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July 4, 2016

Our 75th Concert

Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland July 1st 2016 Review By Claudine Baulisch-stone

posted by Mike Walton

Unfortunately, today is our last concert before heading back in November 2016

At 11:00 pm we left Luxembourg by plane to Zurich, we arrived at the hotel at 13.00 which is right across the hall. It is rather quiet in the hotel which is very different to the hotels in the United Kingdom where there are always quite a few fans. We went briefly to see what food we could get and during a tour of the hall we saw the truck from kbevent-com. Perhaps we can randomly meet Rod?... Unfortunately not, so we go back to the hotel and rest on our laurels a bit.

Intake was around 18.30.

It is a bit unusual tonight, because there is no support act and also the "The Sisterhood" are not playing, It is planned that Rod comes on stage at 19.45. So it is just Rod. We had Row number 1 in the central block. And here the number 1 was actually the number 1 (in the UK at the Cuffe & Taylor concerts, a number of Triple AAA were placed before Row 1).

Curtain up and the girls came out first and sang "Soul Finger", Rod was announced on stage and everyone stood up. With "Having a party" Rod gave us a taste of the 2 hours that followed. You can see Rod has fun, he loves the stage and the audience. "Some guys have all the luck." followed The crowd have already warmed to Rod, and they are all standing for the new Sir. The next song is "This old heart of mine" Rod finally recognized us both and waved to us briefly we were very pleased. As with his last concerts he's back in good shape. Sometimes you get the feeling that he is a little tired and sometimes forgets some lyrics. But this should be no reproach, we have great respect that even aged 71 he has been great at all the concerts announced, including Las Vegas!

In "Love is" the mood is even better. Then came one of my favorites "Can't stop me now" where he always praises his Father for his efforts. We were then glad to hear Rod perform "Please" as it did not sing it at his last concerts. As usual, the moment comes when he sits down on the stairs and sings "Downtown Train" He Came down to the fans on the left and there we are a little disappointed that he passes us sitting in row. 1, The last song before the break, "Stay with me" where he shoots some footballs again. One of them was for us great.

After the short break we hoped for the songs "Rollin and Trumblin" in which normally no one can sit and "I'd rather go blind" where you can enjoy his rough voice properly. Unfortunately, he did not sing these two songs.

He changes his outfits several times and he looked great in them all. After "Maggie May" he again asked us to sit in our expensive seats that we had paid a lot of money for, and everyone did.

Then followed some Acoustic Songs like always, In "You're in my heart" on the big screen you can spot some Celtic flags and football shirts. This was followed by "The first cut is the deepest", "I don't to talk about it," "Ooh la la" and "Have I told you lately".

The girls take over the singing while Rod goes out briefly to get changed and to look quickly to check the score of the football game between Wales and Belgium.

"Baby Jane" is next and we know unfortunately the concert is soon coming to an end. In "Hot Legs" He gives everything again and some lucky fans catch the footballs he kicks out. The band play a great version of "Sailing" then farewell is announced, the curtain falls, but we know there is still a "Encore". the curtain rises and Sir Rod asks, "Do you think I'm sexy"? The balloons start falling and the whole audience has fun. Finally briefly the curtain went up, and all were on stage, Rod in the middle surrounded by his band.

Later we learned that Tina Turner was sitting in the audience and afterwards was also backstage. It would have been nice if he had sung a duet with her.

This was our approximately 75th concert, we are both avid fans from Luxembourg and have already experienced by Rod so much. We hope that Rod long stays in shape and long goes on tour. and while he does we are definitely here.

That is it for now until our next gig when we go just before Christmas at the Glasgow concert in November.


Set 1
Having a Party
Some Guys Have All the Luck
This old heart of mine
Love is
Tonight's the Night
Can't Stop Me Now
You Wear It Well
Forever Young
Downtown Train
Stay With Me
Set 2
Rhythm of My Heart
Maggie May
You're in My Heart
The First Cut Is the Deepest
I Don't Want to Talk About It
Ooh La La
Have I told you lately
Young Hearts Run Free
Baby Jane
Hot Legs
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Review By Claudine Baulisch-stone
Concert photos By Marc Baulisch-stone
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

This review was translated from German to English..sorry if i got any words wrong.

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