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September 11, 2015

Loose Women

Garry meets Rod

posted by Mike Walton

On 9th September 30 plus SMILER members were invited to the TV recording of Loose Women a great day was had by all and the day was made better when Rod and Penny came over and signed autographs and had pictures taken with us all

Garry Pease who took part in the Rod sound-A-like segment also met Rod and told SMILER his thoughts on the day..

Well, what can I say ! What an honour and a privelege to be able to appear on the show and finally meet and speak to my hero ! Mind you it was touch and go for a while ! Managed to shake his hand and get a couple of dodgy photo's, but finally got to talk to him when everyone thought he had gone, he came back into the studio's because his car was late ! Had a good 5 or 10 minutes to chat with him and couldn't believe my luck, he was brill !
Now when I do a gig and someone ALWAYS ask's me if I've ever met him I can finally say YES !!!

Was also great to meet up with fellow Rod fans, even if it did mean me missing the train home !

Cheers, Garry Pease ( The Rod Stewart Experience )

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