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May 2, 2016

Emerson Swinford

New album out now

posted by Mike Walton

Emerson Swinford has just released his new album 'Emerson Swinford'

On his website he explains how the album came about...

I didn't initially set out to "make a record," rather it just evolved into one. I've always written, recorded and produced for other artists, TV, movies, etc so I thought I'd work up a few instrumental tracks just for a fun side project. My main goal was to write and record with no commercial aspirations or obligation to stay within a particular genre. Just going with whatever idea seemed good and was inspiring to me. As things evolved, the idea of doing a complete album became more obvious. But an entire record of just instrumental music seemed a bit constricting and I really like writing songs with lyrics. So I found myself writing all sorts of different songs. The problem was I don't really consider myself a "lead singer" so my dilemma became to either hire a bunch of singers that I would need to suit the various songs (and hope I like what they do!) or sing the songs myself. After a bit of experimentation with the first approach I decided to take a shot at singing my own songs. It's definitely out of my comfort zone but I feel like at least it's honest and helps to keep a common thread throughout the album.

I do enjoy playing the many different instruments and also some of the various technical aspects of recording, producing and mixing, but I took on some of these extra roles (like mixing!) for two reasons. Primarily, out of not wanting to go broke doing this self-funded project and secondly, I'm a believer in if you want it done right then do it yourself.

I am very grateful to have so many amazing friends that were willing to lend their considerable talents to this project! Also I am blessed with a supportive wife, Sarah who encouraged me and always gave me her honest opinion. Thanks for listening to my music. Hope you enjoy it! -Emerson, April, 2016

If you would like a signed copy of the album you can buy one from

For track listing and information on the tracks go to

For more information on Emerson go to

And you can read SMILER's exclusive interview with Emerson in issue 90 on sale now

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