cancel the opening night of the "Heart & Soul" tour
Rod gig on Radio
Posted March 9, 2011
Carrow Road will be broadcast on Radio Norfolk
Stevie Nicks to play Hard Rock Calling
Posted March 9, 2011
Sunday 26th June sees legendary singer perform in Hyde Park
Rod and Sean in this weeks HELLO!
Posted March 8, 2011
Both Rod and his eldest son Sean feature in this weeks HELLO! magazine.
Hard Rock Calling
Posted March 7, 2011
Rod to headline London festival on June 26th.
Rod to get ASCAP award
Posted March 3, 2011
He will be honored with Founders Award
Heart & Soul tour: additional dates
Posted February 25, 2011
Stevie and Rod added Oakland, Seattle and Vancouver
Rod and Jeff meet again
Posted February 24, 2011
To make sure it's not just a weekend fancy
Swansea concert announced
Posted February 18, 2011
Rod Stewart Live at Liberty Stadium, Wednesday 1st June 2011.
Piers Morgan interview
Posted February 18, 2011
An other date change - now Monday 21.02 on CNN (US)
Congratulations to Rod And Penny
Posted February 17, 2011
Baby Aiden is here!!
Yet another Piers CNN date change
Posted February 12, 2011
Egypt events force new change
Rod Stewart gives Bonhill Celtic fan birthday to remember
Posted February 5, 2011
by Amanda Mckendrick, Lennox Herald
Rod's match of the day: Leeds concert announced
Posted February 4, 2011
Rod Stewart is set to play at Elland Road Stadium in June.
Rod Stewart to play Pittodrie
Posted February 2, 2011
June 5th date announced.
Another Piers change
Posted February 2, 2011
New CNN date Feb 10th
Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck getting closer to recording together again
Posted February 1, 2011
Stewart tells 'Rolling Stone' that the duo is 'making progress.' Plus: He's choosing baby names.
Newbury Live
Posted February 1, 2011
ROD STEWART launches Newbury LIVE!
Heart & Soul tour: second and final Los Angeles show added
Posted January 29, 2011
Rod & Stevie have announced a second and final concert at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL on April 17th
Date change to Piers show
Posted January 26, 2011
New date is February 2nd
Two legends - One stage: Rod & Stevie Nicks on tour
Posted January 13, 2011
Heart & Soul Tour opening March 20, 2011 at Bank Atlantic Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Tickets on sale beginning January 17
US TV appearances
Posted January 11, 2011
Rod will appear on US television to promote the US tour and his new Songbook compilation album
Hard Working Rod
Posted January 8, 2011
Rod third in working poll
Another chance to catch One Night Only
Posted January 7, 2011
Rod Stewart: One Night Only on UK TV
The Best Of... The Great American Songbook
Posted January 4, 2011
New compilation with one previously unreleased track in stores February 1st.
Producer Trevor Horn appointed CBE
Posted December 31, 2010
New Year Honours 2011
Kick off the New Year with Rod on TV
Posted December 28, 2010
Another chance to see One Night Only
Merry Christmas
Posted December 24, 2010
And A Happy New Year
Rod Stewart to play at Carrow Road in Norwich
Posted December 22, 2010
Football stadium gig announced
Live at the Olympia
Posted December 20, 2010
1976 concert to be broadcast on German TV
Nico Vega cover Rod
Posted December 16, 2010
Young Turks set for January release
Very rare and exclusive Rod Stewart memorabilia!
Posted December 16, 2010
sold as a part of the swedish version of Serious Request
Some UK TV dates to see Rod
Posted December 4, 2010
Fanning repeated and This Morning guest spot
See The Ark Royal come home
Posted December 4, 2010
HMS Ark Royal returnes to Portsmouth for the last time
Rod took the No. 3 ranking on the current Billboard Hot Tours
Posted December 3, 2010
Latest news from Billboard
Grammy nomination
Posted December 2, 2010
Rod is nominated for the 'Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album' category.
David Kettley gives his first painting update
Posted November 29, 2010
Rod portrait looking good!
Rod On Leno
Posted November 25, 2010
Nov 30th
David Kettley starts his Rod painting
Posted November 23, 2010
SMILER members will be given a chance to buy prints!
