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June 19, 2016

Atlantic Crossing

A trip to Rugby Park Kilmarnock, 17th June 2016

posted by Mike Walton

Margaret Davidson emigrated to Canada 40 years ago, but traveled the 3000 miles back to Ayrshire last night to see Rod at Rugby Park in Kilmarnock, Margaret lives in Ottawa, Ontario and is a massive Rod fan. she loves her life in Canada, but her home will always be Kilmarnock
So when she discovered Rod was playing her home town, she just had to make arrangements to go.

I have had a great trip so far visiting friends and relatives..I spent 4days in Dundee then a night in Glasgow I have had lots of laughs with my 2 best friends, but the highlight of my visit this year was to see Sir Rod, when I heard he was in my hometown of Kilmarnock I just had to come, family and friends were second this year. I visit Scotland every year ..but decided last year when I left I was not coming this year ...but the minute I heard Rod was playing in my Hometown I had to come back, so I booked my flight and had my friend get the best tickets for us, We have seen Rod many times in Ottawa and Montreal traveling through snowstorms and getting stuck for hours on the train to go see him..but he was worth it...I am going to enjoy my next week trying to relax (which is hard for me to do )...I travel back to Ottawa on Fri with great memories of my trip home to see Sir Rod in Kilmarnock.

Photos Margaret Davidson
Montage Tommy Kevitt

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