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Treasured Memories, Music & Friends

Review of Vegas Shows - March 23, 25, 26 & 29, 2016 By Karen Chande

posted by Mike Walton

March 23

The show tonight was what I called my "bonus" show, one I hadn't planned on originally but due to flights being cheaper on Wednesday, decided to fly out the day of and take in an extra show with the saved money on airfare.

There were many changes to the show since seeing Rod here last summer. Three band members are no longer in the band and two new ones added in addition to the return of Matt O'Connor on the drums. The band opened the show with a song called Soul Finger, with only Jimmy Roberts in the brass section. The back-up singers, who now included Bridget Cady in place of Kimmi, introduced Rod as he was peeking from behind the curtain. The opening song was Some Guys Have All The Luck as Rod came out in a white shirt, leopard print jacket and black pants. Next up was Having A Party and then It's A Heartache. Rod then said it was the 114th show at the Caesar's Palace and asked the audience, "how many?" so that they all shouted out "114!" Next up is Tonight's The Night. Afterward, Rod tells us that he knows we've had a beverage to which the audience loudly applauds. He says he likes to come on with a little drink to get the audience going. He points over to his rum and coke, just a little bit he says, joking that a little bit goes a long way. Then he says the next song is a fantastic song dedicated to all of us and it's Forever Young. Off comes the leopard jacket revealing a cool long dangling silver chain. The change to this song is that it has the two violinists, J'Anna and the new violinist Annie Staninec, performing a lovely solo on the violins. After that, Rod introduces the next song saying it's on the album Every Picture Tell A Story, called Losing You, an old Temptations song, asking if we've heard of David Ruffin the lead singer of the Temptations and how whenever the Faces were in Detroit, he would come up and sing it with them. He points up and says David, this one's for you. All the while during this story, the band is looking at each other like something is amiss. As Rod looks over at J'Anna for the start of the song, he says, "Oh f--- we're not doing that one!" and starts to walk off with his head down saying he's going home. He says how long has he been doing this most of his adult life and still having cock-ups. The audience is just roaring in laughter at this. He said we'll love this next one and then he'll do Losing You. You Wear It Well begins. So absolutely hilarious! We love these funny cock-ups, Rod! During the song, someone had put a green shirt on the stage and Rod picked it up and held it while coming back to the microphone to sing. After that, Rod said the next song didn't need an introduction because he had already done it. And now Losing You begins. After the song, Rod thanked David Palmer and Matt O'Connor on drums, pointing out that Matt's mother was in the audience. Downtown Train was next in a new extended version with Jimmy Roberts doing a fantastic saxophone solo to finish off the song.

Rod next comes back in a fancy black and dark blue floral jacket and blue pants for the acoustic set. As Rod sits down he says they have so many songs to chose from hundreds and hundreds of songs and it's difficult to decide but they're doing their best. He says the next song is from a fabulous album from 1969-70 and then chuckles at how long ago that was. Gasoline Alley begins. Afterward, Rod gets up and goes around to the back to point out the lovely flowers who he says is from his girlfriend, and then corrects himself saying not his girlfriend, he's married, and says they're from his friend Shannon, a professional photographer from New Orleans who always buys him the most delightful flowers whenever she's there. He jokes about there truly being more than 18 bucks there. He asks where she is, to stand up and thanks her for them. Then he sits back down to introduce the next song by Cat Stevens, the well known terrorist, who he tells us was arrested at LAX because he had used his real name and they thought he was a terrorist and took him in for negotiations, he chuckles, and the audience is roaring with laughter. True story, he says that he's a good mate of Rod's and this next song is his song, First Cut Is The Deepest as the song begins. Afterward, Rod pulls up his pant leg and stares at his polka dotted socks saying they're really awful, terrible, almost disgusting. He then says he loves the next song and before Have I Told You Lately begins, he references his socks again that they're horrible and he must talk to wardrobe. After Have I Told You Lately, You're In My Heart begins. Even though this song was placed during the sit-down acoustic set, the audience jumps out of their seats for the chorus, many showing Celtic support. Afterward, the chairs are removed and Rod says Di Reed is leading the charge. He leaves the stage and the ladies and band begin Young Hearts. I absolutely love this song, the whole band does a fantastic job with it and getting the audience on their feet.