Rod over the moon
Posted November 23, 2010
Sean gets engaged
Rod US TV Date
Posted November 20, 2010
Live With Regis and Kelly
Paul Wins Ball
Posted November 11, 2010
Paul Voller recieves SMILER World Cup Competion Football
Britt signs for 'I'm A Celeb...'
Posted November 10, 2010
Will Ekland be telling Rod's secrets in the jungle...?
Top 40 Official UK Album charts
Posted November 7, 2010
Rod is in at number 5
Rod in Vegas.. first report
Posted November 7, 2010
Rod Stewart kicks off run at Caesars
Dancing with the stars
Posted November 4, 2010
UK airing on Watch dates
Slim Chance of a secret gig !
Posted November 2, 2010
Fishpool Phil (aka-Slim Chance) to play a secret gig by the River Thames.
Piers Morgan overnight viewing figures announced
Posted October 31, 2010
5.3 million watched the show
SMILER links with
Posted October 31, 2010
SMILER officially recognised as Rod Stewart's preferred fan club!
Rod and Piers uncut
Posted October 31, 2010
See the uncut version of Piers Morgan's interview with Rod
Rod's Top 5 US debut
Posted October 29, 2010
Fly Me To The Moon makes top 5
Dancing with Rod
Posted October 29, 2010
Another US TV date
Another UK TV show date
Posted October 28, 2010
Rod will guest on Daybreak in the UK
Rod Vegas dates confirmed
Posted October 27, 2010
November 2010
Piers Morgan's Life Stories
Posted October 23, 2010
Rod's appearance on ITV1 chat show
Rod on UK TV
Posted October 22, 2010
Titchmarch and One Night only re-run
An Evening with Rod Stewart
Posted October 21, 2010
US radio special
Rod on the shopping channel
Posted October 17, 2010
Rod live HSN Fly Me To The Moon
Rod's TV dates
Posted October 13, 2010
Here are some dates for your diary
Rod's 'greatest album' free in Mail
Posted October 11, 2010
Atlantic Crossing free in next weeks Mail on Sunday
Live CD bundle
Posted October 1, 2010
The HSN sells Rod's 5th Songbook together with a live CD.
Viva Las Vegas
Posted September 28, 2010
Rod Stewart to play eight shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in November.
Home Shopping Network Live Concert
Posted September 20, 2010
Rod will perform songs from his new album on October 9th. 8PM ET.
SMILER badge makes badge of the month
Posted September 16, 2010
Celtic fans make us this months top badge
Date change for SMILER Christmas Party.
Posted September 16, 2010
Revised date for the SMILER Christmas Party.
Christmas in Scotland Smiler Style.
Posted September 14, 2010
Join Smiler to celebrate Christmas in Scotland for a night of merriment with fellow Rod Stewart fans.
Rod and Penny in this weeks Hello!
Posted September 13, 2010
Pick up your copy now for the full story.
Smiler Exclusive Faces Interview.
Posted September 13, 2010
Smiler pulls off a stunning exclusive interview.
Rod and Penny to quit LA
Posted September 12, 2010
Reports say they will return to UK for good
Don't forget your tickets for the Midlands event
Posted September 11, 2010
some tickets still left for Stan Terry gig!!
SMILER is pleased to support another top event!
Posted September 3, 2010
Live music and a birthday too!
New album to be released in October
Posted August 26, 2010
"Fly Me To The Moon... The Great American Songbook, Volume V" - The Most Danceable Songbook Yet!
SMILER are pleased to support a night of live music in the Midlands
Posted August 18, 2010
With Stan Terry tribute act.

The Good Child Foundation in Thailand
Posted August 18, 2010
Your'e In My Heart
Rod to be Dad again
Posted August 9, 2010
Rod and Penny expecting a baby
Rod Stewart concert overcomes hitch to thrill ‘sell-out’ audience
Posted August 4, 2010
Malta Review by Fiona Galea Debono
Rod Back in Dublin
Posted August 4, 2010
O2 Review by Aisling O'Brien
Rod takes Billboard top spot
Posted July 30, 2010
Number one in this weeks tour chart
Even more tickerts for Malta
Posted July 29, 2010
More tickets to accommodate further demand
Rod’s brother has heart scare in Scotland
Posted July 28, 2010
Robert Stewart in hospital
Rod Stewart: The legend lives on at SECC
Posted July 28, 2010
Nothing could taint the Scottish rocker's performance.
