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February 24, 2017

Never alone when you're a SMILER

Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23/2/2017 Review by Michaela Hombrecher

posted by Mike Walton

26 years from today my big brother gave me my first Ticket for a Rod Show to my 18th Birthday. So when I read Rod will be doing a gig on my birthday it was clear that I had to go - although its Copenhagen in winter, And it's the middle of the week so none of my friends or family would be able to go with me.

So on my 44th Birthday Rod would be the only Person I will see that I'll know (and he even doesn't know me). A few days ago I met Jan from Norway on the Smiler message board and he organized a little pre -gig and that was a really nice meet up with his family and Anna and Jeanette from Sweden.

But in the arena we got separated by our seat numbers. On each side of me was a newbie - a man and a woman before their first Rod- show. So I was sitting in the middle thinking about everything besides the setlist that has changed in the last 26 years - the ticket sales, the seated arenas and the prices (my first one was 50 Deutschmarks or 25 euros). But after the first song the guy next to me said :"I can't sit here, let's go to the aisle!" And so we did. So we celebrated and danced with other fans in the aisle in front of stage and the other people could sit and watch undisturbed. Don't remember such a peaceful coexistence . Thanks to the great arena security .

Rod was in good mood and good shape. Danced a lot and did a lot of uptempo songs like Young Turks, Love is and Can't stop me now. I did enjoy I'd rather go blind- I don't often get the opportunity as people are often chatting during this great song. As usual the musicians were very good. I Always love to see such a big band doing real music. And the cherry on the cake was the catch of the day Jan's son did - he brought home the family's first football!

After the ridiculous "Enjoy yourself" (sorry I don't like it) the final curtain came and the Rodfather has left the building - and so did we.

Thanks to everybody who made this night special to me. It's always great to have some Smilers around. I will always remember the Faces concert at Hurtwood - a long day with a short gig but great folks from Smiler all around.

Review By Michaela Hombrecher
Photos By Michaela Hombrecher
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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