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July 20, 2014

Raising deaf awareness with Rod

In front of 22,000.00 people By Jeanette Hughes

posted by Mike Walton

Warrington’s British Sign Language Signing Choir joined forces with Rod at his Blackpool concert on June 20th to help change people’s perceptions of the deaf and hard of hearing.

They signed along with Rod to Rod's classic Sailing

Jeanette Hughes tells SMILER her thoughts on the choirs big day..

"It was such an amazing day, driving up to Blackpool on the choir coach, everyone in the choir was so excited. The stadium was amazing but buzzin with anticipation, at 3.00 our dreams were answered "Rod Stewart" on the stage for our soundcheck!!!! Rod is such a gentleman a really nice guy, chatted with the choir. Soundcheck amazing.
We had to wait till 10.15pm to go on stage that night for the performance of "Sailing" time soon went, watching amazing "Rodders".

Larie Morris one of our deaf choir members said " I was nervous but felt brilliant and amazing.... To see thousands of people.. made me Feel so proud"

It was a complete honour for every single one of us in the choir, to raise deaf awareness with Rod Stewart in front of 22,000.00 people in the stadium.
Wish we could do it all again !!!

Words By Jeanette Hughes
Warrington BSL Signing Choir
For more information on the choir go to
Or Twitter

Photographs by Tommy Kevitt
Insert photo by Jeanette Hughes

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