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August 11, 2014

It's not a good show without at least one good f**k up

Another Night on the town with Marcy.. At the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul MN

posted by Mike Walton

If you're a Carlos Santana fan-you would have absolutely loved his show on Sunday night at the Excel Center in St. Paul, Minnisota. Hopefully you would have loved the strong smell of incense and the fact that Santana made the sign of the cross before he took a drink. And for those of us who are Rod fans, we absolutely loved Rod's exceptionally good performance. There was a good bit of crossover between the two groups of fans and I think it's possible each artist acquired some new ones.

It appeared to be a completely sold out show. And if the audience two nights ago in Winnipeg was as bad as they say, this one one made up for it ten times over. The audience was on their feet, singing and dancing from the moment Rod graced the stage. Oddly, even though the Winnipeg audience responded by sitting thru the entire show, the newspaper reviews for that show were very positive. Go figure.

Rod surprised us with opening with "This Old Heart of Mine" and after he sang "You Wear it Well" pointed out that he said Minnesota in the song and that he hadn't been there in five years. He said he checked the set list from back then and he didn't sing the next one....and then did the only hit the Faces ever had and I went crazy! I love the guitar into on "Stay With Me".

Rod mentioned something about him and Ronnie Wood talking about a Faces reunion but I have to admit I hardly remember exactly what he said. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see such a reunion, it's just that they're threatened it for so long, I really don't think it will ever happen. But never say never.

And to keep a night of surprises going, during the sit-down there seemed to be some confusion as to which song they were going to sing next--you could see Rod mouthing the words Have I told you lately to Don and he was trying to nod his head no without being noticed and then Rod said "the band is all strapped up to do one song and I thought we were doing another---in other words we fucked up". In my opinion, it's not a good show without at least one good fuck up. And this was an extra good one: he sang "I Don't Want To Talk About It". I was thrown for a loop when he introduced it as a song written by Crazy Horse because for some reason I've always thought Rod penned that one. It shows that once Rod puts his stamp on a song it is his forever!

Also during the sit down before he sang "Brighton Beach" he told the audience that it was a new one and humbly asked them to pretend they knew it and to clap afterwards. Well, this crowd clapped before, during and after and Rod seemed very happy with it. What a beautiful song!

Rod introduced Santana to accompany him during "I'd Rather Go Blind" and I noticed better chemistry between the two of them. Rod's vocals were extraordinary but Santana's guitar was too much for that song.

Our trip to St. Paul was very last minute--I made a bid on a charity auction for front seats seats and won them. So there we were front row slightly to the left. Sara, from Wisconsin bought two of of the four tickets which helped with the cost. She is a big Rod Fan and had just been at the Brighton Beach show. She hadn't been in the front row since the Cigarettes and Alcohol Tour. She was stunned-literally-when Rod threw a soccer ball directly to her. Her friend Kristen, who came with her, had never been to a Rod show before and a little skeptical of the whole "Rod thing". I watched her a bit during the show for her reaction and I got a kick out of the fact that she was singing the words to "Stay with Me". I asked her immediately after the show how she liked it and I heard the same thing I normally hear from "Rod virgins"---she said "it was awesome".

Dave had his iPad hidden in his back and got caught coming in and had to take it back to the hotel. Disappointed cause I would have gotten some excellent shots from where we were sitting but it worked out well because I could concentrate on the show instead of the iPad. It's certainly better to see Rod through the naked eye rather than a lens.

Rod came out in the gold jacket, switched to the silver suit with the poked-dotted shirt and socks and then finished in all black. The way he was dancing and moving during Maggie and DYTIS in all black made me think of the way he moved in the late 70's/early 80's--it was like a flashback. That happens frequently--you see a certain move or a profile or the way the light hits him and BAM! It's 30 years ago.

He kicked a lot of the balls to the back and to the upper levels-and he got quite a bit of satisfaction when the guys on the 3rd level caught them. Rod may have given up playing football on Sunday mornings but on this given Sunday night he was kicking those footballs further then ever.

Review By Marcy Braunstein

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