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June 12, 2016

Fantastic Evening in Cardiff

Cardiff City stadium 11th June 2016 Summary By Kevin Emmerson

posted by Mike Walton

Summary of a fantastic Rod Stewart evening concert in Cardiff.

Preface, I have been a Rod Stewart fan for over 50 yrs. and seen him about ten times in concert. I never fail but to be so excited and never fail to have a tremendous evening.

I booked a Travel Lodge in Cardiff Airport and took a taxi into the stadium with some other fans. It had been forecast rain showers for the evening, but even though we had umbrellas they were not needed. Rod can even control the weather…lol. Rod arrived on stage about 20:30 and from then on he had his fans on their feet singing with him to many of the old favourites. He did take 10 mins out half way through to get his breath back.

Rod was obviously in a celebratory mood, given that he had just been awarded the title Sir Rod publically that day; and not before time too! Rod sang his heart out, and as ever, give a fantastic performance. The football’s we dually kicked in to the crowds to everyone’s delight.

So, to end, a fantastically enjoyable evening.

Summary Kevin Emmerson
Montage Tommy Kevitt

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