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It is nearly impossible to track every recording over the 45 years period since Rod's début single "You'll Be Mine / Up Above My Head" was released in 1964 - This discography is probably the web's largest but it still is far from being complete. However, it does list every officially released studio / live album plus the most important official compilation albums and provides exiting details like chart performances, reviews and song lyrics. When it comes to single releases, we do concentrate on singles released in Europe (UK, Germany).

You may browse through Rod's official back catalogue using various search options found below - we also provide the possibility to find information about unofficial releases, also known as "bootlegs" - you may find these recordings in a seperate rubric called "Almost illegal".
albums | selected compilations
albums | selected compilations

When we were the new boys: Recommended albums for beginners:
2 CD greatest hits compilation: a good overview over Rod's work.
3 CD collection including all the songs from Rod's essential early albums.
The Faces: Britains finest rock band with Rod on vocals.

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