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August 25, 2014

Rod gets a couple of frights in AC

Atlantic City, NJ 8/23/14 Review By Debi Groves

posted by Mike Walton

Tonight in Atlantic City, I attended my 4th show, in 9 months, which is a record for me. And every show is unique in some way or another. Itís overwhelming trying to remember everything he says and does while trying to take pictures and singing along. So, things may be a little Out of Order but will do my best: I am not going to run through every single song he did, but will mention the highlights.

The prelude to opening was an old Scottish song The Bonnie Banks OíLoch Lomond (Take the High Road) followed by Infatuation. Then he noticed he had a surprise guest. A bat! A bat had been flying before the show started and he decided to stay, he had VIP meet and greet. He joined Rod on stage flying all over the place, everyone was on their toes with some extra dance moves this night. Rod was thinking it was a bird then realized it was a ďf**king batĒ. He said I want to make a joke but donít have anything, but Iíll come up with something. Eventually after some time, the bat was captured.

He did surprise us with a few, Itís A Heartache, Downtown Train on bended knee. Even though Time did not fare well nor was promoted well at all over here in the States I still was hoping to hear something from it. Rod and the band were full of energy and Rod joked a lot. Love his humor! He did acknowledge those of us in our Celtic shirts and he dedicated to us Your In My Heart which brought a tear to my eye as I was one of those he was dedicating it to. I did not get a ball, but itís okay, I think, at least I think I did, have a few moments with him, at least it seemed like he acknowledged me a few times, I looked behind me and seemed like it was directed at me, and you know what, I am taking it that it was! LOL Itís a good feeling when he recognizes our familiar faces and/or acknowledges us. We did encore, closing with Maggie May. Was a great show, over too soon as usual.

I did get to meet Karen Chande, Marcy Braunstein, Teresa Moulton, and then some new fans. it was also amazing talking to different ones, finding out that they hadnít seen Rod in years, like 20 some years, so I told them WOW, you have missed a lot and are in for a treat. I ran into a few after and they really did enjoy the show.

After the show, me, Karen, Marcyand Teresa were outside the door of arena taking pictures of each other with Ros's billboard and I happened to turn around and there HE was, right there, I could have knocked him over. I had said not too loudly, OMG, itís you, Rod. He had come out of the arena with security and I was just as startled as he was. I think I scared him, let alone him being scared as he was coming out thinking maybe no one would be around. He looked frightened so I had my hands up like itís okay Iíll back off. Once people realized it was him, they crowded him in and started after him. Security whisked him away, and I believe he cut through a restaurant that was right there. So the four of us just stood there gasping in disbelief going OMG!, he was right here, standing right in front of me. NOW, the show was overÖUntil next TimeÖ

Review By Debi Groves
Photos By Debi Groves

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