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June 26, 2014

Berlin Calling

O2 World Berlin Germany review by Michaela Hombrecher

posted by Mike Walton

Rods little Germany-Tour started on Tuesday. The O2-World was nearly sold out and the crowd was in a good mood from the beginning - although the security was very tight. They didn´t let anybody stand next to his chair for a minute to take a picture or hold up a sign.

There were no surprises on the set list. She makes me happy which we got in Falkirk on Saturday was switched for Brighton Beach. Rod introduced it with the words "Only one or two of you who bought the cd will know this song but it would be nice if it would get the same applause as Sailing or Maggie May."

I know he wants to be funny. But over the years I think it’s a bit boring always underestimating the fans outside Britain. Here a lot of people who love his music and who are travelling to his shows and would love to hear some new songs. But he took the safety road so we missed also the "Handbags and Gladrags."

Anyway it was a great show and after the balls did fly (without any problems this time), the security in the front left and we had a very good time.

One thing I noticed:

Last Saturday in Falkirk I was really impressed by Rods introduction to Rhythm of my heart. As always he underlined that nobody would have such a great time this night if there weren´t soldiers working for our security. And I remember the historic pictures on the screen with the old paper quotes e.g. "Hitler, Goebbels, Goering are dead". I couldn't see it in Berlin, although you can be sure that we are all happy that they´re dead. So I missed this great clip. And at the end of Rhythm of my heart Rod missed the last chorus, stepped in for a second round but wondered why there are no pictures on the screen anymore - cause the song was done.

But the show was very good, his voice was excellent, especially on "Downtown train", all musicians and the backround singers did a really good job. So we left in a very good mood. There were a lot of people of all ages around me seeing him the first time and I was great to see them so happy about a great show. Wished I could have this first time again...

And by the way: Greetings to Tricia! Was nice to meet you in row 2 - although I just had time for a short hello cause I had to catch my train back to Hamburg.

Review By Michaela Hombrecher
Pictures by Michaela Hombrecher

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