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June 28, 2014

Football Wold Cup & Rod-Party in Mannheim

Mannheim Review by Martin Heidt

posted by Mike Walton

Football Wold Cup & Rod-Party in Mannheim

After the first German concert in Berlin on Tuesday we left the hotel on early Wednesday morning and made our way to Mannheim. It was easy going on the motorway and so we reached our hotel in the late afternoon. After a good dinner and several cold drinks in the bar we called it a day. Thursday morning we drove over to the Steigenberger Mannheim, which was the Band’s hotel for three days. First we had a little swat and cup of coffee with Katja Rieckermann in the morning sun. Then she had a business appointment and we decided to go into town.

We came back in the afternoon – ready for the football game between Germany and the USA. The hotel management had a room prepared for all the guests to watch the game on a big screen. Gradually the band members entered the room. Katja ( in German outifit with shirt, flag and scarf), Kimmi Johnson, Don Kirkpatrick, Julia Thornton, Emerson Swinford, David Palmer took their seats in front of the screen. The match was not that inspiring, but we all had a great time. Later Lucy Woodward joined the football interested colleagues and the night went on and on. Finally at 2am we took a taxi back to our hotel.

Friday was the day of ROD. We checked out oft the hotel after breakfast and spent a relaxing day in the city. By 6pm we arrived at the venue. Rod came on stage at 7.35 pm and it was obviously that he was in a really good mood. He opened with „This old heart“, followed by „Havin‘ a party“. The crowd was shooked by his voice and his pep from the very first beginning. All of the fans got out of their seats and the show developed into a real highlight. A few minutes later Rod wants Katja to greet the crowd in German speech, which she did. Thunderous applause! The show went on and on, people were singing along, dancing around and Rod was on his very highest level. A ventitaltor did’nt work and he said: „Made in China!“. Laughter all around. At 9.54 pm the ballons came down on the crowd and the show finished with „Da ya think I’m sexy“ as Encore.

All in all the best German gig since the legendary concert in Hamburg 2007. A great night, great

Review by Martin Heidt
Top Photo by Martin Heidt
Bottom photo by Michaela Hombrecher

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