When Rod returns, now changed into black shiny pants and white shirt with a cream vest, he introduces the next song as a dedication to his Scottish father and we would see Rod up on the big screen as Can't Stop Me Now begins. After that Rhythm of My Heart begins without a mention of the war heroes as had been in the past. The other thing different with this song was the solos the ladies had in the middle of the song has been cut, although they still take part in singing it with him.

Rod says the next song wasn't well known here but we'll play it anyway. He says it's his take on what he thinks love is. He says "love is, love is, love is, what's it called?" to which the audience responds "Love Is!" Yes! I love this song and it's the first time I've heard it live. He didn't say anything about it being on the new album or even that there was a new album. It got a good audience response. Next Rod took Maggie May on a road trip for an audience walk about, leaving from the far side of section 6, around the back and returning along the far side of section 2. The funny videos that have been shown for quite some time now before the football kickoff have been omitted and Stay With Me began when he returned to the stage, kicking footballs out to the audience. The curtain came down once the balls were disbursed and the song finished. It was quickly back up again for Do You Think I'm Sexy with all band members onstage to take part. Rod pulls up his pant leg to reveal yet another unusual pair of socks that have a Welsh design on them.

March 25

This night, Rod changed it up by entering from the other side of the stage, left to the audience in Section 6, to again Some Guys Have All The Luck and then Having A Party. As he came over to the opposite side in section 2, a woman held out her hand and he came over, took her hand and kissed it before perfectly timing it back to the microphone at center stage to continue singing. As Rod welcomed the audience, he said they would be playing 20 songs for an hour and a half, that's all the time they were allowed since they want us out in the casinos. A minute longer than that he said and he would be hooked off! He said this was the 115th show here and then said that on this night 13 years ago the Palace opened with Celine Dion so that deserves applause. The audience applauded and so did Rod. He said that was all he had to say for a little while and let's carry on. The next song was It's A Heartache. He then asked if there were any Brits in the audience to which there was applause. He said it was very hard to choose what to sing and that he wouldn't be singing some songs like Baby Jane because his American friends don't know some of those songs but he would be touring over there in June and he would play those songs then and he gives a little bow. (Note to Mr. Stewart: Your American friends, especially the die hards, actually do know Baby Jane very well - it was on the set list at every show here on the 1984 summer tour. A song we know and love here, too, darling! x).

Next song up was Tonight's The Night. I must say that part of the fun of attending a Rod show is seeing what clever things the fans come up with. Tonight some fans in the center section held up signs with one word on each sign across the row reading "Tonight Is The Night" which they held up at the end of the song so that it showed up on the big screen when the cameras pan the audience at the end of the song. Even Rod enjoyed it and told them they made it up on the screen. Rod next took off his jacket saying something about a mishap he had with the tag on it when going through security at the airport and it being F---ing embarrassing. Then he told a young audience member to close their ears at his language, he was sorry, he wouldn't do it again, as he tosses the jacket on the stage floor behind him.

Next up was Forever Young. After the song, Rod brought Annie out to make sure he got the correct pronunciation of her last name and told the audience she is a new member of the band. Next up was You Wear It Well. After that, I wasn't sure what was going on but Rod told a lady in the audience that a man was telling her off. A security man was saying something to her and Rod told her you've got to play by the rules. He said take her to the bar for a drink, lol! Rod said the next song was off the beaten track, that his big album was in 1971, Every Picture Tells A Story, and that it's amazing they're still doing tracks from this album and this one was especially well liked and most of the Faces played on this album, an old Temptations song, Losing You. Afterward, Rod gave recognition to David Palmer on the drums and then thanked Matt O'Connor, also on the drums. Next he said we were going to slow things down just a tad with a wonderful song by Tom Waits, Downtown Train. During the middle of the song, Rod came down and sat on the steps to sing. He motioned a woman to come up and then another one came up. Soon Rod was buried in women and security had to intervene! He was then able to get back up and finish the song onstage with Jimmy then continuing his saxophone solo.

When Rod came back it was time for the acoustic set. Rod first went to take a sip of his refreshment saying it's Friday. He then sat down and said he had a little history for us, he tells this story because it's true, that people have asked where this next song came from. He was dating a girl in 1969, then joked saying most of us weren't born then. The girl said she had to go home by 11:00 or her mom would think she was in Gasoline Alley. He said a bell went off and it became a song. He then begins Gasoline Alley.

