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September 7, 2015

And then there were three...

The Faces live at Hurtwood Polo Club 5th September 2015 review by Dom Murphy

posted by Mike Walton

My Rod pals throughout the world...There are times in life when you wish you could freeze time and last night at Hurtwood was one of those moments.

Like many faces fans I was worried about the sound and feel without Mac and Plonk.. No Need as Josh Phillips did the job superbly.

Rod was in fantastic form and his voice was powerful and the camaraderie with Woody was there from the off. Lets play nice gentle one Ron to start off with and cue for 'I feel so good' from Long Player. It was superb and as fresh as when I personally last heard it live a at The Rainbow in 1973!!

Next up was 'You can make me dance you can make me sing'... last performed by the faces at a pub in Bogner Regis 40 years ago.. The mike stand was twirling , the audience swinging and singing as one and the best Rock n roll band of all time playing for us.

We have permission to do a Ronnie lane sung now said Rod as woody launched in to 'Ooh la la'. The backing singers were drop dead gorgeous and a nice touch was seeing Mollie Marriott ( Steve Marriots daughter) playing with the Faces. Kenny looked like the cat who had just had all the cream and is to be congratulated big time for putting this show on and |Rod thanked him for letting him join the band!

Rod and Ron were like brothers up there and Woody introduced the next Etta James classic 'I would rather go blind'.... No one can sing a Etta James song like Rod and boy was he right.... Rod absolutely nailed this one and I can tell you now grown men of 50/60 plus myself included were close to tears on this number and Woody's guitar solo supported by Robin Le Mesurier and Conrad Korsch was as close to perfection as you could get.

Next up was 'Losing You' ( on which Rod reminded us all the Faces had played on) and Kenney had his moment with the drum solo with both Woody and Rod standing at the stage wings watching the Faces legend perform.

By now we were already on cloud 9 or 10 when Woody's Roadie handed him that famous black guitar for 'Stay with Me' ...

Classic Faces with Rod hitting the notes for fun. Rod made a point of saying to Woody stay with me ....and felt like he meant it. Woody seemed at home after what must be one of the longest band member loans of all time,. One thing is clear Ronnie will always be a Faces member first and the Stones his 2nd band.

Just when I thought that was it Woody played the opening 3 chords to YES my number 'Sweet little Rock n Roller'.... Well what can I say was vintage faces and you could have nailed my coffin lid down after that. Rod had to start it again as he cocked up ...but this for me was worth more than all the Ferrari cars parked on the Hurtwood polo filed put together.

As the MC said all my Rod pals and I can say we were part of Rock n roll history last night . A night when the faces played to their crowd in one of the best venues ( if impossible to find) in the UK.

yes I was there ....Wild horses could not have stopped me or any of my friends ( some of whom I have known 40yrs) from being at this one.

As woody said when are we going out on the road then Rod.. Now there is a thought.

Rod summed it all up at the end when taking their bows " and then there were three".

Proud Rod and Faces fan for life.


Review by Dom Murphy
Photo of Rod and Ronnie by Tommy Kevitt
photo of Kenney by Yve Paige

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