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August 25, 2014

A new fan flies in just to see Rod.

Rod at Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ Aug 23, 2014. Review By Barbara Holland and Maureen Gale

posted by Mike Walton

Our adventure began with a 4 hour drive. When we arrived at Atlantic City we started gambling, but keeping an eye on the time so we wouldn’t miss any of Rod’s show. It is time to stop gambling and get to the show. Maureen and I got to our seats we noticed the Marcy and Dave were sitting in the same row, but in a different section.

Rod had opened his show with the song “Infatuation” which then was followed by “Some guys have all the luck”. As he was singing; Rod and the audience notice a bird that flew on stage. He then said “oh no that’s not a bird it is a bat”. This night was one that would be treasured forever not only by fans and the humane society. The bat was flying all around the band and scaring the singers; making this a funny show. But I never knew Rod could hit the high notes. He screamed when the bat flew straight at him. He started flapping his coat like a bat to scare the bat away.

As Rod say’s what’s next on the agenda; he sang “You Wear It Well”, followed by “It’s a Heartache” and then “Tonight’s The Night”. These songs were fantastic.

The next song was “Rhythm of my Heart” which Rod always dedicates to the soldiers of Great Britain, United States and Canada.

Then he sang “Downtown Train” which he always does well.

My favorite song was “Forever Young” and boy does Rod look forever young, and we all hope Rod will continue touring for a long time.

At this point of the show, chairs were brought out so Rod and the band could do some slow songs. He also introduced the young ladies that were going to be backup violinist.

He started with “First Cut Is the Deepest”, next was “Reason to Believe” and this is where he told us the story of how Maggie May was on the B side of this record. If it wasn’t for a DJ playing the B side of this recorded, I would not be here tonight.

Then came “Have I told you Lately” which Rod said, was a song that couples use for their wedding song.

Throughout the show Rod pointed and waved to the fans that were wearing Celtic shirts and holding Celtic flags. All the Celtic stuff was proudly displayed Flags Banner and shirts. Rod knows his loyal fans and we are really happy for that.

He said it is now time to get show on the road; he sang “Sweet Little Rock and Roller” and then said I am letting the girls take the stage, and then he went off stage changed out of his silver suit.

The girls sang “Proud Mary”, they did a great job! Rod better be careful, he may be working for them in the further. LOL Rod came out and sang “You’re in my Heart” the crowd went wild.

What we all been waiting for, Rod to sing “Hot Legs” this when Rod starting kicking soccer balls. He threw one to my friend Maureen, she just miss catching it. I have taught myself how to catch these soccer balls, I have been catching his soccer balls for a number of years. I was able to grab the soccer ball for Maureen, this made her very happy. This is her first ball, Rod made her year and mine.

The Last song was “Maggie” the audience when wild.

The curtain went down and the place went wild. Rod came back out and sang “If You Want My Body and You Think I am Sexy”. The bat came out for it finial appearance, it must of really loved the show.

Rod we have a question to ask you, is the bat going to be in your future shows? The audience seems to love the way you interacted with your new pet.

Thank you Rod; we all love you and your new pet the bat.

Reviewed by; Barbara Holland and Maureen Gale

Pictures by; Barbara Holland

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