Rod picks up special Champions award
Posted July 26, 2010
Thanks to Evening Times readers
Win Tickets for Rod at the O2.
Posted July 24, 2010
The "Woodford Recorder" is running a competition to win 20 pairs of Rod tickets for the O2 on 28th July.
Extra tickets for Malta
Posted July 24, 2010
exclusive VP seats for August 3rd
Rod Stewart wows the audience in first Liverpool appearance for 40 years
Posted July 23, 2010
Alan Weston and Jade Wright Review the show for the Liverpool press
Posted July 23, 2010
Scotsman Review by David Pollock
Rod Stewart at Sheffield Arena
Posted July 23, 2010
Review by Jo Davison
Win tickets to see Rod or The Faces
Posted July 21, 2010
Try this competition and you might be lucky
Rod scores stadium winner
Posted July 21, 2010
Caledonian Stadium review by Margaret Chrystall
Faces Dates
Posted July 19, 2010
Three dates for your diary
Emma recalls her audience with Rod
Posted July 18, 2010
‘My dad is his biggest fan… He was so proud’
World Cup Competition winner
Posted July 17, 2010
The Doc picks our World Cup Competition winner
Rod's free tickets for the troops
Posted July 17, 2010
Rod shows support for Tickets For Troops
Parking ban at Rod's Inverness concert
Posted July 15, 2010
Police message
Win Rod Tickets on Gold Radio
Posted July 10, 2010
See Rod in London,Sheffield and Glasgow
SMILER’s Ruby Tuesday club comes of age!
Posted July 9, 2010
Come and join us in the heart of London for the Smiler magazine re-launch bash courtesy of our very own Ruby Tuesday Club!
Katja Winners
Posted June 30, 2010
The four winners are..
Slim Chance reform.
Posted June 26, 2010
Ronnie Lanes Slim Chance play legendary 100 club.
Your Chance To Meet Rod
Posted June 20, 2010
Stewart Offers Concert Tickets To Midler's Charity Auction
Announcing the SMILER World Cup Competition
Posted June 8, 2010
Not caught a football at any Rod gigs yet? Don’t Worry…

Rod Stewart at the O2 Arena, review
Posted June 2, 2010
Rod Stewart, the genial entertainer, gives 20,000 fans a night to remember . Rating: * * * *
World Exclusive in this weeks HELLO!
Posted May 31, 2010
Penny's life on the road with a world famous rock 'n' roll star
Cheap tickets for Rod up North
Posted May 28, 2010
Extra 500 cut price tickets put up for Rod’s Inverness gig
He comes on to the tune of The Stripper
Posted May 28, 2010
MEN Arena May 26, 2010 Review by By Neal Keeling
No sign of slowing down yet
Posted May 25, 2010
Read Kat Keogh's review of Rod's Birmingham gig
Rod Stewart, 02, Dublin
Posted May 17, 2010
Review by Eamon Sweeney of the Irish Independent
Rod Stewart and Spandau Ballet hit the 7s stadium to show the youngsters how its done
Posted May 16, 2010
Dubai review by Emily McCarrick
Rod Stewart 2010 Children's Charity T-Shirt
Posted May 15, 2010
New shirt by Alastair Stewart
Incredible Rod pop art candle lamp
Posted May 2, 2010
See Rod in a beer can!
Once In A Blue Moon Winners
Posted May 2, 2010
Did you win?
Celebrate Ferruccio Lamborghini's Birthday with Worn Free
Posted April 24, 2010
Get 50% Off classic Rod Shirt
Posted April 22, 2010
Thanks to our friends at Rhino
Posted April 21, 2010
A new member to the SMILER team
SMILER EXCLUSIVE! 'London Rock' Returns!
Posted April 20, 2010
40 years on - legendary documentary is repeated on Sky Arts...
RTC / Quireboys
Posted April 8, 2010
Have a 'Real Good Time' with The Ruby Tuesday Club and The Quireboys.
