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March 1, 2017

You Didn't pay to see this!

Rod at the 02 Review by Jeff Seaborne

posted by Mike Walton

Part one Sunday..

Arrived on my own around 4.30,On getting a pint at All Bar One, I met Yve, Maxine, Joan, and Mike & Carole. After they had something to eat, we made our way to the Water Margin for drinks as they were playing Rod songs, we saw
Maz & Mark with a few others,before going to the arena around 7.40pm.Getting to the floor seats was a nightmare as the queues were so long, I was in A2 row S on both nights with a great view.Rod came on at 8.10 and the crowd erupted and were on their feet, although the two people next to me stayed sitting down during the show and left 30 minutes from the end, I doubt if they were fans, must have came with a hotel package.

Rod was on top form,not sure of the running order,but Maggie May is now sung early in the set for the first time,and it's great that I'd Rather Go Blind has been added to the set list. Rod apologised for cancelling in November and said it would be a long show,but us fans know about 2 hours is his maximum now and at 72, I don't blame him for that!, As long as he is still touring.

During the acoustic set Rod had problem with one of his shoes for a few minutes, You didn't pay to see this, he joked, before carrying on.

The encore of Enjoy Yourselves,is a bit cheesey,but at least we know it's time to leave.So I headed back to the Water Margin to meet everyone,had a couple of beers before heading home on the tube at 11.30pm.

Part two Monday...

My Wife Jean came with me tonight,although she was sitting with Maggie in the 2nd row, we got to the Water Margin around 5pm,after delays on the tube. We met Yve, Maxine, Sue, Mark, Neal and his Daughter.Mark was doorman to encourage people in and sorted out the Rod tunes, I headed to the arena a bit earlier,but there was still large queues again to get down to the floor seats, as I got to my row Rod came on stage around 8pm to huge roars and cheering,which seemed louder than the previous night.

Tonight Kenney Jones was in the audience and Rod introduced him to another loud cheer. 6 seats were empty by me which was a shame.I think Rod should change his setlist now,I know he picks a lot of the songs to suit his voice now, but there are many other songs us fans would love to hear before he retires, Stay With Me again saw the balls kicked out, the last one I caught was in 1998!

Rod finished the show about 10pm and we made our way back to the Water Margin where we partied for another hour or so,before heading for the tube home.

It was great to see my Smiler friends and a few others,Rod was great we were all happy.Looking forward to the last two shows at Las Vegas at the end of March.

Review By Jeff Seaborne
Photos By Mike Walton
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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