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August 21, 2014

Another Saturday Night ..on Wednesday!

A Night on The Town with Marcy continues from Jones Beach Theatre New York 20/8/14

posted by Mike Walton

I don't know what to call the show at Jones Beach on August 20th. I already said the Washington DC show was like a Saturday night show on a Tuesday night. This show was also a Saturday night one but on a Wednesday night and to make it extra special it was in New York where you never know what's gonna happen. Not even 15 minutes into the show, Rod thanked everyone for coming out to see them and said it's the first time he's been there when it wasn't "f**king raining". And I understand that is true. It was not only sold out but there were many people in lawn chairs and blankets outside the venue listening to the show. This was an outdoor venue in Jones Beach State Park.

Rod was in a playful mood from the start almost as if he knew it was going to be a good night before he came out. The crowd responded well. He surprised us with "Brighton Beach" during the sit down and explained that it was a song about a first love when he was 17 years old. Then he said "and I've had a few loves since then" to which the audience laughed. The guy sitting next to me said "yes and that's why he's still working". And I replied "that's probably half true".

He pointed out the pair of red and black shoes he was wearing (with red socks) that he had just bought that afternoon. He bought them at Barney's and they cost $600 and he said "Barney's doesn't give you a discount so you shouldn't shop there". He also said that his dear dad would roll over in his grave if he knew he paid $600 for a pair of shoes. Something tells me this was not the first time Rod paid that much for an article of clothing.

Penny was there and came down front with Alastair during a couple of songs. I was amused to watch Alastair watch his dad perform. He was up at the railing trying to get his attention and once Rod looked down at him, he ran back to Penny with excitement. It was precious. Penny was doing some of the same in that she was yelling and screaming just like we were. I've got to say that Penny appears to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. During "Sweet Little Rock and Roller" Alastair appeared on stage in his bare feet and danced a little with his dad. Proud mom was taking pictures. Then I thought I heard Rod say "Bedtime Alastair".

Something was going on with a guy in the front row in the center that was annoying the heck out of Rod. So much so that at one point Rod made an obscene gesture to him. Penny caught it and turned around and looked at Dave and I with a shocked look on her face. We just shrugged our shoulders. We would have loved to know what was going on but it turned out to our advantage because as a result Rod played more to the sides of the stage than to the center. It was obvious Rod was avoiding front row center.

When he introduced Santana, he acknowledged that he had toured with him for four and a half months and this was the last show for him. This was also a big night for Conrad..during Santana's solo, he went over and jammed with Conrad. And then at the end of the show Rod showcased Conrad during DYTIS.

Even in an outdoor arena Rod kicked those soccer balls all the way to the back and people scrambled for them. A few guys tumbled on top of each other in the aisle next to us trying to claim one. Rod had plenty of Celtic shirts to acknowledge and he really tried to kick the balls in that direction.

I'm convinced that it really doesn't matter which night of the week you see Rod in concert. I've always said a Saturday night is great one---Rod has said a Sunday night audience is tough. But this tour has proven that a night on the town with Rod Stewart is just that---a night with the great singer, songwriter and storyteller.

Review By Marcy Braunstein
photo's By Marcy Braunstein

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