BIBLIOGRAPHY - A Biography In Words And Pictures


Richard Cromelin
Year: 1976
ISBN: 0128199-315
Price: $4.95
Sire-Chapell, USA

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waste of paper
  EXCELLENT AMERICAN soft-covered, A4 size book which contains some fabulous black and white photographs! Published in 1976, it gives an alternative American view of the Rod Stewart story up to the end of 1975 and the Faces split. The author amusingly notes in the final paragraph of the book that rock and roll is, indeed, a 'silly business', by highlighting the fact that the UK charts of December 1975 (the month in which the Faces split) featured both Rod and the Small Faces in the Top Ten. Ironically, Laurel and Hardy were way ahead of them both with their posthumous hit single 'Trail of The Lonesome Pine'!
As with many of these early books, this also contains myth. The big one here being that Rod handled the vocals on 'That's Alright' by Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions. This, of course, is not true. The otherwise reasonably accurate discography includes this single and concentrates on American releases. You will be amazed at the number of American singles lifted from Rod's first two albums - a total of seven!
This book is a rarity indeed and although a fair number of copies made their way into British music and record shops, it was not available in chain stores like W H Smith. Originally priced at £3.99 in the UK, its rarity makes it worth at least £20.00 today.

John Gray

Smiler rating: B-

Reader rating: Average rating: 3.75757575757  (33 votes)
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