After the song, Rod noticed someone was wearing David Bowie attire and he made mention of that and of David, dedicating the next song to David, saying David mate, this one's for you before First Cut is The Deepest. The audience applauded along with the band members. After that, Rod said the next song was a popular song played at weddings, none of his weddings, of course, to which the audience laughs. He said "bring it in Ginger" to Chuck who started Have I Told You Lately. The funny thing was that Rod starts laughing about something at the end of the song and was not able to finish singing it. He kept trying and then says, "Oh F--- it" (so much for the earlier promise, lol!) and gives up. He said that was the first time that had happened, so funny! Next Rod said we'll have a singalong with this one and You're In My Heart begins. It is wonderful to hear the audience singing along during the whole song. Like the night before, the audience jumps out out of their seats to the chorus parts with Celtic support. I noticed one woman had a sign in a circle shape with green and white stripes she held up that said, Can my mother touch your hair? Lol! That was the last song of the acoustic set. Di and the band then took over with Young Hearts.

When Rod returned, he noticed someone had put some nicely wrapped Cadbury chocolate bars on the stage. He came over, picked them up and held them as he introduced the next song saying he always dedicates this song to his Dad who passed away in 1990, he had a big influence on his life, he was a Scotsman from Edinburgh and during the early days of his career, he was 100% behind him and how you need someone like that if you're going to make it in any business, you need your family behind you. He said we would be seeing him on the screen, it was unbelievable how they found this footage of him through something called Rod the Mod from around 1960 on I-TV. They dug it up and we'll be seeing him at 18. Love this song, it's an up on your feet great singalong! Next is Rhythm of My Heart. After that Rod introduces an old Muddy Waters song Rollin and Tumblin. This was placed in the spot of Wednesday night's Love Is. Rod performs the song with fantastic choreography.

Then it was time for Maggie May as Rod went out into the crowd in the same direction as Wednesday, from the far side of section 6, across the back and down the other side by section 2. The song finished when they returned back onstage and Stay With Me began as he kicked the footballs out to the audience. Then the curtain came down and back up again for the final song Do You Think I'm Sexy. Rod tended to stay more center stage as the balloons came down and were tossed back and forth between band and audience.

March 26

Tonight's show started off with the Loch Loman music before the curtain rose. I was so glad that was back, it really gets the excitement going! The band once again started things off with Soul Finger as elephants prance across the screen in the background, then they introduced Rod who chose again to enter from the section 6 side. Some Guys Have All the Luck opened the show and then Having A Party. Then Rod tells the crowd you can beat an egg, you can beat a carpet but you can't beat a Saturday night! He says for those of us who had been there last night, he had a different song for us and the next song was Young Turks. Nice of Rod on two counts: making mention of noticing that we had been there the night before as well as offering something different for us. Loved hearing Young Turks! After that, Rod tells the crowd this is the 116th show performed on this actual stage and that last night was the 13th anniversary of the stage being opened by Celine Dion. There was some applause, then laughter when Rod humorously continued on that this all went down better last night because that was the actual anniversary and tonight is not. He said it was like not being invited to a wedding and just coming for drinks afterward. He then said they were going to do a slow one now, a little baby song and it was Tonight's The Night. After that, Rod takes off his jacket to some loud whistles from the crowd and tells the audience he's been away from his wife for 10 days and his two children doing this show and they were flying in tonight, bless them. He says maybe he'll get a leg over tonight if she's not too tired, to which there is laughter from the crowd. He says he wants to dedicate the next song to his son Aiden and his 10-year-old son Alastair who is a mad Celtic supporter, Forever Young, the next song.

It was during this song that I finally managed to hold up my sign saying Love The New Album to show support for the album that hasn't even once been mentioned at any of the shows. Rod liked it and blew a kiss toward the sign. After the song, which had the violin solos in it, Rod brought Annie up front to again make sure he got her last name right and told the crowd she is a new member of the band. He applauds her as does the audience. He introduces the next song saying it's a lovely one, and You Wear It Well begins. Somewhere about halfway through the song, Rod stops the band because he heard something amiss and then has them continue on where they left off. After that, Rod tells the crowd in 1971 he released his album Every Picture Tells A Story and he thanks everyone who bought it at the time, saying that was a long time ago. He said this is one of the tracks off of it. He mentions David Ruffin again, lead singer of the Temptations who was a good mate of his and could really sing, he didn't even need a microphone. Then Losing You begins. With this being the song with the drum solos, Rod afterward has Dave Palmer stand up for a bow and Matt O'Connor, mentioning again that his mother is here and she brought him a lampshade so he could be seen. Then he asks what's next on the agenda gentlemen, saying he hasn't got a clue. Then he says oh yeah, he knows that one and Downtown Train begins. I was most surprised at Rod's bravery after last night as partially into the song he came down the steps again and sat down. At first, people were just taking pictures and our friend Maggie was the first to come up as Rod patted the spot beside him as an invitation to her. Slowly more women came up to join in but it was done in a much more gentle and controlled way than the night before. I applaud Rod for giving it another try!

