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September 12, 2015

How Can it Be?

Ronnie at Waterstones By Yve Paige

posted by Mike Walton

To celebrate the release of How Can it Be? A Rock & Roll Diary, Ronnie Wood appeared at Waterstones, Piccadilly in London on Friday 11th September

Ronnie's adventures on the road to superstardom were handwritten in his private diary of 1965. Now,celebrating a life in music, Ronnie Wood guided us through the pages of his rediscovered journal.

The collection Featured fascinating recollections of legends such as Rod,Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page,and Pete Townshend, with Ronnie's entertaining new commentary, hand-drawn illustrations, and rare photos and emorabilia.

For me it was a brilliant night meeting with some great friends at the pub. Then on to Waterstones, Woody was so relaxed and told some funny stories, He was very relaxed and happy to see fellow guitarists in the crowd along with friends. He mentioned the Faces concert and said he
hoped that next time they would get paid ! It was great that the audience numbers were kept low.

One lady had Ronnie's autograph from 1960's and said the day she go it was mentioned in his diary, he came down and had a look and gave her a hug.

At the end as Ronnie left Den shouted out we are Faces fans from the 70's and I said I've waited 40 years I only wanna photo. He stoped and said ok then come on and we were in heaven. I held on to him with a hug while Ken took the photo, Den was looking at him and he told her to turn round or he'd get the back of her head. We said thanks and he was off !!
Photos Yve Paige

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