Photographers from issue 87
Posted April 7, 2010
Daniel R. Patmore and Philip Morris information
The Lost Album - Once In A Blue Moon
Posted April 6, 2010
Available in the UK now
New Jeff Beck album coming soon
Posted April 5, 2010
'Emotion & Commotion' 2 disc special edition out soon from Rhino.
Four guys and a girl walk into a bar
Posted March 30, 2010
Saint Jude; 'A modern day Janis Joplin fronting the Faces'
Happy Birthday Nottingham Arena
Posted March 26, 2010
Nottingham Arena celebrates it's 10th Birthday and say's thanks to Rod
RIP Nipsey Russell Stiefel
Posted March 18, 2010
An amazing dog whose adorable face has been on over 10 million Rod Stewart albums.
Rod Stewart – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
Posted March 13, 2010
Out Monday March 15th
Rod Stewart: One Night Only
Posted February 27, 2010
Another chance to see this brilliant show
Spandau Ballet named as support band
Posted February 25, 2010
For Rod's Dubai May 7th gig
Rod for a pound!
Posted February 22, 2010
Snap Up 'In Performance' for £1
Posted February 22, 2010
Details for collecting Smiler Magazine at RSC Big Weekend
Ian McLagan US tour dates
Posted February 19, 2010
Bump Band and Solo
Posted February 17, 2010
Is everybody going who's supposed to be going?
'Helping Haiti' single soars to UK No. 1
Posted February 14, 2010
biggest first week sales since 2000
Posted February 14, 2010
A Message from Steamy
Billboard release 50 sexiest song list
Posted February 11, 2010
Rod is runner up to Olivia Newton John
First RTC of the New Year
Posted February 10, 2010
...more than a few beers if you like!
THE Helping Haiti single has become the fastest-selling charity song of the century so far
Posted February 9, 2010
200,000 copies shifted in two days
Gary Leport in Intensive care
Posted February 7, 2010
Bad news about one of Rod's ex band mates.
Hear The Helping Haiti single today
Posted February 2, 2010
Hear Rod sing on The Sun’s Helping Haiti single
Rod praises Haiti song choice
Posted January 28, 2010
The song will be released on February 7th
Rod tells BBC about his involvement in charity single
Posted January 26, 2010
Cowell hopes to complete by Feb 7th
Six extra dates for Rod's UK tour
Posted January 25, 2010
Six more dates added at the end of July.
Rod signs up for Haiti charity single
Posted January 22, 2010
Rod is among the first to agree to take part in the Haiti charity single, organised by Simon Cowell
Jeff Beck interested in Rod's album suggestion
Posted January 13, 2010
As long as it is not a weekend blues album
Once In A Blue Moon details
Posted January 11, 2010
SMILER exclusive: All details, incl. full track listing of Rod's previously unreleased 1993 album.
SMILER talks to Radio 5 live on Rod's special Birthday
Posted January 10, 2010
Dave Reddy wishes Rod a Happy Birthday on BBC Radio
Willie Mitchell dies aged 81
Posted January 6, 2010
Legendary producer who worked with Rod on Soulbook
SMILER New Year Message
Posted January 5, 2010
What a year it's going to be: Issue 87 coming soon, Rod's lost album "Once In A Blue Moon" to be released, Rod on tour, the original Rod Stewart Group on tour & more...
Posted December 26, 2009
Rod Stewart F**k The Art T-Shirt
Posted December 14, 2009
Get 10% off this brilliant T-Shirt from Worn Free
TV Show boosts Soulbook sales
Posted December 9, 2009
Album in the mid week top 10
Soulbook Album of the week on Radio 2
Posted December 7, 2009
Hear Soulbook on Ken Bruce show all week on Radio 2
Rod on Sky TV this week
Posted December 6, 2009
Tonight show UK showing
Rod Stewart to Rock the Highlands
Posted December 4, 2009
Saturday 17th July 2010 - Tickets on sale from Thursday 3rd December.
Smiler / RTC Christmas Meet.
Posted December 3, 2009
Steamy's Christmas reminder!!
More Rod US TV
Posted December 3, 2009
The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien
The Christmas in Rockefeller Center special on NBC this Wednesday, December 2,
Posted December 1, 2009
Rod and The Muppets in line up!
