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February 28, 2017

“A Proper Rod Fan”

Two nights at the 02 By Yve 'Proper' Paige

posted by Mike Walton

Here we go again, The reason to breath some days.

Sunday I went with Mike and Carole for our long awaited concert and once there I went for something to eat with Maxine and Joan. Followed by a little dance and sing in the Water Margin. We met Jeff, Maz and Mark and a few others there before heading off to our seats.

On the way to my seat going up to escalator a lady with her friends told me I was “A proper Rod fan” and she should know as I found out she was Rod’s house keeper. She made my night!

Well our seats were in B Block on the floor and being short I spent the evening on my tippy toes, struggling to get some half decent photos. Rod was on top form and blew me away singing ‘I’d rather go blind’. Well done Rod.. well done!

Colin has added the setlist to his review so that gets me off the hook luckily, we didn’t sit much, I’ve no idea how to sit through ‘You’re in my heart’

Rod Thanked us for bearing with him and promised a good 2 hours, why does that 2 hours go faster than any other?

Mobile phone flash lights lit up the arena during Sailing and Rod commented on them saying they would have flat batteries, but it looked lovely.

I’m not keen on the ending, I like a goodbye and a bow but Enjoy yourself was catchy and I had it in my head ever since. I made my way back to the Water Margin for a drink and a little sing song with Jeff and Mark before catching up with Mike and Carole, then we came home.

Day 2 I didn’t have the luxury of an all-day arrival and poor Sue got stuck in traffic, I ended up going on my lonesome and met Maxine, Sue got a lucky break and was only 20 minutes or so behind me so we met up and found Neal before going back to the Water Margin… can you see a pattern here? Mark allotted himself doorman I think and sorted out the music as best he could and it was lovely to see more Smilers there than the day before. It didn’t take us long to get the dancing started and we had a sing song until it was time to see Rod.

We had restricted view seats by the side of the stage but there was no restriction on Rods backside so we were more than happy with them and the party began all over again. I managed some nice photo’s this time and what I really enjoyed was watching Rod controlling the stage, when his back was turned from the audience he was chatting and smiling to the band members, some of his facial expressions were priceless. He is in full control of the stage and I was fascinated by him and the way he works.

At one point he asked for requests but I suppose he didn’t hear me scream ‘Sexual Religion’ We had a great time dancing and singing.The highlight for me was ’Ooh La La’ when Rod talked about having lost 2 Faces, but one was in the audience and Kenney Jones stood up to take a bow. It’s lovely to see him there and makes you realise Rod does remember his roots and looks after his friends. I just wish one-day Rod will give us a break and remember his “Proper Fans” and sort us out a block of seats altogether so we can enjoy his concerts in the way we used too. I think he sometimes misses the Rod Squad choir too.

Well I was sold on ‘I’d rather go blind’ and would like to suggest ‘I wish it would rain’ on the next tour Rod [pretty please].

So back to the bar for the last time till we meet again. It was great to see some old friends. So thank you all I met along the way that had a kind word and a smile. Take care and we will see you all soon.

Review By Yve Paige
Photos By Yve Paige

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