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June 13, 2014


News of a very exciting auction for fans of Rod

posted by Mike Walton

SMILER is pleased to update you on a very exciting auction moment this weekend for all Rod Stewart fans.

UNICEF UK has been chosen as the official charity partner for The Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014; this is an incredible opportunity for them to raise awareness and vital funds for the children they work for globally. In the build up to the opening ceremony in July they have secured weekly coverage with a much respected Scottish newspaper called The Herald and they have and continue to use this opportunity to talk about the children across the world and notably commonwealth countries that are benefitting from programmes long term.

This weekend they will launch an auction alongside The Herald newspaper with weekly lots that are so exciting until the eve of the opening ceremony. This Saturday at 9pm they will launch the first auction lot:

Two incredible front row seats to see Rod Stewart at his Falkirk stadium show on Saturday 21st June. The lucky bidder (and confirmed guest) will also have the chance to meet Rod before the show and have their photograph taken with him to capture the great moment.

The plan is that the auction will go live on eBay on Saturday 9pm, coverage will feature in The Herald on Sunday morning and the auction will end on Thursday evening.

UNICEF wanted to get in touch with you as one of the dedicated fan sites to inform you ahead of this moment. l. Pictured are two banners that will be provided to eBay for their use this weekend. As much noise as they can make will really help them to raise funds for children. The URL to where the auction lot will feature when it goes live is

All T&Cís will feature on the listing when it goes live and will also have an email address to answer any questions from bidders.

UNICEF works around the world to make a lasting difference to the lives of children.

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