After the fine saxophone solo by Jimmy Roberts, the chairs were brought out for the acoustic set. Rod was the first one to sit down in a chair and he looked around at the empty chairs beside him and asked where is everyone? Then the rest of the band came and as they were taking their seats Rod said he had a minor adjustment to take care of and called over a stage hand. He asked us to talk amongst ourselves as his ear piece was being adjusted. Once that was taken care of, he introduced the first song as being on his album Gasoline Alley from 1969-70, and this was a track off of it, Gasoline Alley. At the start of the next song, Rod tells us to listen to the harp over yonder and points toward Julia in the back as she brings in First Cut Is The Deepest.

Next, we find that our Rod has a talent not only in singing but also as a comedian as he decides to tell a little joke. It went like this: a man was in a very bad car accident. It was so bad that he lost his penis. He was in the hospital for months and months and when he got out he says to his wife what are we going to do? She says we have lots insurance money, go see the penis replacement doctor down at the center. So he had a little meeting with the doctor who tells him yes, they can do a job on him. He asks how much it will cost. The doctor says for four inches it would be $20,000, for eight inches it's $60,000 on up to $100,000. The doctor tells him this is a very important decision so he should go home and talk to his wife. So he goes home and says darling what do you think, they have a little talk and make up their mind. The next day he goes back to the doctor who asks what are you going to do? His reply, "we're going to build a new kitchen." Rod says, "Any good?" The audience is just roaring in laughter! Rod had such a good delivery of the joke.

The next song he says is Have I Told You Lately, and he says, "Yes, I have, many times!" as the song begins. After that, Rod mentions again about the lovely flowers from his friend Shannon, a professional photographer. He asks if she is there, saying she's probably gone back to New Orleans. Once discovering she's there, he tells her to come up on stage to take a bow for buying him flowers, saying she does important stuff and she spends $500 buying him flowers. Then he says the next song was a good sing-along song and he wanted to hear us sing as You're In My Heart begins. Again during the chorus, the Celtic supporters are enthusiastically on their feet.

After the chairs were removed, Di Reed, the ladies and band continued the show with Young Hearts while Rod left for a costume change. After the song, Rod comes out in his shiny black pants, white shirt and cream vest and nicely fluffed hair and says the next song was a good song and then says they're all bloody good songs. He says he's dedicating this song to his father, he was a Scotsman from Edinburgh, and very encouraging when Rod was starting out in show business. Nobody wanted to sign him but his father said keep going and you'll do it so he wanted to dedicate this to him. He told us to look up on the screens and we'll see Rod Stewart from the early days when he was 18 or 19 and the song is Can't Stop Me Now.

Next, as the music started for Rhythm of My Heart, Rod says this was for all the soldiers on the front line tonight around the world and all the others who have served giving us our freedom (Yay, Rod!) Next up was the Muddy Waters song Rollin and Tumblin, which has the audience up on their feet.

After that, Rod came back to take Maggie May out into the audience for a walk about as he shook hands with audience members. He acquired a Scotland flag which he draped himself in as he came back up onstage, eventually tucking it into his pants. Next was Stay With Me as Rod kicked the footballs into the crowd. He always gets applause when someone from the upper balconies manages to get one. Then the curtain comes down and back up again for Do You Think I'm Sexy. After the balloons came down, there was a funny moment when one made a loud noise when it popped and Rod gave a startled expression! After the fun of hitting balloons around and singing the song with Rod, the curtain comes down for the end of the show.