Last orders for Don's new Rod caricature
Posted December 1, 2009
Last postal dates for UK Christmas delivery
Rod Stewart: One Night Only; ITV 1
Posted December 1, 2009
Saturday 5th December on ITV 1, from 9.30pm to 10.45pm
Glasgow Just Announced
Posted November 26, 2009
Rod is also planning a spectacular concert at Edinburgh Castle
Posted November 22, 2009
Sunday Mail Exclusive July 14th date for Scotland
Rod Stewart announces 2010 UK Arena tour
Posted November 20, 2009
More information will be posted soon.
Soulbook a success
Posted November 19, 2009
Rod's 7th Top Ten album in 10 years
The Graham Norton Show Season 6 Episode 7
Posted November 16, 2009
Today, 22:35 on BBC One
United Artists Remember 'We Will Remember Them'
Posted November 11, 2009
See the recording here
Rod on Graham Norton this week
Posted November 6, 2009
Do you want to join him?
Don Howards new Rod caricature is now ready!
Posted November 4, 2009
Great new version for 2009 from ex Disney artist
Ronnie wins Classic Rock honour
Posted November 3, 2009
For ageless presence on the scene
Penny will join Rod on TV this Saturday
Posted November 3, 2009
Rod will sing on this weeks Strictly Come Dancing
Read some Soulbook reviews
Posted October 31, 2009
Here are three of this weeks Soulbook reviews
Rod Stewart One Night Only
Posted October 30, 2009
Applications now being taken
Exclusive Bob Babbitt Talks to SMILER
Posted October 28, 2009
Legendary Funk Brother on Rod's new album
Rod cancels TV Show
Posted October 27, 2009
See the The View video
Credits for Soulbook
Posted October 27, 2009
Here is The list of credits for the Soulbook album
Strictly Come Dancing's big star line up
Posted October 26, 2009
BBC delighted with Rod and Lily
Rod talks to Denise Quan at CNN
Posted October 26, 2009
See video
Critics Choice Soulbook review
Posted October 26, 2009
read Soulbook review from The New York Times
More Rod Soulbook videos
Posted October 23, 2009
Watch "It's The Same Old Song" and a 15min interview...
Billboard Q & A
Posted October 20, 2009
Full length video on Youtube...
Rod Stewart TV Appearances in the US!
Posted October 13, 2009
US TV Show dates.
Access Hollywood: Rod talks about Soulbook
Posted October 12, 2009
Rod talks to Access Hollywood about Soulbook
Free tickets for Jimmy Kimmel show
Posted October 9, 2009
SMILER members offered free tickets.
Rod's Health and Fitness trainer sets up website
Posted October 7, 2009
Soulbook photo shoot
Posted October 3, 2009
On You Tube now!
Rod Stewart to release Soulbook on October 27, 2009
Posted September 29, 2009
Features Rod's stunning interpretations of sixties / seventies-era of soul classics.
Rhino Cuts Staff, Physical Releases To Continue
Posted September 25, 2009
Rhino Entertainment has laid off about 20% of its staff, due to declining physical sales
Rod Stewart's myspace page
Posted September 22, 2009
Hear 7 songs from the Sessions set on Rod's myspace page.
The Prince's Rainforest Project
Posted September 22, 2009
See Rod and Penny's video
Paolo Nutini doesn't want leopard skin moments
Posted September 2, 2009
But admires Rod's attitude
Own a copy of Rod Stewart by Don Howard
Posted August 29, 2009
Fantastic Rod caricature from ex-Disney Studios artist
Rod's throat update
Posted August 22, 2009
More shows cancelled
Even Old Blonds Have More Fun
Posted August 22, 2009
Winnipeg MTS Centre review By DARRYL STERDAN
More Rod on tour
Posted August 22, 2009
Cara's Las Vegas Review and Exclusive pictures from Donna Savoie from Sacramento and San Jose
Tulsa Cancelled
Posted August 20, 2009
Tonight’s concert cancelled
Rockin' Rod proves he's still Mod
Posted August 13, 2009
Stuart Derdeyn reviews Rod Stewart at GM Place Vancouver
The Province August 9, 2009
Exclusive Rod Stewart Sessions pre-release launch
Posted August 8, 2009
In London, Saturday 26th September 2009.
