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November 1, 2015

Rod Stewart in conversations with Hoda Kotb

Kaufmann Concert Hall New York Review By Barbra Holland

posted by Mike Walton


Our story began with a train ride to Manhattan, NY to meet up with many of our fan club friends. Maureen and I, took a taxi to the venue. Mike Scully had called us to let us know that some fans were there; and they were able to put their prized memorabilia, in a box hoping that Rod will sign them. Unfortunately we hit a lot of traffic, so we were not able to add our things to the box.

As we arrived, I noticed everyone was across the street at a doughnut shop. We were all sitting around telling our funny Rod experiences to each other. Marcy had told some very funny stories. There were fans at this event from all over the United States. Many of the fans all meet in Las Vegas to see Rod. We all enjoy the Caesars Palace arena, and believe it’s is the best place to see Rod. We have all become such great friends, thanks to Rod Stewart. Now, it was time to go to the show and as I entered the theater, I noticed a friend that I met In NY at Rod’s book signing in 2012. We started talking about how we stood in the rain 11 hours to meet Rod.

Our seats were row 10 center row, we had a great view. It was time for Hoda from the today show, to make her announcement about Rod; as she did Rod entered the stage the response was overwhelming. Hoda said, “She had never seen anything like this before for anyone”. The fans gave Rod an exceptionally long standing ovation.

Now Hoda started asking Rod some questions, which he did a great job answering. He was so down to earth. He was such a pleasure to listen too. He answered the questions all very composed. Rod was looking into the audience at his fans a lot, which make us all so happy. Rod was wearing a brownish tan suit which looked grand. Rod made a comment that he was color blind, and that he had trouble seeing blues and purples. He would ask his wife Penny for help when he was trying to match his outfit. Rod commented, “Hoda I can see your green dress and laughed”. Her dress was red.

I noticed a few girls walking up and down the aisles collecting papers, so we starting writing a question for him. Our question was, “Rod would you be making a Duet CD with Ruby”? Maureen, Jill and I; we had our Celtic hats on. We saw that Rod had noticed them from our last Las Vegas trip in August. Hoda had asked Rod about his job as a grave digger, which he said was not all that true, he used to layout out markers for the sights. Rod also hung wallpaper, which was boring to him and he was laughing about that job, being that he has the best job now. A question was asked, Rod how many children do you have? And what are their ages? Rod responded 8 children ages 4-57. Rod spoke of meeting Rachel Hunter for the first time. Rod said, he walked up to her and said, “Hi how are you? What is in your basket”? This made everyone laugh. She didn’t even have a basket.Rod also made a statement that around the time his dad passed away; it was a very hard time for him.

Rod told us that he made the CD for the fan club fans. Some of the fans had written some reviews, which got published and was presented to him by his brother Don Stewart. Rod loved it very much, that was what inspired him to write the new album “Another Country”. During the Interview with Hoda, Rod spoke of how in his beginning of his career, one of his managers was not doing right by him; which caused him to have hard times. Rod was asked about how long he was married to Penny, he said 15 years but it was only 10 years jokingly. The Christmas season was a special time for the Stewarts; at one point he had all 3 wives there together, and they got along fine. The question came up, which one of your wives did your father like the least? He responded, I cannot comment on that question. Rod said his dad never got to meet Penny. Hoda asked, “Rod was it Rachel who broke up with you? Rod said, yes she was with this old rock and roller, and she needed to spread her wings she was very young. Hoda, asked “Rod at one point who was your favorite female singer”? Rod said Tina Turner.

Toward the end of the show, I noticed Rod in the middle of the stage signing some of the fans posters and flags. Maureen said let’s go! And I responded, “you don’t have to ask me twice” we were on our way to the stage. Maureen got Rod’s attention, so she took off her Celtic hat which got Rods interest because, he has one hat. She handed the hat to Rod and he signed it. I was separated by two people behind Maureen, with my hat hoping Rod will see me. Well he did! At that point a very nice lady in front of me handed my hat to Rod, and he signed it. On the other side of the stage was Jill, who was hopping her hat would be signed too. Well it was time for Rod to leave and exit the building; so Jill and Mike had to go check the box to see if her hat was signed.

The security guard said, make 2 right turns and out the door so we did. Well to our surprise we got outside, we saw a black SUV parked right by the door. Maureen said, follow me so I did. Next thing I knew, we were right at the driver side window. I noticed the door of the venue was open and here comes Rod. Walking out, I took a picture of course. Rod got into the back seat of the SUV, and started scooting over to the window side where we were. Well Maureen and I were so excited, she started putting her hand up to the window and Rod put his hand up too. He was then looking out blowing kisses; the first one was meant to Maureen. She said she will never forget Rod’ face either. I then took off my Celtics hat and was touching the car window with it, Rod was laughing so much and boy does he love his fans.

Forever NY fans Barbara Holland & Maureen Gale.

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