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August 28, 2015

New single and a new cameo

Radio 2 debut for 'Please' This morning on Ken Bruce Show

posted by Mike Walton

Rod's excellent new single 'Please' made it's debut on the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2 this morning and Rod has also recorded a cameo for A$AP Rock's hit 'Everyday'

To hear 'Please' go to

A grown-up A$AP Rocky struggles with painkillers, plastic surgery and the passage of time in his new video for "Everyday," the Rod Stewart-sampling cut off his new LP At.Long.Last.A$AP. Dubbed a "Hip-Hop Hollywood Story," the "Everyday" video opens up the same way as Sunset Blvd. — another cautionary tale about fame and fortune — did 65 years earlier: With the dead protagonist floating face down in the pool of a palatial estate.

A$AP A$AP Rocky on Psychedelic Surprise of 'At. Long. Last. A$AP' »
As told in flashbacks, the video finds an older, bloated Rocky cavorting around his mansion, with the efforts to keep his youthful looks resulting in a marathon of plastic surgeries stamping a haunting, disfigured grin on his face. (Rod makes a quick cameo during this chapter to make a mysterious phone call to Rocky.)

The clip makes allusions to wealthy pop stars who were similarly reclusive in their final years, like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley; Rocky's future self even secures a Las Vegas residency in 2030. The video then rewinds years earlier to show the effects drugs and partying had on the rapper.

The Emmanuel Cossu and Fleur & Manu-directed "Everyday" video, which premiered on Apple Music, also features appearances by Miguel – the singer of the track's soulful hook shows up twice: first at an award show, then the closing flashback – and Mark Ronson, who produced the downbeat At.Long.Last.A$AP single that boasts a sample of Python Lee Jackson featuring Rod Stewart's "In a Broken Dream."
to see the video go to

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