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July 6, 2014

Rainy night in Aarhus

Aarhus, Denmark Musikhuserhus, 5/7/14 Review By Michaela Hombrecher

posted by Mike Walton

It was a warm and sunny afternoon in Denmark when I got to the musikhuset. First surprise - the Concert wasnt in the Concert Hall as written on the ticket but next to it - Open Air. so we were waiting in the sun for the next three hours,
Listend to the soundcheck and finally got in to front row. There was a supporting Act "fresh flavour"- six Young talented men from Denmark Playing some jazz.

Then exactly a few minutes before the Rodfather got on Stage the Rain Started. Havent been that wet since Edinburgh Castle.

But the Show was very good. They did a Good Job although there were nö changes on the setlist. Rod was worrying about the Girls getting cold so Daddy told them to put some Jackets on.

Rod's Voice was very good, specially on Maggie and Downtown Train. The musicians were as always great, tonight I liked the solo by Conrad most.

After 1:45 we left the green wet and happy. I was a bit sad because it was the last Night on the tour but also happy cause I met two very Special People- Mette and Benny from copenhagen who made the waiting time short. And also Rod recognized his true danish Fans and handed them over a ball. Benny promised to Sign in for SMILER and I hope he does so we meet here again.

Review by Michaela Hombrecher
Pictures by Michaela Hombrecher

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