March 29

The show tonight again started with Loch Lomond before the curtain rose. Just fantastic, this one is a keeper and so goes with the start of a Rod show! After the band started things off with Soul Finger, Rod was back to entering from his usual side by section 2 as Some Guys Have All The Luck begins and then Having A Party. Not long after he came out, Rod noticed a woman in section 3 taking a picture of him and came up to pose for her. After Having A Party, Rod tells Jimmy he's on fire tonight, after the great saxophone work in the song. He says good evening to everybody and looks up into the crowd saying some of our British friends are here tonight, that he could see them. He says we'll be here for 90 minutes, enjoy yourselves, get up and dance, they're nearly all fast songs, so enjoy this Wednesday night (oops, Rod, it's Tuesday!) the 117th show for him and the band here at Caesar's Palace. He asks the crowd, "how many? 117!" putting his hand up to his ear for a response from the crowd. He said the next song was Young Turks. After that, Rod said it was going to be good tonight, and the next song was Tonight's The Night. The audience sings along nicely at the end of the song and after it's finished, Rod said he likes to have the audience join in singing, that way back when he was in the Faces, they were the first band to ever do that, a lot of others have done it since but they were the first to let the audience sing along in the songs, mainly he says in a humorous way, "because Rod forgot the words", to which there is laughter from the crowd. He says it did happen, then says he's going to "take off me jacket now". The next song begins, Forever Young.

After the song, Rod motions to Annie to come forward with J'Anna for a bow. Then he asks Chuck to come down with some kind of instrument that I couldn't quite figure out: it looked something like a pogo stick minus the handles, with a mop on top, a boot on the bottom of it, a tin can in the middle and little bells along it. What the beaten hell's that? Rod asks as Chuck bangs it on the floor and it makes a jingling sound. Rod looks at it close up and says it's a Newfoundland Ugly stick asking if anyone is from Newfoundland. Rod says it's the silliest instrument he's seen in 50 years of show business. (I looked this up and it's an instrument made from household and tool shed materials like a broom handle with bottle caps, tin cans and little bells attached to it to play music with by hitting it with a drumstick.) Chuck returns with the instrument and Rod then asks the crowd how the show is so far, to which there is applause. He says very well, as You Wear It Well begins.

After the song, Rod says it's a good crowd for a Wednesday night, usually it's a bit slow on Wednesday night (Tuesday, lol!) He says no doubt we've had a drink, a little refreshment. He asks if it's been hot here, saying it's hot for the British. He says this next one is on the album he made in 1970-71, Every Picture Tells A Story and it got him going. A man in the crowd then yells out, "Maggie May!" Rod replies, yeah he'll play Maggie May, we're here for another hour and ten minutes, to which the crowd bursts out in laughter! He says this one is off the same album, a wonderful song by the Temptations, mentioning David Ruffin who use to wear the big glasses and sang My Girl, he was a pal of Rod's, and he would come up and sing with Rod whenever they were in Detroit and he could really blow Rod off the stage, you couldn't compete with this guy. He says the song is Losing You. What I really love in this song is that Rod picks up the microphone stand and starts throwing it about like the old days. Fantastic!

Afterward, Rod says what a job he's got! He then gives recognition to David Palmer on the drums, asking him to stand up. He says Dave also takes care of the groups planning and washing of socks. (Lol!) Then he says also on drums is Matt O'Connor, who he tells us Matt not only plays drums but he's a wonderful road technician, he's a roadie but he doesn't want Rod to tell us that, and he thanks Matt. Then he says the next song is a tremendous song by Tom Waits, and Downtown Train begins as Rod right away comes over to the steps at center stage and sits down to sing the song. I couldn't believe that at this show, no one came forward to sit on the step with Rod, and boy was I half out of my chair just itching to! People came forward to take pictures as he sat there and occasionally laid backwards on the stage floor. Jimmy Roberts performed his wonderful saxophone solo and when Rod returned, now in red pants and a colorful jacket, he says that Jimmy use to work in a factory making sausages and he came back to join the band. He thanks Jimmy saying they missed him.

Rod then sits down and tells the crowd that we're going to do some acoustics stuff now. He then says there use to be a rule before he came here to Caesar's salad for Elton and Celine and some of the other acts that they didn't allow anyone to come up to take pictures. Then he came along and said come on up and take pictures and since then people can come up and take pictures of Elton and Celine, not as pretty as him, of course, he joked to audience applause, but he sort of broke the house rules and says it's nice to be able to come up and take pictures, isn't it? He says his double chin and hairs coming out of his nose and face, then says no he's well groomed, trust him, his wife makes sure he's well groomed before every show. He introduces the next song from 1969, Gasoline Alley. He then asks Julia on the harp to bring in the next song, First Cut Is The Deepest.

