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June 11, 2016

Oh what a Knight

The Ageas Bowl Southampton 10th June 2016 review by Mandy Parent

posted by Mike Walton

Visitors to the SMILER Facebook page might have seen Mandy and cutout Rod's countdown to the big night in Southampton..for those who didn't see it Mandy explains..

After not quite making it to Vegas to see Rod for my 50th (long story ) I went back to the original plan of a girlie weekend on the Isle of Wight except this time it became Rod themed! My friend turned up with life size Rod cutout and the rest is history! He came on a coastal walk, beach, post office, pub!! And he's since been on a Park Run, I swim in the sea every week and Rod has become a bit of a feature at the beach hut!

Now on to the big night...

On the downtown train from Southsea, me and Sue amongst leopardskin and tartan-clad fans arrive at the Aegeas Bowl, Southampton.

Ruby Stewart and her band were fabulous and wow she looks like her Dad! Ruby, cool name for a kid rockstar ;) Then - Rod. Rod oh Rod oh ROD! He rocked the stage from the second he strutted on...oh yeah baby. All and I mean ALL the hits... Rocking out to Hot Legs, Baby Jane, You're In My Heart, Do You Think Im Sexy...Broken Dreams, Maggie... Lots from his amazing new album too and when he went off for a costume change, his brilliant band did a fabulous rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious". Rod wiggled, shook his booty, waved his mike stand, wooohoooed, oh yeahed, ever the Rodmeister. He topped it all off when he announced at the end that the British public had made him who he is today and he was to become Sir Rod as he has been honoured by the Queen in her 90th birthday honours! Arise Sir Rod - you ROCK, you always have and always will. OH WHAT A KNIGHT!
Mandy Parent in Southsea XXX

"I have the great pleasure of being able to tell you now this hour, I've had to keep quite that your old mate up here has been Knighted by Her Majesty The Queen It's all down to you guys, Thank you so much you've made me what I doubt about it. 'I've a funny text from Elton today, It said Congratulations Darling, who would have thought a couple of Old Tarts from North London would be Knighted.. Bless You All and Thank you"
Rod Stewart 10/06/16

Review By Mandy Parent
Rod live photos By Sharon Brown
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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