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July 4, 2014

Handbags & Gladrags

Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany 3/7/14 Reviews by Martin Heidt and Michaela Hombrecher

posted by Mike Walton

Handbags & Gladrags – why I had influence on the Cologne setlist….. Review by Martin Heidt

After two days "Rod off“ I drove down to Cologne on Wednesday (25 minutes driving from my house) and met Katja after the Band’s arrival from Vienna. We had two very relaxed hours in the Hyatt Regency beergarden and talked about some new details of the website and the promotion of her new album which comes out in November.

After that I asked her if she could hand over a very special Celtic scarf to Rod before the concert at the Lanxess Arena. And she did. Rod got the scarf on Thursday afternoon including a letter from me. By writing these lines I thanked him for his great shows and that he cannot leave his pub when I am on the way to the toilet J

Recently I asked him to put Handbags & Gladrags back on the setlist – my number one favourite !!!!!

The show started at 7.45 pm…. Rod was once again in a very good mood and the crowd (7000 at the Arena) started to get out of their chairs from the very first tune on. Overall the setlist was the same. But then Rod announced a song "from 1969“….. I responded immediatly and started my camera and began to film… Around me all people were sitting down only me was standing. After a few seconds Rod recognized me in the audience, pointed at me and waved over with a big smile on his face…..

What a great moment!

The show finished with a beautiful version of "Sailing“ and a really extended "Sexy“ one… After nearly two hours Rod & Band left the stage and many of us went to a beergarden and had a few relaxed after show drinks on our "favourite singer“.

All in all this was the best German tour for many many years. Rod was on highest level from Berlin to Cologne, in my eyes Munich was the best one, Cologne on second place, then Mannheim and Berlin. But this is only a subjective point of view……

Looking forward to the new album (which hopefully comes out around Christmas – as Rod said in a German Newspaper in March), more concerts in the UK and rest of Europe and finally to my first ever trip to Vegas in 2015!

Keep on roddin‘

"Hot in here" Review by Michaela Hombrecher

It was a very hot day in Cologne and we were already sweating before the concert started a little late in Germanys biggest indoor venue. The Rodfather was in a really really good mood - great voice and flirting with the audience. The Arena wasn´t sold out but Mr Stewart was sure "We´ll have a great evening although the audience is a bit slim" (don´t remember when somebodys said that to me last time).

Starting with "This old heart of mine" and ending with "Da ya think I´m sexy" there was no surprise on the 22-songs- setlist. I missed again "Brighton Beach" and "Rather go Blind".

But a lot of real Rod Stewart-Fans (not the couple next to me who told me they only like the songbooks and the soulbook) in the front rows, a relaxed security and of course Mr Stewart himself made it a special night . No seating, no break - just crowd singing all night.

I was happy Rod picked up my Cowboy hat with german Colours which companied me to Falkirk and through the worldcup and he wished us good luck for the next games

Next stop: Aarhus.
Photographes by Michaela Hombrecher

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