'Thank You' from The Kin
Posted August 6, 2009
Rod's US support band have sent SMILER a special "thank you" video for Rod's fans.
Kansas City, 07/28/2009
Posted August 4, 2009
Donna Lee Manus Reviews Rod's Sprint Arena Concert
Rod video from Sky Arts, See clip of Wednesdays show
Posted August 1, 2009
Dave Fanning tells SMILER about Rod's new TV interview
Rod's Aug. 12 Victoria concert cancelled
Posted July 31, 2009
Scheduling conflict blamed
Rod among top earners of this summer
Posted July 31, 2009
Number two in Billboard chart
Faces on BBC FOUR
Posted July 30, 2009
Sounds of the Seventies on Friday
Rod at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillions
Posted July 30, 2009
Review by Craig Hiavaty and Momma Aftermath
Rod on Sky Arts 1
Posted July 26, 2009
The Dave Fanning Interview
TV Special
More fun from GHP
Posted July 22, 2009
Rod helps GHP Go Bananas
SMILER world exclusive: Listen to "I'm A King Bee"
Posted July 14, 2009
Exclusive links for Rod Stewart's "I'm A King Bee".
Rod Stewart wows Plymouth crowd at Home Park
Posted July 14, 2009
Clare Robinson from The Herald reviews Rod's concert
"In A Broken Dream" - Exclusive song premiere
Posted July 14, 2009
Check-out the amazing version of In A Broken Dream on
Ray Davies wants a chart hit for charity
Posted July 14, 2009
Paolo say's it will be an honour
The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998
Posted July 10, 2009
Warner Bros. goes deep into the vaults to reveal the secret studio history with a boxed set of unreleased recordings.
Posted July 9, 2009
Please provide a contact phone number where you may be reached the day of the show
Uptight Maggie on free download
Posted July 8, 2009
Mark Vidler at Go home productions gives another chance to download
Posted July 8, 2009
Review from Plymouth Argyle F.C.
Rod and Carmine in the Rock press
Posted July 4, 2009
This months Rock press
Rod Stewart after party
Posted July 2, 2009
Limerick Strand Hotel promise a night to remember!
Plymouth Ticket Collection Details from Dave Reddy
Posted June 29, 2009
Dont forget to download by Sunday
Posted June 26, 2009
Time running out!!!
Rod donates drawing
Posted June 26, 2009
Rod donates to Action For Children
A Reason To Believe
Posted June 19, 2009
Why Rod still rocks by Jackie Butler
Posted June 18, 2009
Tue 30th June
Posted June 15, 2009
Plymouth Argyle Press Release

Posted June 10, 2009
Maggie May 'The One Show' Special
Posted June 8, 2009
Des Coleman looks into the legendary mandolin solo played on Maggie May
Rod at the Hairdressers
Posted June 1, 2009
Steve Wright Radio 2 interview
Rod is first major act.
Posted May 30, 2009
Joe Rich Heartland Canadian concert date
Had Me A Real Good Time
Posted May 30, 2009
Reading the latest issue of Mojo Magazine
Rod will attend busking launch
Posted May 28, 2009
But Suggs will perform
Tommy 40th anniversary
Posted May 20, 2009
worldwide digital release next week
In Rod we trust: World exclusive re-issues preview!
Posted May 19, 2009
Cheryl Pawelski and Andy Zax, the producers of Rhino/Warner Bros.’s ongoing work, talk about the re-issues.
Every Picture Tells A Story.. Cartoon Offer
Posted May 18, 2009
Cartoons by artist Norman Hood
Rod helps raise £1.7m at Charity Ball
Posted May 17, 2009
fantastic amount raised at Butterfly Ball
Latest Summer Tour Dates List
Posted May 13, 2009
The new Summer Tour itinerary
Posted May 13, 2009
official statement from Rod's management
Posted April 30, 2009
Fantastic re-issue news from Warners
Plymouth Argyle Press Release
Posted April 24, 2009
Plymouth Argyle have asked us to post this press release
Rod back in The Jeff Beck Group
Posted April 22, 2009
Rod joined the Jeff Beck group this week - well for two songs anyway...
