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June 27, 2016

A fun Knight on a fun night in Nottingham

Nottingham Capital FM Arena 23rd June 2016 Review By Gerard Rafferty

posted by Mike Walton

Polite applause for The Sisterhood,gave way to a rapturous welcome that shook the whole arena when Rod took to the stage last night in Nottingham.Introduced by one of the backing singers as Sir Rod Stewart, Rod was clearly astounded (don't know why really) by the welcome he received as he launched into ''havin' a party'Visibly taken aback you could see the pride and happiness in his face as he applauded the crowd telling them that its nice to be inside in the warmth.

Dressed in black drainpipe pants, white shirt and black and white leopard print jacket and a very cool pair of bespoke leopard print puma trainers he was every inch the rock star,and complemented the brilliant white stage with checkered drum kit, mic stand and male band members.Now as a seasoned Rod fan, like many I have been very critical about the Vegas- esque type shoes,the cover versions,the short shows,the omission of tracks...even at Hyde Park last September I was complaining (to myself) that he shouldn't have done 'what am I gonna do?' or the 'Motown song'....never satisfied...I guess I (and I am sure others) are always trying to relive our youth and reignite old memories...and watching old Rod gigs was close to watching the Faces due to the fact (in my opinion)that there was a band on stage with real chemistry...nowadays..very accomplished musicians..but to me no great band feel/chemistry...Jim Cregan should (in my opinion) always be on stage with Rod...remember 'joking' at Hyde wife tells me she thought I cried during that..! Anyway that aside I had a conversation with myself to just go and enjoy and don't over critique (impossible really).

So what can I say about Nottingham?...Incredible..!
I was gonna entitle the review the Rod and Jimmy show because Jimmy Roberts just blew my mind...the amount of stage presence Rod gave him was welcomed and he just brought the house down (who remembers him blowing Curtis Stygers off stage in Ibrox on the Spanner tour)?. Some Guys was second up and the crowd were deafening...Rod even sang the wo ooo a wooo woos (sorry)on the last verse.Haven't heard that for a long while...he was clearly enjoying himself.'I'm a Knight now you know..' he joked as he kept the momentum going.

A walk through the front row during a great version of Downtown train...Jimmy Roberts again..was very Las Vegas but managed to stir the crowd to almost breaking point as the first few blocks almost knocked security off their feet in an attempt to get to the front.'Some of you may not know this next song but please applaud like you do'...and the audience did to huge effect as the first few chords introduced 'love is'..we were even treated to a little Riverdance during the instrumental part...Janna J'acobe is truly talented.

Don't really know why he needed a 10 minute interval...must be the fact he's now 71..the curtain went up again to reveal a bright yellow jacket matching shoes a ruffled shirt as he started the second half with 'Rhythm of my heart'....'You wear it well' was stopped after the opening chords were (supposedly) fluffed...'NO NO NO' Rod Joked its this way and he hummed the opening chords...'these people have paid good money and they want to hear it played correctly'..all delivered in great humour and a cheeky grin to the audience.

The acoustic set was fantastic...Oh la la..wonderful..and a great bass solo from Conrad Korsh during 'have I told you lately'.Baby Jane had the crowd at full pelt and Sailing was beautifully delivered by Rod and the crowd...curtain down then up again for Sexy..zzzz..Sorry that was a bit negative...but I just hate how he ends the shows.

A great night,just on two hours with a 10 minute interval.Band were as professional as ever...Matt O'Connell even had a drum set beside Dave Palmer for the last few songs...Jimmy Roberts outstanding...yes Rod uses him somewhat as a filler for a costume change (of which there were 4)and a breather,but the saxophone just reverberated around the arena that I almost forgot Rod wasn't on stage (almost). The set list..decent..but hey when will we ever be satisfied?.He did play Every Beat of My of my favourites and 30 years old next week,but he also played 'Motown ' of my least favourites (told you its impossible to satisfy).Rod in great mood,and fine voice.

Set 1
Soul Finger (band and backing singers)
Having a Party
Some Guys Have All the Luck
Can't Stop Me Now
Love Is
Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)
You Wear It Well
Forever Young
Downtown Train
Stay With Me
Every Beat of My Heart

Set 2
Rhythm of My Heart
Maggie May
You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)
The First Cut Is the Deepest
I Don't Want to Talk About It
Ooh La La (
Young Hearts Run Free (backing singers)
The Motown Song
Baby Jane
Hot Legs
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Before the concert SMILER presented Rod with a card congratulating him on his knighthood from everyone at SMILER

Review By Gerard Rafferty
Concert photo By Marc Baulisch-Steines
Rod photos By Rayner Stewart
Montages by Tommy Kevitt

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