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September 8, 2015

Is it over yet?

"Please" Reviewd by Mick Monsta Wood.

posted by Mike Walton

I remember thinking that in 1984 with the release of Camouflage – by my reckoning the worst release to date – but there he went and proved me wrong with the awesome Every Beat. A triumph of an album.

Unfortunately after that it finally got lost for me – as a huge Rod - & Faces fan since 71, I had rolled with the Hollywood and “lifestyle over music” punches right though because for me it was always all about the music – and the onstage performance. But I hung up my tartan scarf , stopped collecting the rarities and put it all in a box in my head of great memories. (and with 200+ shows under my belt that was a lot of memories).

I continued to play all of the above (and still do) whilst cringing at that which came after (not just the covers but the stage show, no real “click” with the musicians after RSG and very much a glitzy cabaret affair. Gary Grainger once said to me words to the affect of “one day Rod will play Hollywood and I’ll be sitting behind my bandstand waiting to stand up to do my bit”. It had got to that point for me – and I really couldn’t help but ask again – “is it over yet”?

But then came Time – just like R.S himself – the music had mellowed but the passion and feel of that recording made me take notice again – I liked what it was , and loved how Rod had “bounced back” – I knew it wouldn’t be an album full of rockers but it blended well and deserved the critical acclaim.

I watched the Faces reunion intensely – you know what ? - the 3 remaining lads may be on a cup of Rosy now as opposed to a bottle or two of Scotch but it was amazing , a little sloppy and a lot of fun, Kenney and Woody were on point and Stewarty just excelled vocally – almost like the box full of memories had received a spring clean. Impressive.

I deliberately saved listening to the new single “Please” until now – and it was well worth the wait. The song brings Rod back with a vengeance – a good crafted rock tune with his vocals rolling back to the sweet tones he was always best at (and judging by the video he’s been on the battery fluid – if he sings or shuffles like that on stage again I’ll be getting a ticket for the show).

“Please” is a return to what Rod always was for me – a great performer and song writer with vocal ability the size of a football pitch. An absolute gem.

Is it over yet? Nah – he’s only just started.

Review by Mick Monsta Wood
Video montage by Tommy Kevitt
Rod photo by Yve Paige

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