Rod has become patron for Busking Cancer 2009
Posted April 20, 2009
Busking for Cancer 2009
Unplugged Collectors review
Posted April 16, 2009
Read John Metzger's review in Music Box
Exclusive Interview with Rod in this weeks Weekly News
Posted April 16, 2009
No 8027-1 April 18th 2009
Maggie makes Most played list
Posted April 14, 2009
The Times online places Maggie May in poll
Rod Stewart, Take That and The Eagles turned away from performing at Southampton's stadium
Posted April 3, 2009
Rod's summer gig looks like it could be off
Posted March 31, 2009
Rod storms Classic Rock poll
Rod Stewart is probably my biggest influence say's Emma
Posted March 26, 2009
Emma Deigman "It was you" is set for release this coming Monday 30th March on Storm Records
The Ruby Tuesday Club
Posted March 25, 2009
Next meeting announced
Posted March 25, 2009
Just so we get no mix ups Target Center changed
'Last chance to get exclusive tickets to see Rod in concert!'
Posted March 9, 2009
SMILER discount for this years Butterfly Ball 14th May 2009
Faces reunion plans still awaiting Rod's nod
Posted March 2, 2009
A Faces reunion may still be in the offing this year -- but probably not a full-scale tour or recording project.
Daptone Records was Burgled over the weekend
Posted February 18, 2009
though it hoped to reopen by Friday for a planned recording session for Rod
Butterfly Ball information
Posted February 16, 2009
Discounted table for SMILER members
Rod to appear at Caudwell charity ball
Posted February 11, 2009
Butterfly Ball event on May 14
Extra Tickets for Ireland released today
Posted February 5, 2009
via ticket master
Plymouth confirmed
Posted February 4, 2009
Thursday 2nd July 2009.
The Killers to cover Rod
Posted January 24, 2009
'Young Turks' on new album
Flea denies reports
Posted January 23, 2009
Rod's camp also denied reports to Billboard
Rod announces German date
Posted January 18, 2009
Concert on July 10th
Unplugged and Seated Collector's Edition
Posted January 15, 2009
Warner Bros. spotlights Stewart's intimate 1993 acoustic performance with remastered Collector's Edition, including two bonus Songs, plus the original broadcast on DVD.
Posted January 11, 2009
Please dont send in any more orders
Merry Christmas
Posted December 23, 2008
from the SMILER team!
Rod Stewart Rocks His Greatest Hits 'Live' In Singapore!
Posted December 19, 2008
Another 2009 date
Rod on BBC Radio 2
Posted December 19, 2008
Some Guy's Have All The Luck 2 part series
Rod review in Classic Rock
Posted December 11, 2008
5 Stars out of 10
Is Rod the 59th greatest singer ever?
Posted December 11, 2008
Flea to be a Face?
Posted December 2, 2008
Ronnie speaks to Rolling Stone
Two more Irish dates for Rod
Posted December 1, 2008
July 4th and 5th announced
Rita Belcher
Posted November 30, 2008
SMILER US secretary Rita Belcher passed away last night in Roanoke, Virginia aged 58 after a difficult period of illness.
Rod Live in Cork 2009
Posted November 29, 2008
Rod to play The Marquee in July
The 2009 Calendar will be ready to order any time now!
Posted November 28, 2008
The new calendar includes a contribution from Penny Lancaster Stewart!
Ronnie to ignite Hampstead lights
Posted November 27, 2008
Ronnie is booked for big switch on
Some Guy's in Top 20
Posted November 27, 2008
Number 19 entry for new album
ROD STEWART to perform in Adeje Golf on 16 May 2009!
Posted November 26, 2008
What another great coup for Tenerife! ROD STEWART!!
Rod at Prince Charles’s private 60th birthday bash.
Posted November 16, 2008
Rod sang his hits
Rod Rocks his Greatest hits in Japan
Posted November 15, 2008
Rod will play Japan in March
Rod gets ready for big bash
Posted November 14, 2008
But who will join the band?
Tea with Rod at the Ritz
Posted November 8, 2008
Rod and Penny help raise £1 Million