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February 27, 2017

Every painting tells a story

Rod is immortalised in epic mural

posted by Mike Walton

A new mural in Edinburgh restaurant A Room in The West End has immortalized stars including Rod, Billy Connolly, Andy Murray and the cast of Trainspotting in a star studded mural that has been painted over a two month period by artist Chris Rutterford

The amazing mural includes many scots heroes from the world of music, films and sports, The painting started out using regulars, locals and restaurant staff and had a strong rugby element as the pub is a haunt of the six Nations Championship revellers but soon became a half and half mix of scottish celebs and customers

Chris explained to SMILER "The mural is a nostalgic celebration of Scottish celebrities from the past... in particular those that mean something to me.Rod was always going to go in the mural.These pictures tend to grow organically. My wife has a friend Nicky who is a good friend of Shirley Manson from Garbage. As a birthday treat I painted the two of them into the mural together Nicky is the blonde necking the champagne next to Shirley As she is quite a looker I thought it would be fun to have the classic Rod Stewart eyeing her up as an extra wee narrative treat.

The table developed beyond that and I ended up forming a full table of rock chicks at that end that was basically sparked by that idea. My concept of rock chicks expanded to include subo and Lorraine a well as more obvious choices like Annie Lennox, lulu, KT Tunstall and Sharlene spitteri. The owner of the restaurant ended up at the table drinking with them as a special treat.His brother Andy has been left languishing behind chatting with the cast of still game instead. Basically the whole table took about four days and features a birthday treat and a practical joke".

Photos Thanks to Chris Rutterford and Carol at A Room in The West End

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