Rod Stewart, Faces - The Final Concert

Released: 2000
Label: IVY Video, 701482000921  
Released as: DVD  
Length: 75 mins.  
Picture / sound quality: fair / fair  
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From the back cover: This is the final rollicking concert of the legendary Faces featuring a high powered performance from Keith Richards, Rod himself shakin' his booty like there's no tomorrow and a string section for a little class.
From Twisting The Night Away"" to ""You Send Me"" to ""Sweet Little Rock and Roller"" through many more of their hit songs, Rod and the band (including Ron Wood on guitar) crank out the hard driving rock that made them famous. Brandishing the microphone with all the gusto of a soldier holding a live hand-grenade, Rod captures the spotlight and never lets it go.
If you think you know Rod Stewart from his ballad and disco days, this film will reveal his rock and roll roots."
Track listing:
1It's All Over Now
Womack, Womack

2Take A Look At The Guy

3Bring It On Home To Me (You Send Me)

4Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller

5I'd Rather Go Blind
Foster, Jordan


7You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything
Stewart, Wood, Yamauchi, McLagan

8Twistin' The Night Away

9You Wear It Well
Stewart, Quittenton

10Maggie May
Stewart, Quittenton

11We'll Meet Again

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