Rod then revels in the applause, motioning for more, then says he's going to get up to have a little refreshment, saying it's his first one for the evening and if you believe that, Donald Trump is going to become president. He takes a sip of his drink then puts it down and says not on his watch. He then asks his sunshine to bring in the next song, Have I Told You Lately, which Chuck starts on the keyboards. At the point where Rod gets up out of his chair so that Jimmy can have center for the sax part of the song, Rod places himself in Bridget's lap! After the song, he gives credit to Jimmy on sax and then Conrad Korsch on the bass. He says one more acoustic song. Then he says just out of interest, if Donald Trump does win the republican nomination, (to which the audience laughs, presumably at his return to this subject) because he knows Donald Trump, he's been to his house several times, and he's really a lovely fellow, sometimes he doesn't come across that way, but if he wins - who's going to vote for him? There was a lot of applause and then Rod asks the same thing if Hillary Clinton was to win for the Democrats, who would vote for her. There was applause but there were also some boos. Rod said wow, and hold on, let him get CNN on the phone. He says he doesn't know what kind of a leader Donald would be but he's a damn fine fellow, most generous, he's looked out for a lot of Rod's friends on his golf course, not a bad bloke. He says anyway, shut up Rod and introduces the next song saying he wants to hear us sing on this one and that this is a guys song, you know, football, and You're In My Heart begins.

After that, the chairs are removed and Rod says Di Reed is going to lead the charge on this wonderful song. Di, the ladies and band do another fantastic performance of Young Hearts. Great dance moves from the girls as Di sings the song moving from one side of the stage to the other, with everyone up on their feet.

Afterward, Rod comes out thanking the band. He picks up a little slip of paper on the stage behind him and then comes to the microphone saying this next song is not on me last album but the one before that called Time and that a lot of British people might know this because it was on the radio a lot. He says it was a song he wrote about his career when he first started in show business when he was around 18 or 19 and the rejection he got, no one wanted to sign him, the record labels didn't like his hair, his nose or his clothes. He was inspired by his father, he was a Scotsman from Edinburgh, who told Rod keep going son, he nearly gave up on Rod at one point but Rod made it in the end. Someone near me said, "Yes you did!" Then Rod looks at the paper in his hand and said his son Sean wanted him to dedicate a song to his friend who is the owner of a car wash in L.A. He asks where the friend is, and there's no response. Rod then said she had to work overtime and couldn't make it, lol. Then he says the next song is You Can't Stop Me Now.

Next is Rhythm of My Heart, and Rod mentions the dedication to all who have served as the music begins. After that, someone in the audience again calls out Maggie May. Rod says we're getting around to it, still have a little bit to go. He says when he was growing up, then jovially says he's still growing up, that he used to listen to Muddy Waters. He asks if we've seen a film called Cadillac Records. He says he strongly advises it, saying it's the best rock 'n roll film ever made and for us to look it up. He says the next song is by Muddy Waters a song called Rollin & Tumblin. He says this is really exciting and he wants a big round of applause when it's finished, lol! I love this song and Rod's fantastic choreography to it, but I also had the thought that I was glad I had taken in my earlier "bonus" show or I would not have heard Love Is on this trip since Rollin & Tumblin has since taken it's place on the set list.

At last the man in the audience gets his wish as Maggie May begins and Rod starts out into the audience, shaking hands, signing an autograph and even getting a kiss from a woman. He skips back onto the stage to finish off the song. Next it is time for Stay With Me and the footballs being kicked out into the audience. Then, the curtain goes down and then back up for Do You Think I'm Sexy. Rod tended again to stay more center stage and he signed something for someone who was in the center section during the song.

This was a particularly fun show for me as one time early in the show, Rod was right in front of me and bowed at the end of the song smiling right into my camera. Another fun moment was when he saw my friend Sharon taking a picture of our friend Gayle, he posed for the picture in the background with a big smile and his arms out! Those special moments sure send us home happy! It's so much fun to come out to Vegas on these trips, spend time with good friends and make new ones, all due to our common bond of Rod.

In conclusion, I thank Rod once again for four fantastic shows of great music, laughter from his jokes and humorous personality and even the cock-ups. See you next Time!!

Review by Karen Chande
Photos by Karen Chande

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