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March 2, 2017

Bremont releases second Ronnie Wood clock

Reflecting his love of art

posted by Mike Walton

At a big event this week British watch brand Bremont unveiled a long-awaited new bespoke "Bremont Ronnie Clock." The Bremont Ronnie Wood B1 Marine Chronometer clock is a unique piece with a hand painted dial done by Ronnie Wood who has been working on this clock for some time. It is the second clock he has done for Bremont.The first Bremont/Ronnie clock was released four years ago and was inspired by his passion for horses. The new 2017 Ronnie Wood B1 Marine Chronometer Clock reflects his love of art.

Ronnie said “We were always planning a series of clocks but I went away to do four gigs and ended up touring for four years,”

The B1 Marine Chronometer clock that serves as the basis for this piece was inspired by John Harrisons’ chronometers, and the brand’s first such clock paid tribute to Harrison. It is entirely made in England with some in-house features including three time zone indication, a 90-day chronograph counter, 30 days of power reserve, and has a water resistant case. Just a few models are made annually of this complex clock. But the Ronnie Wood dial versions are even more highly coveted. The price is on request only.

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