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June 16, 2014

Asda bags and Gladrags at Hurtwood

Hurtwood Polo Club concert review by Yve Paige

posted by Mike Walton

The day after Rod's Brighton concert we all met in the Harvester for breakfast after which I felt queasy all day and was like a wet blanket! We stopped in Asda and got a picnic and off we went to Hurtwood. Poor Sue and Liz couldn’t get in as they didn’t have tickets and it was sold out.

It had rained heavy about 11am and the ground was so wet and muddy, but nothing stopped us, we set up camp at the edge of the semi circle around the stage area and people watched! Funniest thing ever was our picnic in Asda bags with all the picnic baskets and Waitrose ones around us, we called ourselves The Royals. The stools sank in the mud so Del put paper plates under the legs to stop them sinking.

Any way on to the gig, there were some girls singing on first and then Alvin Stardust. I didn’t head for the stage until Kenney took his place at the drums, they had Mollie Marriott sing some small faces tunes and she had become confident in the last year or so and was amazing she owned her stage and sounded brilliant, well done Mollie !

Next on were Procol Harum with Mike Rutherford followed by Mick Hucknel who sang The Faces classic Debris, by this time I was near the stage and loving every moment, he was joined by Damon Hill and Jim Cregan and they played some Faces numbers. Then came Jeff Beck. He was WOW ! played a solo, the man’s amazing. The Who had a hard act to follow, I’ve never see The Who live before so this was new to me, they came on and I enjoyed watching them and loved Pin Ball Wizard, but had some drunk causing a few problems next to me so in the end I came away and watched from my seat till the end. All in all an Amazing gig. This was in aid of prostate cancer which Kenney Jones is currently getting better from and I wish him all the good health in the world. After the gig we got out via the back of the stage and was home and in bed with in 2 hours.

The Hurtwood Polo Club Concert line-up

* Kenney Jones (from The Small Faces, The Faces & The Who)

* Roger Daltrey (The Who)

* Pete Townshend (The Who)

* Mick Hucknall (Simply Red)

* Mike Rutherford (from Genesis & Mike and the Mechanics)

* Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group and many more)

* Josh Phillips (from Procol Harum)

* John Lodge (from Moody Blues)

* Fabbagirls

* Dave Bronze (from Procol Harum)

* Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart)

* Geoff Dunn (from Procul Harum)

* John Thirkell (from Jamiroquai, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys & George Michael)

* John Parr (singer/songwriter – St. Elmo’s Fire)

* Rick Wills (from Foreigner)

* Alvin Stardust

* Jamie Johnson (BBC’s The Voice 2014)

* Sam Tanner (Brother Strut)

* Mollie Marriott

* Damon Hill

* Nik Kershaw

* Hosted by Vic Reeves

Review By Yve Paige
Photographs By Yve Paige

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